Blasphemous Coolibar "Sun Protective" Products Condemned by Yakub Islam

Coolibar & founder John Barrow condemned by Nation of Light (Yakub Islam)
The Nation of Light, an order within the Nation of Yakub Islam commissioned to review melanoma foundations, fund raisers, events for whites who have received melanoma executions and books published by whites on the topics of “skin cancer,” melanoma and other “skin disorders” is issuing condemnation of the Coolibar company and its founder John Barrow.


A Devil’s Melanocytes, Maglucification & Sudden Melanoma Metastasization

A Devil's Melanocytes & Maglucification

Sudden Melanoma; Immediate Metastasization(From the National Cancer Institute) – Melanoma, a type of cancer that usually begins in the melanocytes (the pigment cells) of the skin, is notoriously resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, leaving few treatment options once the cancer has metastasized.


Coolibar portrays white children as playing in the sunThey are also admonishing whites who wear Coolibar clothing that, because of a manipulation in maglucification radiation, they may suffer from “skin suffocation” – a condition that significantly advances the state of actual diseases, disorders or sicknesses and, research shows, can result in the sudden melanoma with immediate metastasization.

Coolibar Clothes & Maglucification

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