Obama & The Devil's Nobel Peace Prize

Obama & The Devil's Peace Prize“His extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy & cooperation between peoples.”

“We don’t want peace but we’ll award its concept,” the governing body who facilitate the selection of Nobel Peace Prize candidates might say.

Some might find it ironic that while the West has historically proclaimed itself as the most intelligent and civilized culture  to have existed upon the earth that it has failed to accomplish the one accomplishment that would allow it to be recognized as such: world peace.

The failure of the West to accomplish world peace yet perceive itself as the most civilized and intelligent culture to exist isn’t ironic, though, according to racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs. Rather, it is part of the degenerate psyche of the West’s white male.

The Hollow in the White Man: The Devil's House

The Psychosis of the White Devil

“Decency and justice are both observable by no more than mere observations of the universe. Though this devil has at times sought to set his indecency as the universal standard, the structure of the universe is unpalable.

“Too we must remember that the very mission of the devil is to steal, kill and destroy. Deceit, to present himself as human and in the pursuit of peace, is part of his murder, theft and destruction.

“The white man doesn’t want peace. While he is willing to pretentiously champion its concept, it is not an ideology he embraces. For, to embrace peace is to embrace his own destruction.”

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3 Responses to Obama & The Devil's Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Mary Jane says:

    Thought U would be thrilled,that one of ur own nominated for such a distinctive award, does seem a little ironic though,while we are still in iraq and afganistan, oh yeah we are liberating those folks, I forgot!

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