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The Genetic Mutation of White Skin, Yakub's Genetic Graft & the Theory of Skin Color by Environment

Below, minus the theory that they were created by their invisible god, are the three theories on the emergence of white skin. (NOTE: I DO NOT EXPAND ON THE LAST THEORY, THE THEORY OF ENVIRONMENTAL ADAPTATION. WHILE IT IS THE … Continue reading

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The Bishop Melvin Wheatley Melanoma Execution; "For I am no respecter of persons, but of skin color I respect. As I do, ye do," sayeth The Sun of God.

“Now ye, my blackened angels, go forth and judge according to the color of skin. For as I do, ye shall do also,” sayeth The Sun of God. And all the people of color did begin look upon that white … Continue reading

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Ultraviolet Light & White People's Skin

Everything in the history of the white race demonstrates they are not capable of living peaceably with the other race on the planet. Everywhere they went on the earth, the people welcomed them. The Indians, African and even the people … Continue reading

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