MELANOMA FOUNDATION, "RUN FOR COVER" & Alan C. Sundberg Jr Condemned by Nation of Light

"Run For Cover" Condemned

“Run for Cover!” is one of several races around the state of Florida that are run in memory of Alan C. Sundberg, Jr., who died of skin cancer in 1998 at the age of 33.

"Run For Cover" Condemned by Nation of Light“Rather than sell all their possessions and give the money to the poor, they would rather ‘Run For Cover,'” Nation of Light minister Malachi Nigaros condemned. “The Devil thought he knew what fire was. Yet he can not run from the fires of The Sun of God. Will you take cover in the hills? They are mine too sayeth the Lord. Shall, then The Devil find refuge in those Caucasus Hills from whence he came?”

Emphasizing heightened risks of being spotted for Yakub Melanomas, the order is advising whites not to attend the event. “Nation of Light marshals are expected to perform an on-site review of the event,” Nigaros said.

Skin sinner Alan C. Sundberg, J condemnedAlan is the son of former Florida Supreme Court Justice Alan C. Sundberg, and the brother of Tallahassee lawyer Bill Sundberg, who is one of the founding members of the Florida Skin Cancer Foundation.

Founded in 1996, the Florida Skin Cancer Foundation is dedicated to educating Floridians about the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun.

“It is not prolonged exposure to the sun that has them being consumed by our faithful and mighty Sun of God, it is what is in their hearts,” Nigaros flamed.

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