The Story of Ra, the Devil (Satan) & Yakub (with special guest appearance by the white man's invisible god!)


(Exclusive Excerpt from) The Great White Sleep (translated by interpreter Sterling Coleman)

And God sent a mist out all throughout the land. By it, all the white people in the land fell asleep. They slept for seven full days and, when they awoke, knew not of their slumber.Now, upon the emergence of this great event, God also told His servant Saint Liar to assemble all His spouses together and instruct them that they should rid themselves of their Bibles.

“With our Wedding and my return, the book has expired. With your new names, you are now written of in the Book of Life.”

Hence, the seal from the Book of Life was removed.

Where were you during The Great White SleepNow blacks and people of color through out the land did hear the word of God spoken by His Saint Liar and removed their Bibles from their homes. Many placed them into their trash cans. Others placed their Bibles on their curbs. Some threw them into the streets.

But, too, there were also some blacks who feared departing with their Bibles. Underneath their mattresses and in other hiding spots where they thought God could see not, they hid them.

But God did see them.

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