(Review) Badder Than Bonnie, Amanda Anderson & Harder Than Clyde, Hassan Shakur: Jersey Natural Born Killers Stage Electrifying Performance Against FAKE Chief Comey's Racist Cop Regime

New Jersey Thrillers

Has new urban Icon New Jersey Thriller Hassan Shakur stolen Oakland legend Lavelle Mixon’s thunder?Oakland Urban Legend BOW cop Thriller Lovelle Mixon Mixon, many will recall, dropped five of Oakland’s so called finest in March in what is recognized as the deadliest social action protest against the racist regime of California’s police in history.

Sources with the National Black Foot Soldier Network are, reportedly, praising Shakur and Anderson’s protest and, according to those same sources, the comparrison of Hassan & Anderson to Mixon has sparked a friendly competion between the two cities.


Savannah's Legendary Michael "Slave Avenger" Thorpe


According to sources with the, now underground, GhettoBraggingRights network, while Savannah’s legendary Michael “Slave Avenger” Thorpe still sits atop their Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition, new comers like Mixon and Hassan are serious competition.

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