EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: MOTHERSHIP STRIKES AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447; "Alien" Smackdown: US F 22 (Invisible Plane) "Shot Down" by Mothership IFO

Alien "Smackdown" Mothership Strikes Air France Flight 447

“There is confirmation from The New Collective that the ‘atmospheric ripple’ that created the turbulance reported by Air France Flight AF447 was caused by the Mothership.” ANTIOCH HADES (SEE: Alien “Smack Down:” Mothership Strikes Air France Flight AF447 )

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: ““Alien” Smackdown: US F 22 (Invisible Plane) “Shot Down” by Mothership IFO

Smackdown: Mothership IFO Shoots Down US F 22 "Invisible Plane"

Yakub Muslim Antioch Hades has confirmed a Mothership IFO is responsible for the crash of an F-22 “Invisible” fighter craft that crashed near Edwards Air Force Base in the high desert of Southern California. (We expect more details and may have new interpretations from The New Collective – Slaughter Lightfoot)

(SEE: March 23, 2009)


Mothershihp IFO & "Evil Whisperers" attack in Montana Plane CrashWhereas, in this brief window between now & 2012, The Divine maintains Satan may attempt to flee the earth and make haste to another planet – if he can find one, the Mothership elders are saying they will no longer tolerate whites in space.

“Satellites, astronauts on space walks, all earth made space shuttles,  the International Space Station and even some airplane flights are now being targeted by the Mothership & her legion of IFOs” – ANTIOCH HADES

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7 Responses to EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: MOTHERSHIP STRIKES AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447; "Alien" Smackdown: US F 22 (Invisible Plane) "Shot Down" by Mothership IFO

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  2. You are all so full of Shit! ha! 🙂

  3. kj says:

    The term “bat shit crazy” never seemed so appropriate.

  4. I agree! Slaughter gives Bat Shit Crazy a promotion to “Lost, Insane, Psyco, Trouble Makin’, English Teacher ” He acctually believes that he can burn me with a 3d eye just by looking at me. I told him to try me! hah! 😉

  5. tj says:

    you know that crash in montana that killed 14 people, I wAS there, and i saw it. it was in my city, it happened right infront of me. Your a ignorant son of a bitch aren’t you? you have no respect for any of the people that have died due to any of these events. maybe one day you’ll pull up onto the scene of a plane crash and smell the burning human flesh and realize its not something to make a joke of on the internet. little children strewn everywhere and ski’s and poles stuck in the trees and lawn of a cemetery that you have family buried in is an unpleasant sight to see trust me. ask any of the people who witnessed the ordeal.

    so maybe think things over and go to a therapist…. you sound like you need one. “mothership” & “whisperers” wow your really pathetic. pull your head out of that cavernous thing called your ass and take a look at the real world!

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Hi TJ,
      We stand by the legitimacy of this report. It clearly wasn’t easy for you. But nothing, these days is suppose to be easy for the white race. Divinity, Mother Nature, The Sun of God and all the people of color on the earth are against you. You are lost in Classic American Racial Psychosis and the white man’s concept of conscienceness.

      There is another existence taking place around you. It is divine.


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