Help! Our Sunscreen & Sun Block are failing! (With Karla Derynck & Mahlon Walker

Can The Devil sue when their sunscreen & sunblocks fail to protect their weak and condemned skin from basal and squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas?

Manufacturers of the top sunscreen brands relied upon by millions of American swimmers and sunbathers each year have lied about the effectiveness of their products in blocking sun rays and preventing skin diseases, including cancer, according to several coordinated lawsuits filed in California Superior Court in Los Angeles.

Such famous brands as Coppertone, Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic, marketed as protective “sunblocks,” are in fact unreliable in protecting adults and children and can create a sense of false security that actually endangers users, the complaint charges.

Samuel Rudman, a New York attorney“Sunscreen is the Snake Oil of the 21st Century and these companies that market it are Fortune 500 Snake Oil salesmen,” said Samuel Rudman, a New York attorney. “False claims such as ‘sunblock’ ‘waterproof” and ‘all-day protection’ should be removed from these products immediately.”

“Parents, especially, have been defrauded into believing the false labeling and advertising claims of these products. They have sent their children to play or swim in the sun, believing that slathering them with one of these products specifically marketed for children provides protection, when it does not,” said Mitchell Twersky, another New York attornoey.”And the guys who are marketing these products know their claims are false,” he added. (Link)

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