Fargo, North Dakota 97% White, 1% Black Destroyed, God Damn (White) America Movement Spring 2009

Fargo, North Dakota 97% White, God Damn (White) America Movement Spring 2009
They fasted, prayed & made offerings unto their God for the 2009 Spring Harvest of natural disasters to target specific areas of the United States and, according to key contacts with The God Damn America Movement, Fargo, North Dakota was on their list.

God Avenges New Orleans, God Damn White America Movement“Our God is the real God,” says Yakub Muslim cleric and the man many regard as the leader of the God Damn (White) America movement, Elohim Belial. “White people’s god is invisible.”

The God Damn (White) America movement, a result of the fiery and prophetic sermon preached by president Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, began Summer 2008.

“Reverend Wright’s sermon was the calling that quickened God’s sleeping people that it was time to begin calling on Him to destroy The Devil,” Belial says.

God Destroys 94% White Foley, Missouri (God Damn White America Movement)Those who contribute to the movement make supplications to their God, daily, by drinking one cup of water that is specifically done in the name of “God Damn (White) America.”

In Summer 2008, with the flooding that washed away millions of dollars white people’s property in Iowa and along the Mississippi, they claimed divine revenge against whites for breaking levees in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina that caused the storm’s destructive path to target the city’s 9th Ward – a predominately black section of the city.

During the 2008 Fall God Damn (White) America Season, the movement and its followers praised and claimed responsibility for Hurricane Ike’s pummeling, the tallest republican building in the Western states,  Houston’s Chase Tower.

God Damn (White) America: Hurricane Ike Smashes Chase Tower

“Today we celebrate and toast the work of Allah, God and Mother Nature against white people,” Texas God Damn America enthusiast Masontae Limbrick says.  Limbrick, who notified us yesterday that Houston God Damn America enthusiasts were making offerings and sacrifices to God for Him to direct hurricane Ike to “SMASH THE JPMORGAN CHASE MANHATTAN TOWER” says God deserves the glory for destroying it.

God Damn (White) America WinterAccording to sources within the movement, the beginning of their Winter season saw the Wall Street meltdown and, too, the beginning of the collapse of America’s economy. So, what’s their forecast their 2009-2010?

According to Belial, more destruction of “white people’s” possession, more suffering without end for their lives and increased spikes in the melanoma and other “shameful skin plagues.”

Yakub Muslim cleric & God Damn (White) America Movement spokesperson, Elohim Belial“We will not only watch and enjoy the suffering of white people, as our Sun of God desires us to, but with our new generation, we shall see their end.

“By 2012 the majority of them will successfully be spotted and shamed with The Curse of The Sun of God that they refer to skin cancer and melanoma. In the interim, we shall continue to watch their ill earned possessions be destroyed by our God of Righteousness.”

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34 Responses to Fargo, North Dakota 97% White, 1% Black Destroyed, God Damn (White) America Movement Spring 2009

  1. Anonymous says:

    Floods don’t happen because of god, floods happen because people are too damn stupid on where to place their cities. Also if there really was a god, why did he let all the bad things happen to black people? In fact why would he/she create such a fucked up world where color matters?

  2. andgodmadelight says:

    We orchestrated the “bad things” that happened to us. The concept of Chattel Slavery was a punishment we devised. Read Kings & Samuel. Though we devised it, whites were the only creatures abominable enough to actually put it in practice.

    You seriously got to be kidding me if you say you believe those cave creatures (Caucasians) who descended from the Caucasus mountains could have devised anything as complex as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Ha!

    When Moses, who is black, found your ancestors in the Caucus mountains they didn’t bathe, ate raw meat (because they couldn’t make fire) and routinely had sex with animals. This is the ancestry you come from. Moses taught them to bath (because they stank), cook their food (because of bacteria) and that they weren’t suppose to have sex with animals (although your continue this today). Our noses and hair are nose and hair that God has. Your nose and hair are the result of a grafting process that took place on the Island of Patimos where you were grafted by an evil (black) scientist named Yakub.

    Antioch Hades

  3. Anonymous says:

    andgodmadelight, I see what you are saying, but look who is still in underdeveloped Africa and look what the super power of the world is. Also there really is no proof of your fairy tail bible stories so stop using that as fact.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dude, learn to read the bible like it should be. And for now gtfo my internet!

