Coward Benjamin Stephen Kopp; Global Black Alliance Condemn "Greedy, Piggish & Hateful" GI

Global Black Alliance condemn Corporal Benjamin Stephen Kopp

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15 Responses to Coward Benjamin Stephen Kopp; Global Black Alliance Condemn "Greedy, Piggish & Hateful" GI

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  2. Joe Junkert says:


    Your hatred of people of less color shows your ignorance.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      “If you hate injustice, you hate white people.” Yakub Muslim minister Elohim Belial

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  3. John White says:

    Feel free to go to Liberia. There are no “devils” there and I hear the weather is splendid this time of year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    dont worry, we will continue to destroy the enemy of the united states of america. the obj that kopp died on has his dome split in half, and the rest will soon follow. we will not stop until the war on terror is done, you are all fucked. we will not forget that kopp was 21 yrs old, with plenty of life left to live. but he gave it in the name of freedom, and may anyone who ‘condemns’ him be condemned to hell for all eternity. he is a true american hero and may he set the example for the rest of the WORLD to follow. R.I.P. CPL Benjamin S Kopp. we will NEVER forget the sacrifice you made. vengeance will be served, so enjoy the few days you fucks have left on this earth. i hope the virgins are worth it.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      One would expect nothing less from historic racial terrorists such as yourselve(s).

      Kopp was a terrorist and war criminal. True history will show you demonic mutants for what you are.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  5. TSAF says:

    I see now that the cycle of rage is bound to continue, and there is no wisdom that can stop it. Only time will bring an end to the madness, when the entirety of our foolish people, regardless of color, is left in ashes. That being said, I advise you not to stress about the words above. I reeled at first for obvious (or maybe not so) reasons, but then realized that the hatred plastered herein is the sad and somehow necessary way of things and always has been. The only way to overcome it is to turn away and let them starve, for these are not boastings of the powerful fist of brotherhood, but rather the pestilent rantings of a cesspit of desperate fringe lunatics. They rave out of a hunger for something they can’t even identify, for a cause that is unknown to anyone but themselves and thus does not truly exist to the reckoning of a healthy mind. Their abomination of a website is coded primitively and the entirety of their collection of articles is one colossal run-on sentence; a hideous amalgamation of random nouns and adjectives, the likes of which could only make sense to a schizophrenic. It is, in essence, the lovechild of the unintelligent, and for all their uncivilized howling we should pay them no more mind than one pays the protests of an insect about to be crushed under foot. As for Kopp himself….well, I wouldn’t sweat the specifics because they are misguided at best and entirely inaccurate…randomly generated by the mind of someone slowly circling the drain. Ben wasn’t shot in the head, nor did he die where they claim he died. I of all people would know. Simply walk away my friends. Starve them of your tears and they will eat each other, like all evil eventually does.

  6. jihadamen says:

    That’s incredible, TAST! For, whites have NEVER known the “fist of brotherhood”. Rather, they’ve only known the fists of oppression, justification, injustice and racism.

    Kopp was just another racist US military racial terrorist wearing your reprobate forefather’s shoes. He and you are the very “evil” you misguidedly denounce.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know why you think you guys know Ben Kopp. I pretty sure TSAF knows him very well. I know Ben. I also know that TSAF’s words hold truth and wisdom. He is right that you and your way of thinking is destructive. You are an Ouroboros. If you don’t know what that is I will save you a Google search. It is a snake that is in its nature is to destroy itself. I also know you are a coward. You play the tough guy on the internet, using your words to try to hurt people. Well, they are just words and in The United States of America it is a person’s right to say whatever they want without repercussion or punishment. You can worship whatever god or gods you want without worry that someone will hurt you. Ben died up holding those rights to Americans and after he passed into the next world he gave others another change at life. He would never hurt those who chose freedom over tyranny. You are a coward and are “brave” only when someone isn’t around to challenge you. You think you are a tough and brave guy? If you ever met Ben Kopp and you were non American Radical terrorist you would piss and shit yourself. If you threatened Kopp or his friends he would put you in the ground. He wouldn’t be angry with you, he would not savor the kill. He was a professional solider, just like the men to his left and right. I don’t wish you harm. I wish you wisdom to see that your way of thinking will die off. That your religions beliefs will be practiced next to another set of beliefs and no one will get all upset like you are. You know what the funny thing is. Had it been Christians, or a western country that attacked the United States we would be fighting a different sect of people. You are the one who makes it out to be a religious war. We do not care what god you worship. I hope and pray you change and grow warm in heart towards your fellow man and woman. I hope we never meet. But just by chance we do and you mean to do harm to anyone who is not like you know this “We are the punishment for trying to destroy freedom…If you had not committed great crimes, we would not have been sent upon you. Look upon us and know your fate.”

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  8. bens cousin says:

    ben was my cosin!!!!! he was a grat hero!!! and we loved him!!! he was no coward he was an amazing person i loved him and u treat his honer like crap!!! he loved and cared for everyone he loved!!!! u jack wagoons delete this site or else ull be involved with alot of hell!!

  9. Tyress says:

    Yo go back to Africa then NIGGER.. WE DON’T WANT YOUR BIG LIPS HEAR ANYWAYS…

  10. Dr. TruthtelleR says:

    Hahaha! This is Powerfully pathetic. All they can do is try to get a rise out of people by spewing ignorance. And, ignorance it is. The Goober Black Alliance is nothing more than a bunch of cock sniffers and ball lickers. You’re a joke. Who’s taking you serious? I bet your own families think your brains output is a Fucking nightmare. It must suck to be you all day! P-a-t-h-e-t-i-c… Now, What’s that spell??…..You!!!

  11. Empower yourself. Do not lust for a greatness too big for you to see. Your hate cannot outshine a TRUE HERO. You sought out this powerful man to try and use his greatness to your advantage. He has already won, THIS POST CONTINUES TO DEMONSTRATE YOUR FEAR. Chickens cannot soar with eagles. This eagle will be watching you.

  12. Nigger says:

    Fuck u niggers

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