David Kellerman Suicide "Not Sacred Euthanasia Prescribed for Whites to Enter Heaven" – Dr. Lehand Quok

David Kellerman of Freddie Mac & Estates

EXCLUSIVE: Son of Famed Psychologist Says Suicide Only Way Whites Suffering from Racist Psychosis Can Be Redeemed to God, Nature –

“Unfortunately suicide is the only remedy there is for what is now being recognized as the Racist Psychosis white people suffer from. It is a disease and, to some degree or another, all white people have it,” said African-Asian psychologist Dr. Lehand Quok Jr.. “Taking it one step futher,” he noted, ” it is the only way they can die and be forgiven by God.

Quok Jr. is the son of celebrated physician Lehand Quok Sr. who is widely recognized as discovering the cure for disease.

“We recognize Dr. Quok’s entitle- ment; but there is no longer any opportunity for them,” Yakub Muslim minister & cleric Elohim Belial says. “Damnation is dam- nation. Allah, God & Mother Nature no longer accept them. There is no room for them any- where in the realm of the Divine in the afterlife.”

“It is commonly known that while people of color have souls, which are energy, the white man has only an essence of a soul, a soul’s shadow, so to speak. In order for him to be connected to the celestial divine, he must kill himself.”

His instruction, which received the blessing of his father, have been condemned by Israel and are being criticized by West philosophers, scientists and biologists.

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