New Satanic & Blasphemous "Captain Cutaneum" (Super Hero) Condemned by Yakub Muslims & Nation of Light

Captain Cutaneum Condemned by Yakub MuslimsIt is being called one of the most insidious and blasphemous attacks against the Yakub Muslim Sun of God of the day: Captain Cutaneum. The brain child of Phoenix-area dermatopathologist Ruskin R Lines, the character (Captain Cutaneum) is a superhero who spreads awareness among white children of skin health and especially the dangers of excessive sun exposure. “Understand this reprobate man and his blasphemous character justify White Devils’ lifestyles and cast The Sun of God as an enemy. “The Sun of God is not the enemy. White people are the enemy. They are an enemy to Mother Nature. They are the enemy of God. They are the enemy of Allah. They are the enemy of decency, integrity, honesty and compassion.”


The Miles Levin Melanoma Execution Eighteen year old skin sinner Miles Levin thought he could escape the Condemnation of The Sun of God against him. Yet he is as the slave hanging from the tree: there to show The Devil the fate awaiting him.


The Devil & The Ozone Layer

Allah Destroyed the Ozone to Burn The Devil

While Dr. Lines’ campaign has been written about by many major newspapers and is directed mainly towards children, Yakub Sun Worship spokesman Amon Ali says they are engaged in a national campaign to let white children know they are The Devil and to accept their condemnation.

“The Captain Cutaneum campaign is directed mainly towards children who aren’t blinded by the beauty of the tan,” Lines says.

Yakub Muslim cleric and minister Elohim Belial called Lines’ comments racist and Satanic. “The jealousy and hatred The Devil has historically held for The Color of God manifests itself in Lines’ racist and Satanic words, voice, music and character.

“Satan is teaching his spawn to hate the light of day and that his ambitions should be to attempt to blot out The Sun of God. “

“Yet the burning of the flesh of his reprobate children can not be impeded. Though he try with sun screens, special clothes and “super heroes,” dare The Sun of God’s reproach to “Walk in the Light” or attempt to stand before the N.I.G.G.A.S of The Sun of God.”

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