The Bill Hyer Melanoma Execution: For Wickness Burns Like Fire, Isaiah 9:18

The Bill Hyer Melanoma Exeuction
The scant and few College Station Yakub Muslims say they are proud of the completion of the Melanoma Execution against unrepentant skin sinner Bill Hyer and had hoped the city’s  whites would have recognized  the age they are in and modified  their behavior accordingly.

Yakub Islam: Why Light Kills the Devil“Texas whites are the most defiant in their fallen  nation,” College Station Yakub Muslim Mahmoud Ismael says. “They are ardent in their reprobate ways and hold fastly to their invisible god and the lies, ignorance, hate and piggishness of their barbaric forefathers.  While it was hoped they would have seen Bill’s execution and recognized their condemnation, they only became more fervent in their abominable ways.”

According to sources close to the Hyer family circle, around his mid twenties, Bill became a Born-Again-Christian and was inspired by Billy Graham and his readings. Thus, his goal become to be a Minister and, not only preach the gospel of white people’s invisible god, but also bring others to him.

Hyer’s Melanoma Execution was completed in 2004. Ismael, though, says well over 30% of the cities whites are now infected with one form of the shaming melanoma curse and believes that by 2012 every white in the city “will know its shame.”

“No, not one of them will escape. Where will you flee? The new Lord asks. Will you flee into my hills? Doth not my holy light penetrate them too. I will punish you as you should be punished. There is no remedy for your sore.”


Yakub's Melanoma: Billy Graham, the white man & his invisible god

“Do white people deserve to walk, play and live carelessly in the Light of the Sun of God,” he asked. “No,” he answered. “It is through the discrimination The Sun of God has set forth in whom His light shine upon favorably verses those He despises that we know of His righteousness.”

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