"Accursed" Actress Natasha Richardson VS "Evil Whispers;" Nation of Yakub Praise "Accident" of Narcissistic "Devil"

Natasha Richardson VS "Evil Whispers"

“After you think it, underneath
your breath, whisper it aloud.”

“One might think, for example, for his boss to fall down a plight of stairs; or, for example, one of their hands to slip off their steering wheels and their car spin out of control,” he offered. “After you think it, underneath your breath, whisper it aloud.”


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6 Responses to "Accursed" Actress Natasha Richardson VS "Evil Whispers;" Nation of Yakub Praise "Accident" of Narcissistic "Devil"

  1. “One might think, for example, for his boss to fall down a plight of stairs”>>

    “plight of stairs”?


    That said- I suppose I could use ‘White Plight’ in a future blog article. Your illiteracy is an inspiration.
    Meanwhile, why don’t you check out
    that is, if you aren’t already familiar , or one of The Tribe.

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hey you, how you been? The verb in the previous sentence was left out intentionally. It’s a way of speaking to people, in my ‘illiterate’ community, to people you’re kind of familiar with.

    Notwithstanding, I did a Google and see there are some others as illiterate as me. While that’s nothing to be proud about. I wasn’t really too concerned about the plight and flight.

    I will keep it in mind in future “EVIL WHISPERS,” though.

    I’ll check the link out and your site (to see what’s going on) and hit you back.

    Good to hear from you,

  3. Hey if you’re a nationalist, great. We want the same things. You can try for sarcasm all you wish, but none of this is cute, ‘Slaughter’.
    Doesn’t constantly killing, raping and robbing Whitey get old? I mean- there’s all kinds of free grants available- tellin’ ya, that social construct of ‘privilege’- what really meant merit-based, standards and excellence, parents that taught their kids to do well in school, stay away from dope- you know- NORMALCY- before it got turned into that made-up word ‘privilege’. Lots of people believe you can have that too. There’s poor Whites out there, believe that- and they’re not constantly shooting people down every five minutes.
    Sure there’s screwed up White people, but that’s the exception, that’s deviance- not the NORM.
    Sick of hearing that guns, violence, dope,crime etc. are a ‘Culture’, or everyone who has experienced poverty or crime simply has no hope or has to give up and become a gang member, dope fiend, shoot up a bunch of cops and so on.
    Candlelight vigils are bad enough when they are for real victims- but for cop-killers as a form of ‘resistance’ and ‘revolution’? That’s just insane.
    Meanwhile if you must persist in ..let us say..’acting out’, can you do something about the border situation? They are after all taking your jobs too- from chicken plants to the drug trade.

  4. Morgan G. says:

    Wow. Wishing for people you’ve never met to die. If your ‘Allah’ approves of this evil behavior maybe it’s not God that you are praying to after all…. The devil is a master of tricks. I’m pretty sure he’s tricked all of you.

  5. ZMRH says:

    SMH… Just like Cain, to start crying about injustice, perverted sense of morals and crying foul when the “Chickens come home to roost”.

    Nothing new under the son.

  6. ZMRH says:

    Ohh… excuse me “becky”….

    I used my dictionary this time, the correct spelling is… Sun.

    ROFL — hope that was “cute” enough for ya.

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