Wendy Byrne Robbery & Slaying a Legitimate Reparations Protest? NOLA Black Foot Soldiers Call for Reggie Douglas & Drey Lewis’ Release


“Our youth have rights, are fighters and battle against the justice you have historically denied us,” NOLA’S leading Black Foot Soldier, Katrina Ahmadinejad, said from the French Quarter, Saturday. “Justice denied has consequences hypocrisy ignores as its cause. But we assure our youth they shall wear crowns for standing up against wickedness. Our youngest brothers know the white man’s penitentiary is a badge of honor when we stand up for the rights of our ancestors and our families.”

Ahmadinejad, who spoke at a local Mosque before an audience where over one hundred assembled called on mayor Nagin to hold white people accountable for their crimes and “stop being a house nigger.

“Who is going to hold these bitches accountable for what they owe?” He challenged. “They know not justice; and, it is an insult to our ancestors to let them go unchallenged. Every generation of blacks have fought these despicable creatures. Let not the history books record our generation as the first one that doesn’t.”

Ahmadinejad’s message brought chants and cheers from his audience and, at times, seemed more akin to a revival, than an organizational meeting.

“The day of The Great Earthquake, oh Devil, is not the day to ask for mercy and commit to righteousness. While indeed that day has already passed us anyway, I bid you devils to do righteousness today and pray the heel leaves the tip of thy head uncrushed.”

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