University of Georgia Professor George Zinkhan: Another Normal White Guy

Professor George Zinkhan: Another Normal White Man
“Funny how white people describe the normality of their neighbors who grow up to be mass murderers and serial killers,” says Harlem Dyse of Blacks Against America.

Below Details of University Georgia Professor George Zinkhan “Day of Rage.”

Zinkhan had been missing since police said he opened fire on a reunion for the Town & Gown Players, a local theater group.


No Cure for White Homicidal Mania


“Be not deceived. White science teaches man made toxins are the cause of the destruction to the Ozone layer that allows for the increased levels of ultraviolet light into our atmosphere and damages their (white people’s) mental faculties, skin & eyes.

Their toxins are not the cause of the openings in the Ozone layer. Fashioning His light to discriminate between people of color and white people, the Divine opened the Ozone layer to burn the latter.

The more ultraviolet light that comes through, the more their skin will burn, the more they will go blind and the more their psychotic behavior will increase.”

He argued outside the theater with his wife, Marie Bruce, 47, a family law attorney who was serving as the group’s president.

Police say he walked away briefly before returning with two handguns and killing her, along with Clemson University economist and actor Tom Tanner, 40, and Ben Teague, 63, a longtime theater group volunteer who was married to a popular UGA professor. Two other people were injured by bullet fragments.

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2 Responses to University of Georgia Professor George Zinkhan: Another Normal White Guy

  1. whatever says:

    Hairspray opened the ozone layer!

  2. upj says:

    Imagine that stupidity, Western science denial.

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