  5. Anonymous says:

    are you fucking stupid? how the hell did white people cause the floods in new orleans? regardless of what your opinion may be, white people do not control the weather. perhaps you should ask “your god” why he chose to have katrina hit new orleans. do you have any idea how many white people were fucked over for hurricane katrina (including myself)?? dumbass ignorant people like you are the only reason racism is still alive today. please go get an education.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wait, is this really saying that there is a cult of black people praying for the destruction of the white world, and that the flooding of New Orleans was caused by white people?

    I’m sure glad my tax dollars go to their welfare checks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did my comment just get deleted?

  8. Anonymous says:

    My comment got deleted too! This guy is a cowered!

  9. Anonymous, says:

    wait we were made by an evil black scientist who could create skin grafts that changed their DNA so it would be passed on by our parents not to mention a scientist capable of skin grafts living at the same time as moses sounds a little fishy and btw that was a long ass time ago and how long has Africa been a shithole or the westerners bitch? ill give you a hint a lot longer than we lived without fire or do you count neanderthals

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think this guy has a point though, white people have only been a plague against humanit– wait, no… oh, scie– wait, not that either.. um, governm– no, no… let’s think back to my ENTIRE EDUCATION….. oh, that’s right, white people shaped the world as it is today, always have, and will continue to do so… we even have control over goddamn hurricanes

  11. Anonymous says:

    you wanna know something I defended black people before I read this I thought racists were ingorant bastards but it turns out your just as bad thanks for showiing me the light, black people are stupid

  12. This whole site and affiliates are stupid! All they want is destroy anyone different than them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    as a black person living in south dakota the race issue here is bad, would I pray for bad things to happen to other if they like me or not? no way shame on you and your clan, and shame on those reading your comment and turn to hate because of reading this, this man do not speak for anyone of us but him and him alone, share love and stop spreading hate.

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree with you completely. i wont leave my race in this comment because i do not believe the color of skin matters in the slightest. hate is the only race that holds us all back. peace will help us grow. love will help us grow. what is a rainbow without all its colors and what is the world without all its beautiful diversities.

  14. underprivilegedjournalism says:


    as a black person living in south dakota the race issue here is bad, would I pray for bad things to happen to other if they like me or not? no way shame on you and your clan, and shame on those reading your comment and turn to hate because of reading this, this man do not speak for anyone of us but him and him alone, share love and stop spreading hate.

    “The Sun of God & Mother Nature have set the precident for hating white race,” – Yakub Muslim Minister Elohim Belial (pictured above). “It is not until we realize the era we are in that we know that we, too, must see the white man in the same light that The Sun of God sees him in; and, the Sun of God despises him.”

    Anonymous, your comments are not less than beautiful. But, that is the beauty of our race. In the case of the condemned white man, however, many, as minister Belial notes, “hatred of evil is the love of God.”

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  15. Anon says:


    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Stay focused, Anon. Make up your mind whether you’re black or white. If you’re going to continue pretending being black, visit BlackVoices or DesteesForum and learn our dialog.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  16. tricia says:

    uhm whats with the foley missouri picture of a flood that aint in foley missouri???? i live here and we aint got stop lights or them big ass buildings, and there are more black people here than u realize, u would know if u did research or u kno lived here, like i do

  17. dsfsdf says:

    How uneducated does someone have to be to seriously believe this article? This country has been plagued with a disease known as uneducated, lazy and ignorant black people. Black people use racism as a crutch to excuse their high unemployment rate and high crime rates (check per capita stats, if you don’t know what per capita means, look it up). The worst of the worst are muslim blacks who try to impose their government and their “god” onto anyone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as they do (such as the author of this article). If you hate white people in America, or white people in general, get the fuck out of our country and go back to Africa where you and your ancestors came from. While there, you can do all sorts of unproductive activities and continue to live in the third world while whites in America continue to succeed and make the world a better place.

    • Anonymous says:

      ur an idiot really do you even know what black unemployment rate was before the issue in america was 8% so you can go to hell with that and every black person i know graduated highschool and we all live in the hood i live in phoenix, az and came here by way of champaigne, ill and have seen dummies in every race in this world you want to talk about things that blacks have done that have been stupid but you don’t want to talk about the cousin fuckers in the white race just listen to the sterotypes id rather be know as a coon that eats chicken and watermalons then someone nailing my 1st cousins never in your life should you attack someone because of their race because all racist are involed in some bs

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        It’s not so hard to graduate high school when your given affirmative action extra points.
        This one nigger in eighth grade did not know how to read when I was in school. HE COULD NOT READ AND WAS IN EIGHTH GRADE>

        You filthy walking virus aids infested nigger, the mudhuts in Africa await – now get the fuck out of my country.

