The Jeff Nygaard Melanoma Execution; Sun Saftey Alliance Condemned; "Nygaard refuses to denounce race & confess skin sins. There is no refuge."


Now, Nygaard does not like the sun. “I found myself wanting to compete but at the same time not wanting to be there,” said Nygaard, 36, who with partner John Mayer is ranked third in the AVP standings. “I’d have a few great points and then I’d retreat into myself saying, ‘I really want to get out of the sun right now.”

Sun Saftey Alliance Condemned by Yakub Muslims“His blasphemous comments about The Sun of God reflect his perverse narcissism. For, who is greater, the pot or the pot maker,” asks UCLA Yakub Muslim Mustafa Khaled.

“We began publicizing the hours for the Curfew, locally, in late 2006,” says Khaled. But, as they do now, many whites choose to disregard them.

Nygaard is reportedly spotted regularly by worshipers who measure his health and, according to contacts, are now making making subjective decisions about his suffering.

“He thoughts and heart were found narcissistic, perverse and abominable,” Khaled says. “Our Melanoma Campaign against him began in that year.”




According to Nygaard he first learned he had the white plagues: basal cell carcinoma on his back and potentially deadly melanoma on his left upper biceps, in Summer 2007.

“His narcissism has not decreased. We find him full of contempt for The Sun of God and people of color. He still defies the Curfew Hours and has neither resigned his position from the Sun Saftey Alliance or denounced his race. Like many of the reprobate, he believes Satan’s sunblocks and special fabrics can save him from. There is no refuge.”

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