Chimpout VS Niggermania: Whites Struggle for Identity Amid Declining Population, Power & New Melanoma

Whites act really funny when they find out they are inferior in mental & skin capacities to blacks.


Of us, they expect what they see on BET, Boyz N Da Hood. Behavior they categorize as TNB (acronym for Typical Nigger Behavior).

“They are aghast upon finding those images abandoned and they, themselves, have been left behind.” Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia
(originally published: fromtrolldrivel)

Same topic, different racists: you be the critic. We’ve looked carefully at the grammar, arguments and reasoning behind these two sets of white racists and, after review, find: racists are more literate and reason better than the racists at Hey, visit the sites, read the comments and let us know if you reach a different conclusion.

Based on their skin color, whites exalted themselves above everyo1y7a-hv-5-s22n-wht-ppls-skn-ltl-ane else on the planet and called everyone else: ugly, evil and inferior.

Now, that giving everyone else life burns whites’ skin. That giving everyone else life is God.

The sun is God. The sun hates white people. God Hates White people.

God has fixed His holy light to discriminate between black and whites so that it burns the whites.

Ultraviolet light is the fire of the 2nd Rapture of The Sun of God”  – the original Yakub 7 Ali (before his ascension).

Malachi 4:1 “For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace;

By the Sun of Righteousness we understand Jesus Christ. Bible Gateway: Malachi

Sickle Cell VS Melanoma


duke_black.jpg It looks like two of white nationalism’s leading men are hiding serious skin conditions their racist hate has brought upon them. The tell tale signs are the dermatitis-like flarings, visible on their cheeks and other places on their faces and heads.
“It appears the racist hate they embraced is eating them from within,” says Dr. Gene Muhammad, Black Hebrew Pagan dermotology researcher.

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237 Responses to Chimpout VS Niggermania: Whites Struggle for Identity Amid Declining Population, Power & New Melanoma

  1. crazyapes says:

    Chimpout isn’t a white supremacist site. You would know this if you read more than one post

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Chimpout isn’t a white supremacist site because none of the contributors have any power. Using the word “nigger” doesn’t make one a supremacist – only a mere bigot.


  2. Intolerant says:

    Now how are a pack of illiterate filthy ass niggers able to determine the difference between good nigger hating and bad nigger hating? Obviously the labor required to comprehend entire web sites is far too much work to be expected from a race of subhuman garbage who can barely drag themselves out of bed in the afternoon but for the fact the check be coming and they needs to be cashin it fo mo cigarettes and rock. Please niggers…stop trying to mimic whites unless you can master it on all levels! And teaching wild animals how to behave in a civilized manner is proven impossible every day. Pet monkeys are a bad idea…and we will never teach a tiger how to drive. So how can niggers be expected to conduct themselves in a civilized society? Slavery was the best thing that ever happened to you.

  3. LaTrine says:

    You are a bunch of filthy niggers. You say that we mock your stereotypes, yet in this site you live up to the TNB that we expect from you. (You might need some human help with the long words, niggers). Now go back to the jungle and stay there, niggers.

    • human says:

      the poor jungle.When this beasts run int the jungle,the poor animals get raped.The food for the animals get stolen.The poor animals will getting Aids.The jungle would stink so that no human beeing can make holidays there

  4. Lastriteofpassage says:

    LOL The “superior” demi-gods have made a few words already!

    Melanoma and social stigma will take care of these “superior” white people!
    No one wants to be around these nasty hate mongers anymore, with their silly, played out, name calling and they will soon be extinct.

    All they can do is sit around and call people names like 5 year olds in a school yard, because they have no real power!
    Their delusional beliefs cannot support
    their environment anymore!!
    May they rot in hell.

    • ApeFace2012 says:

      A big white mutant dick which will turn your babies into better looking, caramel versions of yourself 😛

      • Jim Wi says:

        White People say a lot of racist things on the internet, but have you ever heard one say anything in real life? I’m Asian actually. I think white people are sub-human.

        I guess thats why you see so many White Women fucking Black men.

  5. ghettoblackmalefelons says:

    No one wants to be around these nasty hate mongers anymore, with their silly, played out, name calling and they will soon be extinct.

    All they can do is sit around and call people names like 5 year olds in a school yard, because they have no real power!
    Their delusional beliefs cannot support
    their environment anymore!!
    May they rot in hell.

    Statement of the year… & it’s only March…. .


  6. Anonymous says:

    Iranian Nightmere

    MARGH BAR SWOOSK! Oh you low creatures of fetid decay, your scientific illiteracy is exceeded only by the foul stench of your filthy bodies!

    If you had even the most basic knowledge of science you would realize that your skin color was not created by the sun AND YOU ARE NOT SUN PEOPLE WE ARYANS ARE!

    Rather it is an attempt to shield you from the decay of the fetid stinking jungle you emerged from, as the sun is normally shielded by clouds in these hot humid lands


    Depart our sacred lands in haste and take the your filthy Zionist masters with you. Slaves? The Jews and Jew tools that bought you from your ancestors who freely sold their own women and children to Jews for a bolt of cloth are long dead, there is no barrier to your return to your homes in the jungle

    Our people are waking up from their deadly slumber, and when they do, you dont want to be anywhere near us ! WHITE POWER! WHITE UNITY!

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Awake oh Aryan! Awake! Ye the PEOPLE OF SUN whose very flesh is consumed. Make ye haste again to thine great Caucasus mountains from whence ye descended.



  7. Iranian Nightmere says:

    WE will be extinct? AIDS is eating you alive, its happening because you are a gaggle of Jew tools who instead of honoring and empowering your own women and families with racemixing are trying to destroy our own….YOU ADMIT IT IN THESE VERY PAGES

    Even if we temporary lose Northern Europe and North America, Southern Europe, the Russian bear, The Iranian Lion and The Amazigh Eagle will reclaim and cleanse our lost lands.

    If this is ever necessary, will we than tolerate your presence anywhere any longer?

    Besides even if your masters used racemixing , fag promotion and tyranny to wip[e all of us out, do you really think the Chinese would wait for you to do that to them? They are not that brainwashed (I mean the ones in China, not the Chiggers in the West)

    Just remember that pride comes before the fall

  8. Andrew says:

    to Africa, there’s scientific proof that niggers are dumber than whites, also there is a positive relationship between niggers and crime rates. niggers also can’t build civilisations; just look at Africa, its a shithole full of monkeys and nigger failure. Speaking of nigger failure, go over to chimpbabwe and look at their inflation rate, estimated at 231 million %. The top 10 poorest countries in the world are all from Africa, and just look at what niggers have done to Detroit. Once good, now packed with niggers, cWow was I surprised to see this, I didn’t think niggers were smart enough to use a computer. niggers like you can go back rime, rape, aids, the usual stuff that comes as a result of niggerfuxation

    • Andrew if that was the case then i shouldn’t be able to able to implement IT solutions to different medium-sized businesses in Jamaica. this Article is racist towards whites and should be removed as other content on the internet promoting hatred. both the Black Panthers and the KKK should be destroyed. Hatred is a useless emotion. and in this day and age i think it is high time we get out of the ignorance and the hatred that binds us to do and think low-down things like these. i do not hate white people, i don’t hate all blacks i don’t hate hispanics,asians,muslims,jews etc.) to tell you the truth i don’t care of your color. i don’t hate anybody solely on the basis of their ethnicity,sexual preferences, or religion. i hate a person based on their behavior and thinking. i hate any blacks who are racist/bigot against whites/other races and i hate whites who are racist/bigot against blacks/other races. racism is not something you can get rid of so easily for it is a part of human nature but just because it is natural does that mean it should be let loose. don’t you want a better world?