      • Anonymous says:

        this is probably a white person writing crazy things to get more white people angry and racist or its a crazy black person trying to get black people angry and racist. either way the majority of you are doing just what they want. shame. lets all look at people for who they are and what they do. not age or gender or the color of their skin. how can you be angry at someone for being born a certain color. thats like hating someone because they grow old. its uncontrolable and not their choice. peace and love.

  18. ShatteredDreams says:

    Couldn’t have said it better.
    In all of Africa’s history, they have never succeeded under black rule _ever_.
    They have yet to invent a thing, create any sort of aesthetic art piece. They did, however, introduce many new diseases to the world (like AIDS).
    So go back to Africa where you niggers always talk about being Kings and Queens.

    • kasuwell says:

      Alright here is another stupid ass entry . Let me blast this Remember Hitler yeah the “white” man that killed millions of “white” and anybody else that didn’t fit his description of what they should . Follow that up with coming to america and killing off the indians and spreading disease read a history book if you think im lying ! Enslaving other races and murder for just senseless reason has been the white culture since the start of time .

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        Then this ought to blow your mind:
        Niggers enslaved their own since their conception.
        Niggers raped babies in Africa to try and cure aids.
        Niggers relied heavily on cannibalism.

        So for you to say that niggers are morally sounder than any human race is retarded.

        The only reason niggers have never succeeded in a large orchestrated massacre of anytime is because they’re niggers and are incapable of such a feat.

        • Anonymous says:

          first of “bro” niggers as you like to call us from the safety of your home have changed over the course of life in america, i wish you would try that slavery stuff now its not that you can’t get us to do the work because if you pay us enough damn right we will build america some blacks just don’t want to redo vollenteer work blaming blacks for what we are doesn’t mean a damn thing in the real word because people like you never see what color matters most and that’s green and there are so many different types of blacks and you helped to evolve us so we are a by-product of white nature mixed with flavor we all do the same thing and yes we know that africans were involved in the slave trade but not all of them knew what they were doing all they thought was going was they were getting leverage over their enemies and just like in most tribes who practiced this over people they went to war with they would let you go free but thats not what happened in american talk about the lazy man who owned slaves he was the worst one of them all and hell even white people enslaved other whites so dont just talk about the black side spit out the truth of it all

          • GeP says:

            don’ts bezze blamein’ dem wyite man’s “bro”, blame that magjigic kenyan socialist nigger that said, ” change you can believe in” “yes we can” o’tay, buttwheat? With one wave of his greasy paw, he can gibb’s youz everything youz want. All, you just have to do is.. believe.

            • EyeBeWhite says:

              GeP: Have you noticed how Slaughter has changed his name to Vincent Felon? Vincent? What kind nigger faggot ass name is that. Fucking fruitcake dizzy ass nigger. He does this in order to appear that there are more than one black person of this site, when in fact, its just his sorry black ass.

              Probably did a few years in the pen and got fucked in his asshole and now he going to show the world how powerful he is.

              Hey asshole Vincent Felon, why use the Internet? Surely Mother ship IFO has some technology better than this? Shit, this is White mans technology.

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re dumb to 1st off an african american is someone who came from africa and then came to america last i checked i was born american and if you want to say that im not an american then neither are you because your a euro-american and nigger is such a strong word for a pussy over the internet i guess pussies even get tough when they have the internet as a mask however im sure u wouldnt be paid any attention to if you said that in a crowd of us and why is that because you dont matter i know it everyone reading your post knows it and your mother knows it thats why she tried eating you when you were little because she ment to swallow you in the first place

  19. Bodi says:

    Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

    you do not understand evolution,
    you do not understand life.
    you do not understand .

  20. Dark Slayer says:

    Of course we orchestrated the flood in New Orleans. And we’re going to keep it up. You ain’t seen nothing yet! We’re going to take your measly 15% of the U.S. populating asses and engineer a whole lot more to fully wipe you off the face of the planet. Once your gone, this earth will be a whole lot better off. But that’s not where it ends. We have also created soul catchers so that when you die, we trap your souls and then shoot it to the farthest reaches of the known galaxies where not even light escapes. And there you shall live, in darkness, for eternity. So mote it be.

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