Justin Barrett, James Crowley: Racist Pigs; Devils of a Feather Flock Together

James Crowley, Justin Barret, Racist Pigs of a Feather

F.A.K.E cop James Crowley, F.A.K.E cop Justin Barrett & the Klu Klux Klan“It is shocking that so many Americans think that it is permissible for a police officer to deprive a citizen of their freedom for no other reason than the police officer wanting to do so.”….until it happens to them personally, particularly if the police officer is a black one and they are white, and, given the same set of circumstances, they would have felt bullied, harrassed, and been outraged. The President was correct legally if not politically. I agree with him. And no one associated with this incident in the police dept or the arresting officer himself has given any hint that the entire episode might have been handled differently, because, I assume, they cannot appear vulnerable. But someone in that force should have found the right words to communicate that without causing vulnerability and then, I might have more credibility in their authority. (Link)

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4 Responses to Justin Barrett, James Crowley: Racist Pigs; Devils of a Feather Flock Together

  1. kope187 says:

    Come on seriously. They showed the entire thing on TV. Every witness stated that the police officer simply asked for his ID simply to make sure beings a call had been made that someone was kicking in their front door. The professor went ape shit after he had checked his ID and started making momma jokes as the officer was leaving. The officer simply made sure he was who he said he was and then kindly left. Every witness stated this. The professor even admitted to being a prick. He started doing the black thing and playing the race card, when he should have been happy that the officer made sure. Its the same as getting your ID checked when you use a credit card. Don’t get an attitude. Be glad someone is making sure you are who you say you are so that no one else uses your card. As far as Barak he should have simply stated that he did not know the full details and left it at that. He has no business commenting on that crap. That professor as we all found out later was a whack job anyway. That is all.


    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Looks like you’re anxious and proud that you in the criminal and racist American military regime. That say everything our community needs to know about you and your reprobate concepts of justice.

      Crowley lied on his police report and violated Gates’ human & Civil rights. Those are trivial matters to someone who embraces the same abominable values as Crowley does. The atrocities you committed in Iraq are in that same vain.

      Yesterday, my pastor asked whether the white race, because of your historic and contemporary atrocities, deserves to be (only) punished or (completely) destroyed.

      Most in the congregation thought the latter was more appropriate.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  2. Joe Junkert says:

    “Slaughter Lightfoot” You are as ignorant as those that made a beautiful woman like Rosa Parks sit on the back of the bus.

    Your hatred of people of less color is disgusting. Your “pastor”s hatred of the white race is incomprehensible. A man of God, calling for the termination of a race. Irony at its best.

    Look at the FACTS in the Gates/Crowley case.

    Your bigoted ignorance begets more ignorance. Stop the circle, find your brain and use it.

    Stop the hatred.


    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Joe Junkert,
      Thanks for your challenging comments, but no one is responsible for the hatred against white people but white people.

      REACTIONARY BLACK HATE NOT SAME AS THE ORIGINAL WHITE HATE: But I am (we are)…(blacks).Blacks who react to white hatred with hatred of whites aren’t hating whites with the same – evil whites originally hated blacks with. Let’s cut to the chase: All black and white American race hatred is the result of the evil and unjustified race based hatred whites formed against blacks at the origin of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. “Is the target of the bully wrong in hating that bully?” “White people have been and are racial bullies.“Is the target of the bully wrong in hating that bully?” (Link)

      “Anybody who loves life & the earth hates white people,” Luther Horning (pastor of Temple of Black Worship) …


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