Justin Doucet's Courage; 8th Grade White Fills Parents' Suspected Devil's Cult Seed for Seat at Satan's Table in "Marylyn Manson Masturbation, Mass Murder Suicide or the 666-66S"


LAROSE, La. – Justin Doucet’s friends saw him as a quiet, friendly kid — they had no idea what macabre fascinations apparently lurked in a skeleton-adorned journal and a notebook labeled his “deadly diary.”

“Make no mistakes about it, this is their cult. While they condemn this behavior publicly, behind closed doors they make offerings to Beelzebub and their other Satanic gods for each of them to have, what they see as, Justin Doucet’s courage,” says racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.

Many white boys seek to gain the courage to carry out the "Marylin Manson Masturbation, Mass Murder Suicide" to gain top seating at Beelzebub's table.According to sources, Doucet walked into teacher Jessica Plaisance’s seventh-grade English class shortly before 9 a.m., screaming obscenities and demanding everyone get down. When the students remained seated, Doucet told Plaisance to say “Hail Marilyn Manson.” His gun did not go off the first time he attempted to shoot her.

One unconfirmed source says Doucet masturbated in the bathroom before shooting himself in the head and that other boys and girls at the school secretly masterbated and praised his “courage.”

Courageous Columbine Killers Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold sit at the head of Beelzebub's table

The racial makeup of Larose was 85.57% White, 5.65% African American, 3.86% Native American, 2.38% Asian, 0.83% from other races, and 1.70% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.52% of the population. (Data accordint to Census records)


“Whites have no place in the afterlife,” says famed African American clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X. “Their literature teaches them that they may gain seating at Satan’s table through acts like Justin’s or the creatures who carried out the Columbine Massacre. Black and other people of color, the spiritual beings, should seek to remove our children from schools with the creatures of Satan.”

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9 Responses to Justin Doucet's Courage; 8th Grade White Fills Parents' Suspected Devil's Cult Seed for Seat at Satan's Table in "Marylyn Manson Masturbation, Mass Murder Suicide or the 666-66S"

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  5. CajunGirl123 says:

    What the hell people…masturbating before shooting himself…and the students too,Wow,You must be a moron if you believe this…Take it from someone who was there.

  6. jc10595 says:

    yall are sooo stupid i was in that class and i heard both shots and they were too close together for him to masturbate before killing himself so go to hell.. yall need to get over it!!it pisses me off soooo much i cried for 2 days after this and this dispresses me even more so shut the f**** up!!!


      jc10595 and cajun girl 123 im sorry if my stories have offeneded you in anyway its not my intention to hurt you but the white race in general im hopeing to make white people to realize that they are sick and that they do more sick things than black people do they are digusting devil dogs all except for michael jackson but thats kinda ahh………. i am a jobless 57 year old black man who happens to be bi sexual and a fan of beastyality and because of my beliefs and sexual preference the white race have scorned me and my kind this might hurt you but what about what your forefathers did to my people they mistreated my own and that hurts me i would like to inform you of a story that happened to me once i was finding i could let my guard down about my bi sexual ways i was at a bar and engaged ina pleasant conversation with two attractive men we had drinks and dinner then returned to my room with their cocker spaniel and we had planned on having group sex when they told me to get on the bed and spread out they tied my hands to the bed and legs too they spread peanut butter on my anus and let the dog enjoy me vice versa when all of a sudden i felt awful pain in my abdomen and heard laughs when i realized the men i trusted to pleasure me had shoved a broom in my anus and not the handle end it was like a catfish exploded in me they ran out of the room after jacking off on me and i was stuck til the room service came in the next day i lost so much blood i had to have a transfusion but the only blood type that matched mine was a ape from the bronx zoo so i had a terrible experience to say the least and that is why i spread the word of the disgust i have for white people look at what they did to me how groos and disgusting thanks,

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Being in the classroom vs being in the bathroom with him are two different things. Not only does there appear to be a cover up to hide his sick behavior in that bathroom, the things you’ll are reported as doing in that class and in that school are equally disturbing and sick.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  7. jenny says:

    Slaughter ive seen a post where you also mentioned that your mother got pregnant with you from somebody farting into her mouth is this true i never thought this to be possible but strange things accur anymore so i just wondered either way im not laughing if its true then you should be proud because you were put here for a reason you know and i dont judge you for your sexual preference for animals or men or whatever it may be i know the world can be cruel about things like this but slaughter keep your head up and face the world i hear in san francisco it will be legal to marry your pet so just pray on my thoughts and prayers are with you and your………….family,dogfriend?

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