"She is a Queen Returned." When The King Shakes The Devil's Hands Oops There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

Michelle Obama & Queen Nefertiti Yakub Muslims around the country are hailing Michelle Obama the 2nd face recently revealed on the bust of Queen Nefertiti an praising (what’s being called) President Obama’s successful shaking of The Devil’s European hands.

“While we know their end, the concern with what to do with the mass of corpses that will line the streets after the wave of Ultraviolet Light surges of 2012, is today’s concern,” says Yakub Muslim cleric and minsiter Elohim Belial.

Shake The Devil's Hand “President Obama has been successful in touch each of them. Michelle was even crafty enough to touch their so called Queen.  We can expect exsacerbation of any illnesses they suffer from and some explosive new Melanoma Executions in the near future.”

“Dealing with them in this inerim fold whn they are yet unaware of their demise is, while often humours, a most precarious position.”


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