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WITNESS: The Hedy Gold Melanoma Execution: “She was the kind to swing her wealthy blonde hair about ad nauseam.”

According to Michigan Yakub Muslims, she was the kind to swing her wealthy blonde hair about ad nauseam. But, the Melanoma Campaign against Gold spanned states.  According to Yakub Muslim sources in New York, she is also known there; and worse, … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Self Love & Down Low in the African American Community: Beyond Gay, Cycle of Black Selfhate Finally Broken; (PLUS) “There’s no such thing as white homosexuality. There is only same sex perversion in white community.” New Glax Haas Race Institute study finds

Lil Wayne & Birdman’s kiss tried hip hop and rap’s sexually dominant & macho black male persona. What emerged? According to racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, the long awaited concept of black self love. “Since the era of slavery, … Continue reading

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