Spotted: Wicked 11 Year Old Alec Souders of Cumberland Defies Sun of God, Yakub Muslim Curfew Hours & May Restrictions

Wicked 11 Year Old Alec Souders Spotted by Yakub Musllims Riding Bycicle


“1 DEVIL KILLED EVERY HOUR” Ask Houston’s Julie Michelle Koch Lyons

Julie Koch Lyons Melanoma Execution

 “Skin cancers & melanomas are the curse of God against whites for their skin sins & continued evil of today. In the books of Daniel, Isaiah and Revelations God warns He will curse the evil with the Sores That Do Not Heal. Skin cancer & melanomas are these sores.

We will continue our campaign against The Devil until his oppression ends or until he is chaff.” – Yakub Muslim cleric Elohim Belial “Yet The Devil claims only one skin sinner is executed daily, we know their are three. Next year we will increase it to seven. In 2010 we rise it to 21. In 2011, 48. In 2012, 72.”


Millions of Narcissistic Whites Defy May Ban, Hundreds of Thousands Issued Melanomas, Squamous & Basal Carcinomas (2010/2011 Expectancies)

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