      • Anonymous says:

        If more black people felt and thought the way you do the world would be a much better place, that’s for sure. Very refreshing to read your comments.

        I’m white and from the South and all I’ve ever known is race hatred, from blacks towards whites, and it does make you feel a certain kind of way.

        Thanks for being you.

  9. Asmiov says:

    The Iranian Nightmare you are halirous, seriously dude, you need to check yourself. Iranians are not Whites and have more of kinship toward people of Indian and Iraqis more so than to Europeans genetics have proved this.Most Iranians look different from Europeans. Also Aryan does not mean White, their is no such thing as any Aryan race. The Amazigh are not White in fact and many of them are mixed with Negroes, do you seriously belive what you are saying. North Africa which is the Amazigh homeland is now totaly mixed with Arabian bloodline, the two have infused so their is no Amazigh eagle. Most Iranians are not even into racialsim except those who are brainwashed by the system and are loyal to the despostic Shah(king) and have a colonial mentality, which is a form of inferority complex nothing more nothing less. Anways calling death to cockroaches here which you mean Blacks, I can only feel sorry for you because hatered that you have will be your down fall. In fact hatered is what burns and destroy us. Racism and Hatered are nothing but evils that this world has continued to see since the imperal and colonial age set by Europe. May God forgive you and Bless you, and brings you to the light seeing that Humans are all once and equal, and rather we should celeberate the differences rather than use them for ills and evils. People have suffered enough pain and hatered. In the end we will all die what does a race, tribe, ethincity helps with, nothing at all.

    Rember Iranian Nightmare the words of Zoraster
    Good words
    Good thoughts
    Good deeds

    Try to help humanity rather than try to destroy it.

  10. Asmiov says:

    Racism any form is disguisting but iam not amazed as to why Blacks hate Whites, its afterall the centruy of opperssion and humilations by the Whites, that made this react like this. May God all bring to the light and see one another as brothers and sisters in humanity.

  11. WhatkindofWorldisThis says:

    That site and all others like it, no matter which group they choose to focus on, should be shut down immediately. This style of “I can say and do anything I want on the internet” journalism is not an example of free speech people! It is hatred personified, and the level of direct racial hatred should be enough to get it shut down. People-we are leaving in the 21st century, give up your barbarian ways!!

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      We are not about hate. We are about justice and righteousness. Is it your contention that the white race should not be punished for their historical atrocities and reprehensible contemporary behavior?

      We are not you, have not done what you have done and don’t want to be part of the sickness you call sanity that you stand for.

      Your call to give up your barbarianism is laughable when you can’t see past your hypocrisy.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • GeP says:

        you’re psycho babble is laughable at best.. an you’re quite transparent with you’re feeble attempt to spew white guilt around the internet. What you fail to mention in you’re rediculous statement is the what true evil bl@c’s committed throughout history.. even as you read this.. it’s happening, not only to Humans but to niggers as well. niggers are the true catalyst of destruction and death in the world. you silly sub primate, simian wannabe.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          Revise history? Napoleon? Egypt?
          Why would we want to be mankind.

          • GeP says:

            Oh, I agree with you, you’re not or ever will be part of mankind. but why do want to continue imitating Humans? Instead of going back thousands or hundreds of years.. why not just since, perhaps you were born? what about idi amin, mandela, all the apefreakan warlords that have murdered millions, martin luther king jr., detroit red x, the bl@c panthers, the cowards in Vetnam, cashish clay,al sharpscoon, jesse jackscoon, jacko da wacko, oj chimpson, “Goddamned America” shitbird wright, all the bl@c rap crapers, and sports figures that murder, rape, and enjoy destroying society,all the filthy groids that sell crack and murder and rape the’re own kind, and attack Humans that are just trying to be productive in the’re own lives?, the prisons are over flowing with there filthy disgusting asses… an the list continues and it’s long and exstensive. an you say it’s not self inflected? niggers are compeletely promiscuous self desructive parasitic sub primates that are protected by the main stream liberal media enablers, but unfortunately for niggers, they’ll probably wipe themselves out by the’re own hand with famine, disease, and murder before 2020, reguardless what you’re magic kenyan says, and of course promise’s you.. btw, bl@c’s we’re never Egyptians, nor the lost tribe of Israel, or the Mayans, or the true People of America, and you jig’s haven’t invented a damn thing, it’s all twisted lies.

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              You ignorant barbarian!

              The very word Human comes from two words: Hue = Colored + Man = Person = Colored Person = Human.

              “Mankind” on the other hand is the “man” that was made that was “kind” of like man. Does being lost in the historical revisionism of you weak skinned and morally bankrupt forefathers have you believing you gene is in anyway dominant?

              Here’s the joke of the day: you need Vitamin D for for the normal development of healthy teeth and bones and maintain adequate blood levels of the minerals calcium and phosphorus. The main source of Vitamin D is, well, sunlight. We all know your tolerance to sunlight. Claiming superiority in an nation you fake Jew whiners admittedly don’t rule, you’re a walking defect. “Nigger?” Is that all you great whites (who wannabe racists but can only be bigots) got left? Where’s you plantation? Where’s your authority? What happened to the supremacy of your skin e.g. white skin’s better?


              BTW, Did you know the OXYBENZONE in your SPF is made from piss? See Antioch Hades’, “You Stink! From Wet Dog to Piss.” Be sure you put on your sunblock before you begin your great Aryan uprising.

              • GeP says:

                you know toby, you think you’re quite the wordsmith don’t you shitwit.. did you even read what I wrote or did you just wait for you’re turn to speak? what’s the matter truth hurt? I use the word nigger to describe what you really are .. filth. an I think as billions others do, that’s it’s an acturate descripition. speaking of piss.. at least I wouldn’t eat something that I wouldn’t even feed to my dog.. you know, niggerslave/shit food or is that what you call soul food. I mean who in the’re right mind would want to spend hours boiling urine and feces out of pig intestines for the soul purpose of consuming them as if they were consuming a five course meal?mix that with some mac-n -chesse an youz gotts sum good eats be’fo youz gotts to go out an smoke sum mo’crack an do’z a’nuther drive-by wit yo’homies ain’t dat right convict? The reason You try hack on white skin.. feebly if I might add, is because subconsciously you wish you didn’t have to walk around looking an smelling like a warm a bucket of dogshit, reguardless how much cheap cologne an cocabutter you try on a daily basis to drown yourself in. so what do want to talk about next toby .. muh dic? how’s de wyite wimmin’s bezze lubbin’s you an ebb’rie thangs? speak toby…

              • ApeFace2012 says:

                Holy shit! I had no idea monkeys could read! You’re amazing.

