Susan Klebold Mom of Columbine Killer Dylan Klebold Claims: 'No inkling' Son Suicidal; Refuses to Acknowledge Own Psychosis

Columbine killer's mom: 'No inkling' son suicidal (Dylyn Kleibold)

Dylan Bennet Klebold was one of the high school seniors who committed the Columbine High School massacre.

Today’s Idiot: Susan KleboldWith his friend, Eric Harris, they killed 13 people and, then, committed suicide.

According to reports, Susan Klebold, mother of Dylan, will, for the first time, publicly address the massacre.
“We didn’t know that he and Eric had assembled an arsenal of explosives and guns,” Susan Klebold wrote.

Apparently, until after reading his journals (after his massacre and suicide), mom had no idea her son was suicidal or psychotic.

Imagine that.

“Susan’s pretentious ignorance resides in the same world her son’s disturbing psychosis resided in,” says psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.  

Today’s Idiot: Susan Klebold

Susan Klebold Mom of Columbine Killer Dylan Klebold Claims: ‘No inkling’ Son Suicidal; Refuses to Acknowledge Own Psychosis“That is the most idiotic quote from today’s idiot, one Ms. Susan Klebold, the mother of one of the two Columbine High School mass murderers, Dylan Klebold. She has finally broken her decade long silence to talk about the events of April 20, 1999 and about her deeply troubled and ultimately suicidal offspring. An upcoming issue of Oprah Winfrey’s magazine “O” will run an essay in which Ms. Klebold discusses what she knew about her son and how his actions affected her life and the lives of others. (Link)

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10 Responses to Susan Klebold Mom of Columbine Killer Dylan Klebold Claims: 'No inkling' Son Suicidal; Refuses to Acknowledge Own Psychosis

  1. WGoddess says:

    You are the idiot, you heartless cunt.
    How dare you attack this poor woman who has suffered more deeply than you can even comprehend? You are an ignorant bitch!!!

    • Jenna says:

      I completely agree, WGodess. This woman (along with her husband and Eric’s parents) has suffered more because of this tragedy than anyone else has. She lost her child that day just like the parents of the victims did, but unlike them, she also had to deal with the fact that her child was responsible for what happened. Then people have the nerve to badger her and even blame her. As if she actually taught her son to be that way. As if Dylan can’t be held accountable for his own actions.

      Whoever this Louis Sidney Jacobs is is obviously very unprofessional. A quack. He’s obviously just projecting his anger about the situation as a whole onto the people connected to it, without even considering anything else about the person in question–their nature, mental state, character, lack of involvement in the crime, to name a few. Such narrow-mindedness and immaturity.

      Whoever wrote this article is a very ignorant and hateful person. It’s wrong for Dylan to attack and blame innocent people, but the writer is only doing the exact same thing. What sort of evidence do we even have to suspect that Susan has a problem with her “psychosis”? The fact that because her son displayed little more than vague signs of introversion and never confided his feelings to anyone aside from Eric? I see nothing unusual on her part, here.

  2. Bubbles says:

    Dylan (L)

  3. Maggie says:

    I agree with you, she is not an idiot, she is just poor mom who carries whith her son’s actions and she will ask “what did she wrong?” all her life. DO NOT BLAME THE PARENTS YOU. The only idiot here is you.

  4. Jake says:

    People who are psychotic often don’t leave any traces of it except for around select few people or Dylan Klebold clearly was one of those people who only showed his indulgences around Eric Harris. Louis Sidney Jacobs should be fired from her job as a psychologist and accepted as one of the few people who followed the characteristics of the people Klebold referred to as “zombies to everything”
    It’s pretty offensive

  5. Do1 says:

    Nobody has learned a god damn thing from columbine. Nobody. I’ve studied this whole thing in detail and have one comment to make. Blame. Everybody is too busy blaming fucking everyone else but themselves. Klebold and Harris blamed everyone but themselves, the media blamed music and computer games, on and on it goes. Everyone blames the next person, nobody is sacred. No lesson has been learned because even to this day, people are still looking for someone to blame.

