The "I'm Not Racist" Racist Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley; Dr. Louis Gates Returns to Nigger: The Age of Selective Racism & the Huge White Ego

Cambridge Police Officer James Crowley: Racism Stamped On Your Forehead Anti-cop blogger Creaux Steele sums it up nicely in a brief editorial titled, F.A.K.E CAMBRIDGE COP JAMES “I AM NOT A RACIST” CROWLEY: JUST ANOTHER PIG HIGH ON BEING WHITE.” (See below)

Sell the bullshit somewhere else. Selective racism is the deceptive discrimination practiced by the of whites in our age. Officer “I gave black basketball star Reggie Lewis mouth-to-mouth resuscitation” James Crowley underscores his inapropriate, racist behavior by now offering up his “this proves I am not a racist” example. (Link).

“I am a selective racist” may as well be written on Cambridge Police Officer James Crowley’s forehead. It’s that easy to see.

For no other reason thanthat of him being racially offended, he used his badge, position and racial profiling training to infringe on the constitutional rights of reknown educator Dr. Henry Louis Gates, whose ego’s probably equally as big, and arrest him.


"I'm not racist" racist Sgt. James Crowley


White liberals, conservatives & independants are fond of the saying:  “anybody can be a racist.” But, as demonstrated by one of my favorite quotes by reparations activist St. Nicolas Thief,  it’s not true.

“Give us the chance to strip you of your name & religion, rape & slay you without penalty and relegate you to institutionalized poverty & then call us racist.”

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10 Responses to The "I'm Not Racist" Racist Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley; Dr. Louis Gates Returns to Nigger: The Age of Selective Racism & the Huge White Ego

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  2. DBL NGR says:

    What is this post even supposed to be about?
    Theres no body, no text.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      DBL NGR,

      Good to hear from you.

      It’s a personal editorial statement, nothing more.


  3. pat says:

    you are a stupid nigger, hang yourself.

  4. Al Sharpton says:

    More Blacks are Killed by Other
    Blacks than By Cops

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      It depends on what your definition of dead is. On the street, being in the penitentiary is considered being dead.

      Notwithstanding, since you mention it, black on black crime (BOB crime) is a problem. Most BOB crime are committed by the young – who haven’t developed the discretionary judgement yet to know the difference between BOB crime and BOW crime (Black on white) crime.

      I agree that there needs to be more education in the community about the importance of committing the right kind of “crimes.” I put the word “crimes” in quotes b/c brothers need to be educated that the right kind of “crimes” against whites are not “crimes” but “social action protest robberies.”

      The National Black Foot Soldiers are working in communities across America to teach young brothers and help them make the proper distinctions.

      Most BOB crimes are committed against fellow brothers and sisters by young blacks. Research shows that once brothers have been through the system (and get out) they are less likely to commit BOB crimes and understand the difference in making the distinction. Whites, on the other hand, will still commit WOW crimes against each other – after being in the system.

      So, there does need to be better education.

      “We may have to become savages to destroy savages.” – St. Nicolas Thief

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  5. kope187 says:

    This should not even be an issue. Bottom line the cop did the right thing and everyone knows it. Da black man is bein oppressed bullshit is getting old. fact of the matter is after the cop checked his ID the professor went black on him. Ran his mouth, made mama jokes, and played the race card. I always wondered where stereotypes came from and now I see where.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Looks like you’re anxious and proud that you in the criminal and racist American military regime. That say everything our community needs to know about you and your reprobate concepts of justice.

      Crowley lied on his police report and violated Gates’ human & Civil rights. Those are trivial matters to someone who embraces the same abominable values as Crowley does. The atrocities you committed in Iraq are in that same vain.

      Yesterday, my pastor asked whether the white race, because of your historic and contemporary atrocities, deserves to be (only) punished or (completely) destroyed.

      Most in the congregation thought the latter was more appropriate.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  6. kope187 says:

    First question is what did the police officer lie about? They interviewed all witnesses on TV as well as played the 911 call and black was not once mentioned. All witnesses I heard claimed that the officer acted professional and the professor freaked out. Again I am only going on what the eye witnesses said. Honestly if you know something that was not published you should share that with us so that we can be better informed on this matter.

    Next question. I do not usually comment when an ignorant person accuses me of being a baby killer or committing some sort of “atrocities” in the desert because most of the people doing it do not have their facts straight and are simply clueless about what is going on and only believe what they wanna believe, but since I have the time I gotta ask. Exactly what atrocity did you witness me first hand committing? I mean from the sounds of what you are saying, you have first hand knowledge of the war and what its like. So I assume since you accused me of something publicly on the internet that you have first hand experience and witnessed this correct? Oh, and for the other readers out there, note that regardless of my previous profession not once have I claimed to support the war. In fact I have not given my opinion at all on the matter. Given my profession I simply actually witnessed it first hand and obviously am far more knowledgeable than the moron I am replying to

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