Alien "Smack Down:" Mothership Strikes Air France Flight AF447

Alien "Smackdown" Mothership Strikes Air France Flight 447

“There is confirmation from The New Collective  (link fixed) that the ‘atmospheric ripple’ that created the turbulance reported by Air France Flight AF447 was caused by the Mothership.” ANTIOCH HADeS


“Alien” Smackdown: US F 22 (Invisible Plane) “Shot Down” by Mothership IFO

Whereas, in this brief window between now & 2012, The Divine maintains Satan may attempt to flee the earth and make haste to another planet – if he can find one, the Mothership elders are saying they will no longer tolerate whites in space.

“Satellites, astronauts on space walks, all earth made space shuttles, the International Space Station and even some airplane flights are now being targeted by the Mothership & her legion of IFOs” – ANTIOCH HADES

(Exclusive interview with Antioch Hades &
updates from The New Collective developing) 

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5 Responses to Alien "Smack Down:" Mothership Strikes Air France Flight AF447

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  2. 迷你倉 says:

    Navy ships are speeding toward a patch of ocean in the Atlantic that is littered with debris from an Air France plane that crashed with 228 people on board, seeking to recover clues to the jet’s mysterious tragedy.

    The naval operation, a day after the debris was spotted off Brazil’s coast, included two mini-submarines to recover the plane’s black box flight recorders if they can be found in the depths of the Atlantic.

    Both Brazil’s defense minister and a French military official have said there is no doubt the debris came from the mysterious crash.

    The first ships to arrive will be Brazilian, joining three cargo ships from France and the Netherlands that were rerouted to the area after debris from Air France flight AF447 was spotted.

    Brazil has announced three days of national mourning. Catholic and Muslim services are to be held in Paris, including one in Notre-Dame cathedral to be attended by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

  3. Anne O'Non says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    This is giving me a headache. This is insanity.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      A white man with a headache & insanity usually equals a dead wife & kids… .

      How are you. Thanks for your bigoted enthusiasm!

      Slaughter Lightfoot

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