                So original too, copy-pasting Cult links to “prove” your “point”. Lol, what’s an educated ape like you doing on a site like this anyways? Just sitting in Starbucks(Howard Schultz) in a your stroller(William Kent), complaining about white people while listening to your Ipod (Steve Jobs), reading your computer screen (Bill Gates) wearing your nice jacket (Eddie Bauer), writing(Roman Alphabet) a paper for whatever Joke-major sociology course (probably African “History”) you’re enrolled in?

      • cgray says:

        This whole “don’t talk to white people day” thing–could you shit-skinned savages please make this an everyday event?

  12. John Smith says:

    Classic nigger technique: fighting perceived racism with racism and complaining about the other side’s alleged use of racism.

    Keep in mind that the vast majority of whites are not actually racist. Oh, and before you ask, no, I am not white.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Outside of the weakness of the skin “white” is a state of mind. According to racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, while most whites aspire to be racists, they can’t because they don’t actually have any real power. Thus, they are reduced to being mere ineffectual bigots who can do nothing more than use epithets like nigger in empty attempts to assert racism.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  13. Andrew says:

    Look at this magic nigger go, he can actually form sentences, he must be in the top 0.5% of niggers.

  14. ShatteredDreams says:

    ” John,
    Outside of the weakness of the skin “white” is a state of mind. According to racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, while most whites aspire to be racists, they can’t because they don’t actually have any real power. ”

    Underprivileged may be a magic nigger because it can type, but it still makes absolutely no sense, even though it’s trying to sound ejimicated and all. And we don’t need handouts and affirmative action to have power, we have intelligence and decent work ethic. Not only are we powerful but we SUPPORT your lazy nigger asses. Without whitey’s handouts, you’d be dying of starvation in Africa. Now keep your rape crimes (and aids) to victims of your own species, please, you filthy animal.

  15. ShatteredDreams says:

    It seems the only thing you can say to prove you monkeys are so superior is that some white people sunburn and niggers don’t.

    You also suggested that you are superior mentally but have yet to show any proof of this one 🙂
    (Surprise, the average nigger IQ is under 80, borderline retarded)

    Wow, typical nigger argument, well with such clever reasoning how can I refute that niggers are gods?

  16. Love for all except the black says:

    Over half of all blacks have an IQ below 70. All parents if given the chance would prefer to have a baby with a high IQ.

  17. st anger says:

    Now you will receive us.
    We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry. We do not want your tired and sick.
    It is your corrupt we claim.
    It is your evil that will be sought by us.
    With every breath we shall hunt them down.
    Each day, we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies.
    Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal, these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
    These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.
    There are varying degrees of evil, we urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over, into true corruption, into our domain.
    For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see us.

    And on that day, you will reap it.
    And we will send you to whatever god you wish.

  18. QuestionMark says:


    Whats with the hating? I highly disprove of it. Being neither White or Black, I find an argument like this to be completely childish.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      You’ll have to ask the psychotic whites at the two cites about why their historic and contemporty hatred.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • QuestionMark says:

        Yes I totally understand what you’re getting at. I just took a look at the site and the content there is cruel and untasteful. You have to remember though, that this is just a small minority on the internet [if I could, then I would underline “internet”] that thinks like this. The younger generations of today are far more open-minded.

        Regardless though, don’t you think that hating back will only provoke more hate? It would be best (in my opinion at least) that we just let sites like these to sit and waste away on their own. Putting links to their websites only gives more publicity to them.

  19. Byron says:

    You’d have difficulty finding a genius among trillions of niggers. They’ve reached their potential.

    I see, you gave them the nigger curve to come up with 0.5%.

  20. walt235 says:

    At the rate China is going to Africa and taking it over, I doubt there will be any niggers in Africa in 50 years. The Chinese are way overcrowded in China and want African land and resources. They will not hesitate to exterminate any niggers that get in their way.

    The Chinese will use niggers as cheap, slave labor then destroy them. The Chinese are welcome to do so, too. Niggers are the shit of the human species!

  21. Chuck Spears says:

    Oook and keek all you want niggers. Go ahead and make all you ridiculous claims. Tomorrow morning, White people will still have better jobs and higher standards of living than you. All your jealous screeching will not change that.

    Carry on, Sambo.

  22. cl says:

    XD funny its amazingly funny

  23. Niggie Bo says:

    Hey Retards, want to see a real funny looking Musical Nigger?

    Check dis heh out! Lawdy Lawd Lawd! Mmm Mmm Mmm!

    Hea Hea Hea!

    • Vincent Felon says:

      Ain’t nuthing surprising about a brother with talent. In the Caucasus mountains, you savages attacked wild animals in packs because you hadn’t developed any tools and such. It no wonder the tragedy that befell music when we put instruments in your hands.

      Play it Mike.

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        Your caveman theory has been smashed time and time again, nigger.
        We were building civilizations while you were raping babies and killing your own children for devil worship.
        You still do that to this day.

        I hope you die, I hope your whole nigger family dies, I hope you get to watch your family die before you die.

        • GeP says:

          Ya’know I just realized something rereading the title of this thread… this nigger publisher{actually the filthy nigger is no more than a third rate plagiarizing hack..} slaughter, is jealous of Humans,and it’s knows it’s not welcome at the websites it’s trying to bash. LoL how pathetic is that.. Hahahahaha… poor little goat raping downlow smegma sucking jiggaboo.

      • Azrael says:

        Black guitarist (who’s burning those frets off BTW), white bassist holding down the rhythm. If it (cooperation and harmony toward something beautiful) can happen in music it needs to happen everywhere else. All that hate does in feed the Devil (the real Devil=Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, etc) that relishes in hatred and laughs every time ANY person of one race dehumanizes another. We gotta stop the hate

  24. GeP says:

    slaughter, you are without a doubt, one simple mindedsonofahbitch. you’re support and praise to you’re worthless magic kenyan is a practice futility. That filthy nigger osambo is leading you’re so called ‘race’ around by the nose worse than jim jones or the fairycon or any other fake nigger reverened ever could. slickbarry is throwing you and all who support him table scrapes while he an his sheboon back alley crackwhore are living large and laughing all the way to the bank. ” yes we can” “change we can believe in” are compelete fabrications, exaggerations ,an down right fucking lies on obambi’s part to keep his loyal lemmings in check, and compeletely sub servant. You filthy murdering porchmonkey’s will never progress because you’re to busy segregating yourselves by you’re own actions and living some nigger fantasy of becoming equal to true Humans, to ever become truly productive in today’s world society. That’s why every city niggers habitat are slums and muderous sewers, you poor dumb sub primate bastard.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      You got SlickBarry and us all wrong. Everybody’s in this for 1 thing: the destruction of evil, those things abandoned and despised by The Sun of God. What do you really think Michelle’s fashion statements of sleeveless shirts is about. You don’t remember what Obama said about John Boehner’s “unnatural” skin color.

