"Destroy White America" God Damn White America Enthusiasts Champion 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season is open and God Damn White America movement enthusiasts say they ready for it and hope to see much destruction to the property of white Americans and hope their families experience “unimaginable suffering and loss.”

The Colorado State University team says the 2009 season will be another “above-average” one and predicts 14 tropical storms  with that seven that will develop into hurricanes.

“Our meditating, praying, fasting and offering sacrifices to Divinity, God, Allah and Mother Nature to strike white Americans and their things continue,” says controversial New Orleans Black Foot Soldier Katrina Ahmadinejad.

“They have proven themselves the most wicked and unrepentant race of people on the planet. They are worthy of all atrocities that befall them.  All those within the body of The New Collective know that we are to not only celebrate their fall, we are also to champion it,” in a message published across the God Damn White America network,  he said.

Because we know that for The Divine to destroy them our God may have to carry some of us, they call us God Damn White America suicide enthusiasts, but we also know that our God is great enough to pass over this land and, where he sees the houses without the blood on the doorposts- a metaphor for race and skin ,  smite those worthy of destruction. Yes, just as we are ready to die, be ready to live and celebrate these last moments existence and comfort for the white race,”

God Damn White America - Reverend Jeremiah WrightAccording to sources within the network, Yakub Muslim cleric Elohim Belial, largely regarded as the movement’s organizer, is said to be in communication with former Trinity United Church of Christ pastor Jeremiah Wright about speaking to the youth in the movement and establishing a “more mainstream” presence for the organization in the African American community.

Yakub Muslim Cleric & Minister Dr. Elohim Belial“Black people and white people don’t share the same God,” Belial says. “Although rejected by the idiocracy, Brother Jeremiah Wright , by the will of God, brought this into the consciousness of the ready.  All that remains now is to teach it to the spiritually illiterate and dumb. “

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