See No Evil: Yakub Internal Melanoma Devil Sees No Signs of External Lesions

Yakub Melanoma on Devil's EarWhile melanomas can usually be seen on the external of The Devil’s flesh, internal melanoma is usually the result of melanoma that started somewhere on the skin and has spread (meta- stasized) to an internal organ.

The new Yakub internal melanoma, however, can not be detected externally:
According to The Devil’s literature, in many cases, the primary tumor can’t be found on the skin. It may be either too small to be detected, or more commonly, it resolves on its own. It only takes several cells from that tumor to invade farther into the skin and blood vessels, to spread the melanoma.


(From the National Cancer Institute) – Melanoma usually begins in the melanocytes (the pigment cells) of the skin and is notoriously resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, leaving few treatment options once the cancer has metastasized.

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