      Continue to see this through the eyes of the failed ideologies, philosophies, sciences and values of your reprobate race. Who does it bother? As surely as the sun rises, we spot your kind each day.

      “Ultraviolet Light is the greatest and most abundant weapon against evil in the world today.” – Antioch Hades

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • RacistsAreScum says:

        Slaughter, don’t listen to Gep, he’s a delusional vile scumbag. You are clearly making a very valid point. Keep it up. Don’t let the bigots get to you.

        • GeP says:

          ya’know, you really should take time an explore this filthy bullshit, that barely even quaifies as a website. before, you make those idiotic asinine statements. Or are you still angry that applewhite left without you?… silly little nigger enabling lemming, intelligence is for Humans.

  25. GeP says:

    well, in rebuttal I feel I have you’re so called race and osambo pegged quite well thank you. bl@c’s are a vile murderous and inept sub species of primate, that have no true creativity of the’re own without the assistance of Humans. And actually it’s not the colour of skin even though it’s most easist to poke fun of, It’s the jig mentality. you’re evil incarnate. An you’re race’s continuous, relentless begging, and fabrication of inventive ideal stolen from Humans is what’s become most tiresome. You’ve yet invent anything to include but not limited to this website which is an amateurish anomaly at best.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Such denial and longing to hold on to the lies and have the authority your fathers held.

      Blacks are a vile murderous and inept sub species of primate

      … who the Light of the Sun of God love more than you humans?


  26. GeP says:

    LoL… hey Shattered Dreams, what’yah call a apefro American wannabe Muslim baylac radical nigger terrorist that gets shot dead by Human Police on CNN? … obsolete farm equipment.

  27. WHITE PRIDE says:

    How long is it going to take for all you filthy coons to finish killing each other? If we could just sterilize or neuter every coon it shouldnt take long for this to become a better nation!

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      White Pride!
      When did you fall so low that you have to preface “white” with “pride?” Do you remember the Good Old Days, when “white” didn’t need to be prefaced for legitimacy. No you don’t. By the time you came around, your race was already well into its decline. You are reduced to words like “filthy coon,” for example. Watching your fall from power and your superior flesh being consumed by the very rising and setting of the sun is the gift of God to the righteous.

      I will make thy enemies thy footstool.”


      • GeP says:

        hey nigger why don’t you go an read some of the atrocities and filthy nigger crimes that’s happening on a daily basis instead of sitting here trying to bash these sites. At least the’re factual reality and not some made up bullshit nigger fantasy with laser beams shooting out of you’re stupid fucking foreheads.. you stupidmotherfuckingbootlippedGoddamnednigger.

        • GeP says:

          matter of fact I remember the good ole days toby, when uppity niggers like you would be hanging from the the nearest streetlamp in front of city hall castrated, completely engulfed in flames, burning merrily to hell.

      • idiota says:

        youre the dumbest nigger yet
        you would have your niggers believe that when whites notice and comment about filthy nigger behavior,this makes us worse than them.

  28. GeP says:

    you mock White Pride for the simple fact that you don’t have the first clue what it’s like to be White or Human for that matter. An it’s slowing eating at you’re fucked up delusional brain like cancerous sisyphus. An you’re nigger sub primate so called race, has been in decline since before the dawn of time. Btw, you’re not a gift of God’s righteousness.. you’re Lucifer’s little monkeynigger on a stick and he pulls the strings. face it slaughter, you’re damned to hell and compeletely mentally divergent.

  29. GeP says:

    I think all filthy Goddamned niggers and wiggers on this website should be publicly castrated, eviscerated, decapitated, crucified and burned.

  30. Chuck David Hoit says:

    Well sites like NIGGERMAINA, and CHIMPOUT are for a fact rather good sites. I find the race based humor, and attention to unreported news topics to be of great value. The people that post at both of these sites are for the most part great folks. Sure there might be one, or two people on these forums that are “STICK IN THE MUD ” type. But, in general it is a great bunch of people.I think the names that these posters use on these forums are clever. Names like “The Jenkim Kid”, and “Stupid Boon” are funny. If you are black you might find some of it a bit intense, but it is all in good fun.Both sites have been supportive of President Obama, and they have been very kind, and flattering to first lady Michele Obama. Being 25% black myself I can look at both sites objectionally. I hate to read about the awful crimes commited by blacks. I think these sites let off a little steam by those that are forced to deal with day to day life with African Americans that are criminal and limited in smarts. As a “bi racial” person, I am hoping that someday black people get their act together and quit acting like “(insert the N word)”. But who knows. There are also some great sites that have jokes about black people! Goggle search “Jokes about blacks”. Youtube also has funny short film titled “The Black Space Program”. I laughed till my side hurt.

  31. GeP says:

    ” I will say, then, I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races — that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this there is a physical difference between the white and black races from living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” – Abraham Lincoln June 26, 1857

    • GeP says:

      hey slugotoby.. this look familiar? HAHAHAHAhahhahaaa…. if you wann’a big a big dog, you gott’a get off the porch, you silly monkey. no go an get yer fucking shinebox! nigger.

  32. RacistsAreScum says:

    Gep, you are a filthy, ignorant, racist piece of shit. Your argument against hating black people is pathetic. Just because Black people have a different skin colour to you doesn’t mean they are any different as people, can you not get that point through your thick, inbred skull? So stop using the N word in every sentence, it just makes you look like a delusional, conceited fool and get yourself an education you f**king retard. Besides, African Americans are treated like scum by redneck freaks like you, a great deal of them are forced to live in ghettos due to red lining(do you know what that means?) and as a result tend to lack a decent education. It’s disgusting and it’s all because of idiots like you, so please do the intelligent people of this earth a favour and kill yourself. Twat.

    By the way, I am a young white Scottish guy so don’t bother trying to argue with me, fool.

    • Chuck David Hoit says:

      To the young Scottish guy. You must understand that ( “N” word) people are VERY DIFFERENT!!! They think different, they act different. I hate to say it but the whole lot of NON-WHITE AFRO NIG TYPE are criminal, and STUPID. They bring down every society they reside in. There is a NEW POLITICAL party in England called the “BNP”. It is a great party! In time the British Islands will be WHITE AGAIN. NIGZ MUST be retired to the dust ben of history.

      • RacistsAreScum says:

        Sorry but the BNP is not a new political party, it was formed in 1980 and it is very much hated by any self respecting intelligent person.

        Besides, racism is wrong. White people commit crime too, haven’t you noticed?

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Wah wah, tell me all about your white guilt, you disgusting nigger lover.
      Everything you said is utter shit. Niggers are not niggers because they haven’t been afforded any opportunity. If you knew anything about history, or knew anything about anything, you’d know they are given advantages we white people do not have and still fail.
      You fucking nigger loving fool, we don’t hate them because of their shit skin, we hate them for their behavior.

