"Channon & Christopher won't have been the 1st whites to want to be gagged, bound, blindfolded, gang banged & killed by a bunch of niggas."

Channon Christian's Virginity“There’s a difference between having your cherry popped and having it destroyed.

“The Chipman Street Party House was the place white girls and gay white boys could go to get all their sick, psychotic and perverted fantacies fulfilled,” say some affiliated with the Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers.

“Didn’t nobody go there involuntarily. Channon & Christopher won’t have been the first whites to want to be gagged, bound, blindfolded, black thug sex gang raped and killed by a bunch of niggas. Everybody know those are the kind of things that turn white people on these days.”

But how many people visited the 2316 Chipman street residence that night and participated in the reported black thug sex games allegedly purchased by Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?

Did the police already have the house under surveillance and see Channon & Christopher enter the residence?
Channan, Christopher & The Knoxville Police: What Really Happened on Chipman Street?
Allegedly, Lemaricus was under investigation and the house on Chipman street was under surveillance b/c of (what is being called) drug activity and “prostitution”. (Link)

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4 Responses to "Channon & Christopher won't have been the 1st whites to want to be gagged, bound, blindfolded, gang banged & killed by a bunch of niggas."

  1. Chip says:

    You stupid fucking piece of shit, are saying they went there to be murdered? What kind of worthless peice of shit are you?

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Evidence proves Channon & Chris were out looking for drugs and the so called black male thug sex that become increasing popular among whites of their demographic. They (Channon and Christopher) were predators using their money to the deterioration of our community by supporting for drugs and a form of sexual violence that most often puts brothers in positions where they have to kill them.

      In this case, though, as proven from prosecution witness Daphne Sutton, we know that Channon delivered the bullet that killed Chris. Additionally, now that the State admitted they both had drugs, we know they were abusers. I think in the forecoming days of the trial, the relationship between Channon, Chris and Lemaricus will be revealed. Though, because of your own perverted narcissism, you still won’t accept it – it will still be truth.

      The worthless pieces of shit were Channon & Chris.

      Welcome to UnderprivilegedJournalism,
      Slaughter Lightfoot

  2. The Messenger of JAH says:

    I’ve read over all the evidence from the trail. It’s clear Mr. Lightfoot that you are a militant racist. You assume people to be guilty and innocent based on the colour of their skin and no matter what evidence comes out you still won’t allow yourself to see the truth. Instead you twist round everything in your brain to try and make what you think fit, even when it clearly does not.
    I honestly feel bad for you. How awful must your life be if you dedicate so much of your time to making a hate-filled racist website to try to insult dead people? Seriously, do you masterbate to this? Does it get you off?
    People are people. If someone is guilty it doesnt matter what colour they are. Yet it really does to you. You automatically demonise anyone who is white and automatically praise anyone who is black. That is just as racist, stupid and retarded as any white redneck racist.
    There is no proof of what you have suggested. You can try to twist it as much as you would like. But let’s be realistic here, we all know inside your head there’s a voice telling you that your deluded, but you just won’t listen to it, as… i guess you have nothing else to do but spew hatred on this website.
    How would you feel if it happened to your relative? Would you still be on here defending their murderers simply because they are black? You try to accuse every white person of being responsible for the slave trade when in reality, if you know your history (real history not stuff you made up or read on some retarded website) you’d know this is not the case. But you have a chip on your shoulder and so you are blaming it on other people and even on an entire race.
    Honestly, it’s hard to know whether to laugh at how pathetic you are or cry out of sheer pity for you. If you actually believe in any kind of religion and you think God would be happy with what you do, then you must actually be retarded or mentally insane. A God created and loves us all. Any view which goes against that idea is simply retarded, as might I add are you.
    I hope you get the help you need and someday you make ammends for all the hatred and hurt you have caused.

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