(Flashback) Bestiality & Inbreeding: White America's Hidden Behavior Hits Mainstream (& Nothing's Changed)

White Inbreeding & Beastiality: America's Hidden Behavior

Dog Rapist Joshua ComanAccording to a recent Glax Haas study 1 in 6 whites have had sex with an animal, 1 in 5 have had sex with a parent, sibling or other family member and the rate of child molestation is “not considered an abnormality.”

« Bestiality & Inbreeding: Hidden Behavior in White America Hits Mainstream

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4 Responses to (Flashback) Bestiality & Inbreeding: White America's Hidden Behavior Hits Mainstream (& Nothing's Changed)

  1. watch says:

    Daphne Sutton was guilty she had sex with that great ape lemaricus.

  2. EyeBeWhite says:

    A Glax Haas study HA HA HA HA HA HA…what a fucking joke. What the fuck is Glax Haas? I Googled it and all I come up with is this bullshit.

    But, according to an Flax House Institute study, black men love fucking someones asshole. It doesn’t really matter whose asshole it is either. It could be female, male, animal, or a bucket of shit. As long as they get some shit on their dicks, they’re happy. The study goes on to further point out that “black men will even fuck the assholes of an AIDS patient, given the chance”.

    Another study backs up these finding by showing the spread of AIDS in Africa, South America, and the United States. Here are the numbers according to race:

    Whites with AIDS, or HIV positive between male and female per 100,000 population: 10.8

    Blacks with AIDS, or HIV positive between male and female per 100,000 population: 96.2

    Click here for the study: http://www.avert.org/usa-race-age.htm

    According to this study, you are 9 times more likely to contract AIDS from blacks as you are from whites. In fact, between all the races, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, Blacks have the highest rate and spread of AIDS. These same numbers are repeated throughout the world, and the reason is simple. Blacks just love fucking a nice tight anus.

    It is postulated by the Flax House Institute that most white women become infected with the AIDS virus by having sex with blacks. Why? Because blacks are infatuated with the look, feel, and smell of anus. Professor Harry Cox of the Flax House Institute states in his journal of African Studies, the following “in my observation of the African ape family, the dominate males enjoy digging at, licking and kissing the anuses of the female apes. This has carried over into the African tribes that have observed apes in the wild for thousands of year, until it became a part of their culture, now deeply ingrained into their DNA”.

    Hope this helps to clear up any misconception by the phony and nonexistent Glax Haas.

    • Anonymous says:

      Eyebewhiteon. You lie. The white man that loves anal sex because his Dick is small and can fit there quicker than the pussy. Black man is mandigo. Big Dicks that’s why you’ll white woman love us. Get over it. You just jealous cause you’ll Dick is tiny winy?

  3. GeP says:

    Goddamn splibs are totally fucking disgusting, so next time you see a mudsharking bubblebutt coalburner in the mall or on the street sucking face with one of it’s many favorite porchmonkey’s… you can be assured she loves to have that filthy smegma dripping walking shitstick faggot ass babyraping pavement ape, shove it’s puss dripping pathetic meatstick straight up her Aids infected anus.

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