      In conclusion, I hope you choke on a nigger cock and die.

      If these people are just like us, then why have they never invented a thing, contribute to more crime than anyone in society, have proven less intelligence than any other race.

      • GeP says:

        yeah you’re right Shattered, I kind’a went off the deep end just now, trying to commuicate and trying to be logical with these dumb ass niggers and wiggers … fuck’em … the’re all totally worthless.

      • RacistsAreScum says:

        Shut up you ignorant redneck. Go and play your banjo out on your front porch with mary-jo and the rest of your inbred family. I am student at the University of Edinburgh, you don’t know what your talking about.

        • RacistsAreScum says:

          The post above is aimed at ShatteredDreams (nice user name by the way). And as for you Gep, you need to grow up and stop blaming all your own insecurities on Black people.

          • ShatteredDreams says:

            I’m a professional, you pathetic liberal asswipe.
            Every single liberal to ever ‘internet insult’ me has called me a trailer park redneck. Wow, that hurts.
            You fucking live in a fantasy world, nigger lover. You think only red necks hate niggers. You think only whites hate niggers.
            Anybody with half a brain hates niggers and you to for supporting them and their crimes.

            Human blood is on your hands, nigger lover, and trust me, you will rot in hell for your contribution.

    • idiota says:


  33. GeP says:

    Scotty, you sort of missed the point entirely.. an I don’t want to pick on you, because your Human.. I hate niggers not Humans.. but being a young White/Human guy, an no disrespect intended you, but maybe you’re still a litte impressionable, an the conversations maybe a little to advanced for you yet..not to say you’re not smart, but have you read any of the articles on this filthy assed site lately? Prehaps listen to Chuck, or a few others here, eh? The niggers here are total parasitic scum.

    • GeP says:

      I’ve been thinking about this post and have come to the conclusion.. fuck you wigger, you’re old enough to know better, go make your own decisions.. why you don’t go and read the sites that this thread is trying to bash. An you’ll without a doubt find out how vile and murderous niggers are instead of kissing there ass. btw, you should sharpen your writing skills you sound an act like a nigger …

      • RacistsAreScum says:

        Excuse me, but white people commit crime too. Haven’t you noticed that?

        By the way, stop rambling about bullshit, you sound like a bellend. Besides, I’m 19 years old you’re like probably 40 and still live with your parents. Get a life and stop bitching on this website.

        • RacistsAreScum says:

          Also, I’m curious. What nationality are you? I’m guessing you live in a trailer park in Mobile, Alabama or some other vile shithole.
          I could be wrong though.

          • Anonymous says:

            ah you got me there scotty,… I never heard that kind of banter before, too answer.. no, no, and if you mean redneck as in someone who’s not afraid to work hard and actually contributes, never been in prison, doesn’t have an arrest record of any kind, honors the’re family and friends, willingly protects and defends people who are unable to protect themselves .. yes. Other than that, I won’t post anymore of my resume, I hope that’s not too much of an inconvenience for you. The’re’s many, up standing, admiral Humans that come from and live in those so called shitholes you’ve tried to describe.. an the primary reason those picticular communities are not up you’re perfect standards is.. com’on, wait for it.. well, I don’t know if I should say the n-word, you may go into convulsions. An I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but you seem to the kind’of anal retentive person that wouldn’t leave a gratuity in a restaurant to whom ever, because “the’re just doin’ there job and that’s good’enuff for’em.” you’re not really impressing me, not that you have to or anything, ’cause I could really give a fuck less, knowing what kind of a filthy web site this is… But I think, an it’s just a theory mind you, that you may be a jig, just portraying to being Human.

            • GeP says:

              at the risk of sounding redundant, and so there’s no misinterpretation.. I posted that.

              • YoungScottishGuy says:

                That’s cool man, oh and I also have kinda mid length hair and luscious blue eyes. Does that make me “Aryan” enough for you? But at the end of the day, you are still a bigot.

                • GeP says:

                  you’re not hitting on me are you? ok .. going.. to vomit.. {spitting} .. ok.. or, are you a cyber cop hunting for pedophiles? I truly commend you’re work, but I’m not one of whom you seek. dicks are for chicks, of proper consensual age of course.. {not available in all areas, some restrictions apply, proper ID may be required, Humans only, limited supply in some areas, for futher information please contact store for details..}

          • ShatteredDreams says:

            Niggers, 13% of America, 40% of the crime.
            You can do math, can’t you, nigger lover?

            In case you didn’t read this, here it is again:

            I’m a professional upper class citizen, you pathetic liberal asswipe.
            Every single liberal to ever ‘internet insult’ me has called me a trailer park redneck. Wow, that hurts.
            You fucking live in a fantasy world, nigger lover. You think only red necks hate niggers. You think only whites hate niggers.
            Anybody with half a brain hates niggers and you to for supporting them and their crimes.

            Human blood is on your hands, nigger lover, and trust me, you will rot in hell for your contribution.

            • RacistsAreScum says:

              So I was wondering, what do you do when you see a black person on tv or hear a black artist like Prince(absolute legend by the way) on the radio, do you go into a hissy fit and shout “fucking n*ggers” or something along those lines. I am just really curious.

              • YoungScottishGuy says:

                So, let me get this straight, you’re a “professional” upper class citizen. What kind of professional are you, a professional arse wiper? Ha ha, sorry I couldn’t resist that. But yeah, what about Prince? He’s a highly intelligent, talented black man, are you trying to say he is sub-human? Because if you did, you would be quite ignorant wouldn’t you?

                • GeP says:

                  yes, whatever.. an if you wouldn’t mind to terribly, hold that thought, won’t you? the Humans happen to be speaking at the moment… you were saying, Shattered?.. please, continue..

              • ShatteredDreams says:

                You’re an idiot. You’re posting this on a black supremacist blog.

                • ShatteredDreams says:

                  Niggerlover says :I’m a young Scottish guy in COLLEGE so don’t even TRY arguing with me.

                  These liberal college freshmen think they’re some hot shit after they learn a philosophy class or two.

                  Let me tell you, asshole, you aren’t shit, you never will be shit.
                  You claim you know everything about niggers, when was the last time you were in a nigger neighborhood? You’d be singing a different tune then I bet.
                  You read about niggers in a book and think you’re a smartypants.

                  As for my professional status, I’d place a fair wager that I make more money a year than you do in five so go hang yourself.

                  • YoungScottishGuy says:

                    Actually, I go to “university” not college, were not all American you silly little ponce. And another thing, the wonderful city of Edinburgh has a very multi-cultural population so I see quite a decent number of black people and all of them are decent human beings. Most of the crime in Edinburgh is actually commited by, wait for this, WHITE PEOPLE.

                    And also, for the record, you are a right wing, arrogant ignoramus.