    Let me clue you fucking idiots in. There IS no blame. And while you fucko’s are busy blaming everyone else, the world and the reasons why pass you by. Until the next time it happens, whereupon you bastards will be looking for the next person to blame. Ad infinitum, it will go on and on until someone actually learns the lesson.

    You dont solve this shit by apportioning blame. It’s fucking juvenile at best.

  6. I’ve read some of the most negative, unthoughtful, rude comments regarding this woman and her essay. I read this essay for the first time, three years after it was written and I find it very brave and thoughtful. In the 90’s mental illness was made a state issue by president Reagan who cut funding for things like tourism which made the stigmas and decline in care worse. Had Dylan spoke up about his feelings I’m sure she would’ve taken the proper measures to prevent this issue, however that didn’t happen and this is what occurred and it certainly didn’t help that her son had someone manipulating his illness and untreated psychosis. Like cancer, AIDS, etc. Mental illness gets worse if it’s not treated but that treatment has to be taken seriously by the entire community and especially the person effected by it. It’s like people blame this entire tragedy on their families. Do you literally think someone who loves their kid enough to speak out because of fame she didn’t ask for to raise awareness for what she saw? I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when I was 13 and was picked on relentlessly throughout high school… I planned on killing my bully or ruining his life and my mom found my journal which I layed out on the kitchen table and got involved. A year later I almost killed someone at my job because he picked on me and my anger wasn’t addressed but I got arrested for the terroristic threats I posted online and got the treatment I needed to be a functional human being. It gets worse if it isn’t treated but unfortunately for Susan she was the innovator in that mental health care in youth was becoming more prevelant when I experienced my downfall. Hell, they even referenced the Columbine massacre when I was in jail in how they had to take all precautions to stop a potential tragedy before it starts and thank god they did otherwise I’d still be dealing with pent up anger because of a mental illness and the cruelty of the general public. Thank you so much Susan for you kind and compassionate words.

  7. khaeldahmein says:

    The reality of White Classic White Racial Disorder is that she, Susan, probably encouraged Dylon to do it.

  8. CarlosSR says:

    I can only agree with the naysayers regarding Susan Klebold.

    Her feigned ignorance is a stinging slap to the face of the families of the Columbine victims. Her plausible deniability is evil in nature, and seems more likely to be the cynical calculation born of a weak character, swimming violently upstream in the river of denial since ’99.

    To buy into Susan and Tom’s denials is to believe that Dylan, at 17, this previously great, soap box derby normal child, was sophisticated, clever, stealthy, and financially capable enough to accomplish quite a bit, completely under cover, as a high school student. He accumulated a cache of deadly weapons, which required purchase by an adult; he learned to proficiently use said weapons; he accumulated magazines and ammunition; he constructed IEDs; and then he pulled off a massacre with NOTHING whatsoever blipping on the parents trouble meter? I call bull$hit, and so should you.

    I can only hope that the frigid, deluded heart of Susan Klebold is eternally burdened by the fact that she and Tom KNEW that this kid was a phuck up. They IGNORED and DENIED that the fuse had been burning for quite some time.

    {For once, since 1999, Klebolds please face the truth: your family values formed, nurtured, and then set loose, a killer}.

    PS: Susan now uses “her story” (interesting that “her story” arises from the murder of a dozen+ innocents) to “raise awareness about suicide and depression” for organizations such as the Am. Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Am. Assoc of Suicidology. The incredible irony of this is palpable, and it seems actually to be an oxymoron, for if Susan truly knew nothing about Dylan’s darkness, what “awareness” can her story reveal?

  9. Sunbuddy says:

    Being the parent of a child who has struggled with depression and drug abuse I have experienced first hand how difficult it is to get help for your child. When he began making statements about wanting to be dead his physician told me to stop “hovering.” I took him to psychologists, medical professionals, psychiatrists, had him involuntarily admitted and nothing ever took hold. Nothing ever stuck. I did everything that I could do as a parent to get him help. The bottom line is that if your child does not accept help and doesn’t want help there is nothing that you can do but love them and keep an open dialogue. My heart breaks for all of these adolescents and their parents. If your kid has cancer, diabetes, or is in any other way disabled you can get help and are surrounded by loving support. Have a kid with mental illness and you will become accustomed to indifference and isolation. It is a terrible heart break!

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