Dysplastic Nevus, The Map of Your Genetic Humanity or Lack Thereof & Karma; Moles, Stars & the Universe

White America, 2012 & Mole or Melanoma?According to the National Cancer Institute, doctors believe that dysplastic nevi are more likely than ordinary moles to develop into a type of skin cancer called melanoma.

Although divination by bodily marks (moleosophy): moles, birthmarks and blemishes  has been practiced in many societies throughout history, its roots are in ancient Egyptian

Researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) studied the genes and mole count of nearly 6,000 people.

Ancients say that the moles on our bodies are in reality secret imprints carried over from our previous lives, stamps of some past karmic deed meant to ripen in this life, good as well as bad. Others contend that moles are messages of good fortune and misfortune that reflect important turning points of our life. (Link)

The researchers, however, found that particular changes in two genes increased the subjects’ risk of developing moles. The researchers then found in another 4,000 subjects that having those same two genes doubled melanoma risk.

As, almost quarterly, some reknown Western scientist(s) release a new study identifying the truth about what causes melanoma, the following excerpt identifies (some) of their new assertions:

The main cause of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, is not too much sunbathing but the number of moles a person has, according to a new British study.

Moles, The White Man, History & Melanoma

Mapping Their Universe: 100 Moles, The White Man’s Skin, History, Today & Melanoma

An international team of scientists led by King’s College London concluded that warnings about sunbathing are scaring people unnecessarily and drawing their attention away from monitoring suspicious moles, which the researchers say are the real risk factor for malignant melanoma.

The study identified two genes that control how many moles a person will have, and how likely they are to get skin cancer. Professor of genetic epidemiology Tim Spector of King’s College told the UK’s TimesOnline, “The number of moles you have is one of the strongest risk factors of melanoma—stronger than sunshine. This paper shows that we found two important genes that control the number of moles you have. Those genes also give you an extra risk of melanoma.”

 The authors of the study say that while sunshine can trigger melanoma, it is responsible for only a small proportion of cases. They believe health warnings should be targeted to people who have more than 100 moles, and they also believe everyone should be taught how to check moles for changes in color, size, and shape. (Link)

Lead researcher Nick Hayward said the findings improve researchers’ understanding of the genetic pathways that can lead to melanoma.

“It has long been known that having a large number of moles is the biggest risk factor (for melanoma),” Hayward said. “Therefore we predicted we would find genes linking moles and melanoma. We now have conclusive genetic evidence that having a large number of moles increases an individual’s risk of developing melanoma.”





The Black Arts (Moleosophy)


The findings are published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Melanoma begins in the melanocytes, which produce melanin to give colour to the skin.  When skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes produce more melanin.

“While Western science publishes the function of melanocytes producing more melanin when skin is exposed to the sun, it rarely distinguishes between the two types of melanin (Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin) that react differently under sun exposure.

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