                    • ShatteredDreams says:

                      Are you still here?
                      Fuck off 🙂

                    • ShatteredDreams says:

                      ‘we’re not all American’ not ‘were not’, you should pay more attention in college, which suprisingly enough means the same thing as a university unless you’re a nigger – and that’s prison, i.e. nigger college.
                      Do you honestly think you’re special because you go to school and love niggers and hate America? You’re just another liberal who goes to blogs where white people are made fun of and join in. It’s really not even fair when you compare reasons niggers fail versus any other race, but keep trying and I’m sorry you’re not a nigger although you wish you were. It’s ok though, you can dress like one and be a wigga.

                    • GeP says:

                      “quite a decent number of black people” you do know of course, that bl@c’s consider that’s a very racist statement you just made. An if you say that to you’re so called bl@c friends, they’ll go berserk on you’re dumb liberal nigger loving arse. An that’s essentially, you silly lemming, the whole entire point.. as long as you continue to to condone and enable, and agree with, and suck these bl@c bastards asses, you won’t have a problem. Have an opinion of you’re own, and think logically with analytical thought, that even remotely conflicts with there ideals an lifestyle.. an these sub primate pieces of shit will turn on you quicker than you can blink, an they’ll show you who and what they truly are… Goddamned vicious illogical fabricating parasitic double standarding filth.

                    • YoungScottishGuy says:

                      ShatteredDreams, for such a “PROFESSIONAL” upper class citizen, you do use some rather foul language. I expected a little more from you but to be fair, you probably grew up in a trailer park and for some reason, you managed to get yourself a bit of wealth. Am I right in thinking this?

          • idiota says:


  34. AFRICAN QUEEN 1 says:

    why does everyone keep responding to the white girl with the green avatar thing? she is on other post calling people nigger, then she says she has a black boyfriend and her best friend of 25 years is black. she is crazy as hell. slaughter, why cant you stop her from posting on here??

    • Grasshopper says:

      African Queen r u referring to me? The response is that slaughter has an open forum even for those that have been effected by the ozone depletion. I do find it a turn on that u feel compelled to take an interest in me. I have NEVER called anyone a nigger,girl u know thats not true,however I might have referred to someone as my negroe sex slave,but beleive me,he is not trying to escape! Not only do I not discriminate regarding race,same goes for gender,so dont be shy,I think my man would enjoy that as well. HOLLA.

  35. GeP says:

    The next time you may have to go inside of convenience store, and you see a bunch of niggers an wiggers standing outside, intimidating Humans an begging for money, thinking their tough assed gangbangers, an thugs. An perhaps you notice that the’re waring their baggie assed shitstained pants hanging down around about the back of their knees,with their boxer shorts pulled out, an babies teething ring on a string, hanging around their filthy greasy necks.. you do know what that symbolizes don’t you?

    • YoungScottishGuy says:

      You are really delusional, but don’t worry, you can get professional help. I feel sorry for you GEP, I really do. Someday you might realize what a fool you have been and that everything you thought was all a delusional lie.

      P.S. Do you have mid length hair? I’m just curious.

      Also, I make electro-funk music cause I love synthesizers and funk! =D

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        You’re a fucking retarded liberal mouth-piece. All you know is what you were told in Political Correctness class, bitch. I don’t even believe you’re white, if you were, you voice out against this blog which advocates the death of white children.

        Say you’re not a lying nigger posing as a human:
        Do you wear a skirt like the rest of your Scottish boyfriends? Faggot.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          Neither this blog nor any of its content providers advocate violence or death against white children (or, for that matter, fake Jews).

          Rather, this blog advocates justice.


        • YoungScottishGuy says:

          It’s actually called a kilt you ignorant fool and no I don’t wear a kilt, I wear regular clothes you freak. There’s no way in hell you are a professional upper class citizen, your choice of words are so infantile and inappropriate. And your saying I’m retarded? Ha ha, I have more intelligence in my pinkie than you do in your entire body you ignorant spaztard.

          The fact is, you are a mentally retarded bigot claiming to be a “professional upper class citizen” There’s absolutely no substance to your argument, the fact you attacked me for being Scottish just sums up your ignorant and conceited attitude.

          I’m getting tired of this, you are an idiotic pile of shit who just so happens to own a computer, you’re not worth my time.

          • ShatteredDreams says:

            Bitch, I offer you statistics and facts. You offer me ‘you racist!’
            You’re as intelligent as a pubic hair on a nigger’s head.
            Fuck off, faggot.

            Sucessful businessmen don’t swear – what fucking planet do you come from?

            • YoungScottishGuy says:

              Have you got any idea how ridiculous your post is? Take a good look at it, analyze it and determine the obnoxiousness of it.

              Good day to you, ignoramus.

              P.S. Stop responding to my comments.

              • ShatteredDreams says:

                While passing by a desserted alley today, I saw a white man wearing a skirt and blowing a nigger buck. Was that you by any chance?

                • YoungScottishGuy says:

                  No, because I live in Edinburgh and unless, by some bizarre coincidence, that you live their too then it was definitely not me.

                  Nice argument by the way, just what I expected from someone with the mental age of a 10 year old.

  36. Grasshopper says:

    Hey Slaughter wondered if you have watched close encounters of the fourth kind since some of your peeps r in it ?

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      No. I haven’t watched it. Will look for it and get back to you, though.


      • GeP says:

        Good one Grasshopper… but unfortunately, you’re comment may’ave been a little too advanced for slaugthertoby’s intellect… like, Whoooooshhh.. you know what I mean?

  37. RO'M says:

    Thank you all for the entertainment!

  38. EyeBeWhite says:

    Hi Slaughter, how is your inferiority complex today?
    Still got that yoke around your neck?

    • GeP says:

      that’s a very acute observation EyeBeWhite, an in addition to you’re comment, I think we could all truly benefit if slugo could receive a little rope therapy as well.

  39. Chuck David Hoit says:

    Laughing at and making fun of NIGGERS is in fact healthy, and therapeutic. That is why web sites such as the great NIGGERMAINA, and the wonderful CHIMPOUT are so popular! They allow us (WHITES THAT IS) to make fun of and belittle NIGGERS in a lighthearted and harmless way. Ridicule is sometimes a very big positive, and works to help the person it is pointed at. Ridicule of NIGGERS will help them in the long run, and it will provide a pressure relief point for whites. Beside,,,BELITTLEMENT OF THE NIGGER IS FUN, and EDUCATIONAL.

  40. Mephistopheles says:

    My name is.. Legion, for we are many…

  41. Yolanda says:

    Now that dumb ass white girl with the green avatar is posting and responding to her own self!!

  42. Yolanda says:

    Gep or whoever you are today, why don’t you tell these white boys on this site why you prefer black men. I don’t most of them know that about you. They think you like white boys. I see you keep forgetting to mention that.

    • Grasshopper says:

      Yolanda u know damn good and well that GEP is 100% masculine

      • GeP says:

        Yolanda, is that the best you have, trying to call me a mudshark? I’m a guy, an I was raised an taught to respect girls regardless, {well, it’s more of a guideline really…} an if you don’t mind to terribly of me saying, you should really consider sharping you’re repertoire. From other things you’ve wrote, perhaps you have me confused with someone else. but lol, if you continue trying to call me a gay, that likes the dark meat, I’m going to do my very best, an say something nasty… and I will ruin you’re weekend, I guarantee it. {smiling..} ok, chickybaby?

