When Devils Touch: Contagious Melanoma, Shaking Hands & Sex

The New Contagious Melanoma can be transferred by handshake“Fairskinned people are the agents carrying and transmitting this new skin cancer nightmare,” a leading dermatologist wishing to remain unidentified says. “We’ve found it is only transmittable between fair skinned people. There is no known way to distinguish between those infected and those uninfected.  Exposed areas of their bodies, like their face, hands, arms and neck inflame and become very red.

This new type of contagious skin cancer is believed to be one of the reasons responsible for the spike in 2008’s reported skin cancer incidents.  YKN sources report that, fearing a public panic, both the ADA and CDC are remaining silent.

Contagious Melanoma

“We’re finding as long as this skin condition lasts they will transmit skin cancer to other fair skinned people with whom they come into contact with. We’ve also learned it can develop from African American Incidental UV Transference (AAIT),” one public health administrator noted.

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