Thomas Chimes Melanoma Execution: He is Forbidden to be Burried in Earth

The Thomas Chimes Melanoma Execution, sponsored by the Philadelphia Yakub Muslims

The Philadelphia Yakub Muslims say they have begun embracing the new edict forbidding white corpses burial and, reportedly, have contactd the family of Thomas Chimes, whose Melanoma Execution was completed Tuesday (his birthday), and admonished them about burrying Chimes’ body.

“Thomas Chimes’ art is, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” Inquirer art critic Edward J. Sozanski wrote in 2007.

Thomas Chimes: The Art of SatanThe edict, announced by the Yakub Muslim leadership in March, “expresses the sentiment of God, Allah and Mother Nature regarding burrying white carcasses in the earth” is set to be declared nationally January 2010. Sects in many cities have begun embracing it earlier, though.

“We are embracing the edict early and hoping to get the message out to all the whites throughout the state,” says leading Philly Black Foot Soldier and practicing Yakub Muslim Zachariah Walker. “Those whose skin is consumed by the Sun of God have no right to be buried in the earth.”

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