        • Anonymous says:

          ok.. Yolanda, that was a little harsh on my part.. I wouldn’t ruin you’re weekend.. regardless what you think of me.. see, that’s just how I was brought up in my life .. humans have compassion, {insert expletive, at you’re leisure and convenience..} they don’t.. hence, this bogus an total disgusting disregard of human life of a website. An I apologize to you Grasshopper, for not saying anything to you in that post, sometimes I forget my manners.. thank you.

          • GeP says:

            damn, did it again…

            • ShatteredDreams says:

              Yolanda is an obnoxious illiterate nigger, who pops on from time to time to shit some stupidity in the comment section.
              It has no grasp no reality, facts, and knows little about anything at all.

              Just thought I’d mention that.

              • YoungScottishGuy says:

                Yolanda is a legend!

                The rest of you are racist fools who regurgitate the same old bullshit.

                • ShatteredDreams says:

                  Your legend has no grasp on grammar or spelling either and has yet to write anything factual, just anti-white gibberish.

                  Now I know you aren’t a white liberal, you are a nigger troll.
                  A stupid troll too, if you want to pretend to be a white liberal you have to protest racism on both ends, dumbass.
                  The internetz iz 4 humans, nigger!

                  • GeP says:

                    yo’yawn’duh is no legend.. she’s a silly little sheboon with visions of grandeur… shut the fook oup, you stupid arse kissing wigger wannabe.

                    • YoungScottishGuy says:

                      You guys are absolute FREAKS! You seem to think all Black people are evil and all white people are good. You guys are retarded! And this is coming from a guy who is only 19 years old. Tell me, what the fuck is wrong with Obama? Do you hate him purely because of his skin colour?

                      Answer that question you Neo-Nazi scumbags. And when I say answer it, I mean ANSWER IT. Don’t spew some shit about me being a “Nigger Lover” because every inbred white supremacist I have come across online regurgitates the same old shit.

                      And no, I am actually white. Is that so hard to believe? Just because I am not an ignorant racist fool doesn’t mean that I am pretending to be white. Understand?

                      To be fair though, I don’t expect you fools to come up with a valid argument.


                  • YoungScottishGuy says:

                    And by the way, I don’t condone anti-white racism either you idiot. The reason I am attacking you is because you are fighting fire with fire. Just because this may well be a Black-Supremacy blog does not mean that you should be counter racist.

                    Now is there anyway you could make a valid intelligent response without name calling or any other infantile childish attributes.

                    Thank you.

                    • ShatteredDreams says:

                      ‘infantile childish attributes’.
                      You should pay more attention in English 101, because it is blatantly obvious you are failing that class.

  43. YoungScottishGuy says:

    So yeah.

    Racism is wrong, people. I think that we should all put aside our differences and start afresh. Who’s with me?

    • GeP says:

      gee,I don’t know.. I’ve already wrote exstensively on this particular thread., prehaps, I should give someone else a chance.. but, you’ve asked 5 questions already, an answered, an agreed with yourself at least twice.. which question and or comment would like answered first? If you’re willing to wait a few moments, I’m sure someone, would be more than happy to accommodate you.

  44. Grasshopper says:

    young scottish guy,u need to go back to playing ur video games, killing some virtual dragons and let the adult humans that know what time it is take on the real dragons.

  45. YoungScottishGuy says:

    You know something, I would do that but I actually don’t like video games as I grew out of playing them when I was around 16 or so.

    But yeah, are you trying to suggest that I am not an adult human? Because for a start, I’m Scottish and secondly, I am nearly 20 so therefore I am both Adult and human so erm, your argument is completely flawed.

    Nice try!

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      You are racist, you are racist against white people. You have praised words of racism time and time again.
      You said I couldn’t find one thing about Obama that makes him a bad president except for his skin color – how about the fact his approval ratings dropped at record speed? How about the fact that he has spent more money in the first 100 days in office than Bush did in 8? I could go on forever about what is wrong with Obama, but as you’re a political ignoramous, I would suggest you do your own research and possibly learn a thing or two.
      And shut the fuck up about being Scottish and love some nigger named Prince, for Christ’s sake, that’s the tenth time you’ve stated that. I for one, do not give a royal shit that you wear a skirt and jack off to Prince.

      • YoungScottishGuy says:

        Okay, so what does that have to do with Obama’s race exactly?

        And for the record, it’s not as if White people are perfect either. But to be fair, it’s a waste of time arguing with you, you’re just too narrow minded to accept anyone else’s opinion other than your own.

        P.S. The skirt that you are referring to is actually called a “Kilt” you ignorant American fool.

  46. EyeBeWhite says:

    Oh yeah, and let us not forget that Obama is now bowing down the the Japanese emperor. Bowing is for the weak will, mamsy pamsy assholes who don’t have enough inner strength, or self assurance in the American public.

  47. EyeBeWhite says:

    And another fucking thing, while I’m on the subject. People tend to forget that other countries don’t think as we do. The only thing stopping some dictator from trying to take over the work, nuke some country, etc, is the United States. You take us out of the picture and this world will be thrown back into the dark ages, or even worse. Some dictator prick with nukes fuck the whole planet simply because he can. Don’t think it could happen? Look at what that prick Saddam Hussein did to his own people. His son Qusay had an ex girl friend bitten to death by his dogs because she told someone that Qusay was her boyfriend. And that’s just one small example.

    Man has changed very little. We need the U.S. to maintain some semblance of power to maintain peace in this world, or we would all be fucked.

    You see, its like the asshole that runs this blog, he can’t appreciate what he has, because he doesn’t know his history. Its always greener on the other side of the fence. But guess what, it seldom is. Yes, the U.S. is not perfect, but I think it’s better than the alternative. Personally, I don’t have a problem with decent educated Black people at all. I don’t have a problem with ANY decent educated person. But those niggaz has gots to go!

  48. reason says:

    u can take the nigger out of the jungle but u cant take the jungle out of the nigger

  49. Yolanda says:

    why does shattered dreams keep talking about my grammer and punctuation skills but lets the white people get off scott dead ass free? white boys on this site write like illiterate trailer park garbage. hey and like i said before if you’ve been reading this blog, green avatar bitch is dating a black dude. and she probably has several niglets like most of your white girls nowadays. NOW SPEAK ON THAT SHIT !!! your own white women are running away from you in droves !! your white girls are trying their damndest to mix your race out !! like i read on this blog, why do white women abort out of wed lock white babies and HAVE out of wed lock babies by black men?? gep or whoever you are with 1 email address can you tell your white boys why you prefer black children?

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      You crazy stupid delusional drugged up nigger, what the hell are you talking about?
      Even the worst human communicator here don’t botch the english language to the extent that you and fellow niggers do. You take ignorance to a new level.
      And since you’re on the topic of rednecks, let me say this.
      West Virginia has virtually no niggers and mostly ‘rednecks’ yet there is less crime than any state that’s filled with niggers.
      So how can you poke fun at rednecks? You are the scum of the earth!

