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“She is a devout pro feminist college student from Iran whose pro West  performance has fooled the world,” Iranian UPJ Twitter Correspondent EbrAhim Massoud ALSO SEE:   Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax by James Petras Despite the forecasts by western … Continue reading

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"What Amount of Ozone Depletion Will Completely Burn Whites From the Earth Yet Still Be Suitable for Blacks?" Yakub Shaitan Rhetoric Condemned (Again) by Council of Yakub Muslims

Yakub Shaitan has been condemned again by the Council of Yakub Muslims who, in a statement issued across their network, again repudiated the national movement from him. Shaitan, who in 2008 was condemned for making similar statements, refused an order … Continue reading

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The Richard P. Rogers Melanoma Execution: The Iceman's Meltdown

THE ICEMAN INHERITANCE & OZONE DEPLETION In The Iceman Inheritance Michael Bradley delves back into the last Ice Age in order to find the prehistoric sources of the white race’s aggression, racism and sexism. In tracing the effects of Caucasian … Continue reading

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