      LOL and I must be the first redneck who wears a suit everyday to the office 🙂
      Never mind, that one went over your stupid nappy nigger head.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Because he’s contaminated with the hate of whites and believes he’s a Jew.

      • YoungScottishGuy says:

        Slaughter, I would appreciate some form of feedback considering I am defending the bigotry on this site of yours.

        Are you really a Black supremacist because that’s just as bad as White supremacy, all bigotry is wrong.

        I’m just curious.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          We are not black supremacists. Bigotry against hate isn’t wrong. Bigotry against injustice isn’t wrong. White America and, for that matter, the white world have come to represent hate and injustice.

          Your contributions are appreciated.


  50. YoungScottishGuy says:

    Actually, you know what? Fuck this website. I have been trying to defend Black people against the vile bigotry of a few people on this site and I haven’t got any feedback from Slaughter or anyone else like that.

    It’s a lost fucking cause really.

    What a waste of time.

    • EyeBeWhite says:

      I agree YoungScottish-Misdirected-WhiteGuy

      There is no point in trying to defend anybody against racism, because no matter what you do, it will ALWAYS exist. Especially against people that purposely bring the wraith of racism down on their own heads, like our pal Slaughter here.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      LOL the stupid nigger lover thought he was going to pop on here and show everyone the light.
      Scotty thinks that if he offers his hand in friendship to the nigger we all BEEZ FRIENDS.
      That’s original, real original. I bet it’s never been attempted by a liberal before, LULZ.

      You live in a childish dreamworld.
      I’ve met legions of fools like you.

      • GeP says:

        Hey Shattered, How’s it going.. did you see it or perhaps did you miss the party? slaughtertoby admitted he’s on the downlow. Ebw, ripped his ass, it frickin’ was great! go to the Mohler family thread an have a look if you would like..

        • YoungScottishGuy says:

          Oh did you guys have a big party down at the trailer park? Oh I bet that was fun. Did you have a barn dance too? Did Mary-Jo get her tits out for everyone? Did any banjos get broken. I’m dying to know!

          There must have been a whole barrage of incestous gangbanging taking place too. And I missed it, dammit.

          Come on, where was my invite?

      • YoungScottishGuy2010 says:

        Okay asshole, why don’t you explain to me how I am “Stupid”?

        I am highly intellegnt, you are just a typical Hyper-Capitalist arrogant piece of shit.

        Come one man, explain to me how you are more intellegent than me because you are clearly just a delusion fool.

        And another thing, stop using internet slang… dork.

        P.S. I must take back the comment I said about this website, I was a little frustrated when I wrote it so apologies to Slaughter.

  51. Career says:

    To be honest, this is stupid. Of course, we’ll keep hating the niggers no matter what and I mean look at Floyd Mayweather Jr., he’s such a fucking arrogant prick. I’m not white, but I do hate niggers. In fact, I’m a Filipino who hates niggers. I’m not a nigger nor a beaner, I am a Southeast Asian. Latinos and Negros cause more crimes in the United States than White Americans and Asians. Why did they do it? Freedom to fight us. According to the IQ based on race, Asians and Whites are smarter than Latinos and Negros. Why are we smarter than the two? It is because we work hard, study hard and fight hard. Now why is this important? Because Obama wants the United States to live peace and harmony. Unfortunately, it never did. I got robbed by a half-beaner since March, and I am infuriated with this. So you see, the reason is to keep us alive with capitalism. Obama is just making it worse and Hillary is working with a black man who doesn’t care about the economy. They simply don’t care about us. All they want is to make up money. Then what happens, the United States starts to crush.

    About Obama bowing down to the Emperor Akihito? No nigger would bow down to Akihito. The Japanese can see Negros as the inferior race. I, too, see them as well. This blog is irrelevant anyways.

  52. Career says:

    And one more thing, the way Obama bows to Emperor Akihito is not how he did it in the Japanese way. That’s a just a stage-like bow. I would never bow that deeply low to the Japanese, never. This nigger fails at the Japanese culture and I just know it. Obama’s bow is disrespectful to the liberal democratic party of Japan, to the republican party of the United States and to both the US and Japan. That, people, is what we need, a nigger president who don’t get his shit straight.

  53. ghonorrhea says:

    Ghonorrhea rates for black americans are 12x the rate for whites. Why is this? Why are unavoidable facts so difficult to swallow? Could it be a cultural predilection toward promiscuity? We live in an era in which it is impossible to state the obvious because any belief that recognizes ethnic/cultural differences is anathema. The media promulgates this self-censorship to such levels that makes Orwelian double-speak like a mild delusion. Black families are imploding under the weight of crime, addiction, and absent fathers.

  54. Black Scientist says:

    Melanoma is the biggest (hidden) epidemic on the planet. You devils are hiding but can’t hide the holes in your superior skin.

  55. ghonorrhea says:

    But the most severe impediment to black sucess is themselves. America has become a land of a thousand excuses. “Homeless” has replaced bum as if the beggar had no hand in their being destitute. A culture of blamelessness has replaced responsibility as the core of our cities have become bombed out warzones. The inverse of JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you” has devolved into an Obama “Ask not what you can do for your country, but Axe what your country can do for you. If he was doing this out of a budget surplus that would be fine (his prerogative) for winning. But he is taking it from our hard earned wages and our childrens’ wages. That makes him a thief. The biggest thief in our venerable history, and that is the legacy he leaves. Fist bump that Michelle.

  56. ghonorrhea says:

    Basal cell carcinoma accounts for 75% of skin cancers. Scuamous cell carcinoma 21% and malignant melanoma just 4% . Basal cell has a low mortality rate and metastasis is very low <0.1%. Most squamous cell carcinoma patients are in their 80's. Of the 4% malignant melanoma cases 21.9 per 100,000 only 2.9 are terminal. With early detection a typicl white devil need not fear the wrath of the sun god. Sorry to rain on the white hate parade and the ignorant fantasies but those are the facts. New anthropologic studies suggest white skin evolved because less melanocytes allow greater Vit D absorption which is linked to fertility. I could elaborate for my melanin enhanced homies but that is like explaining algebra to the porcine.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Wonderful comments. But the niggers here won’t be able to understand a word on either one.

      But since Slaughter probably won’t get around to it, I’ll rebutt your comments for him:

      The sun is God, America does not exist, Aids was made in a Lab by the white man, racism against humans is not bad – only racism against niggers is bad, and George Washington Carver invented Jesus.

      • YoungScottishGuy says:

        Don’t you have anything better to do. Shouldn’t you be out “doing Business” or is that just a lie because what you really do, and what you like to keep a secret, is sit in your parents basement, eating junkfood in your shit-stained underwear and spout vile and ignorant bigotry about Blacks.

        Give me some VALUBALE statistics that supports your agument that Blacks are less human than Whites.

        I won’t accept any statistics from Fox news either.

        • Anonymous says:

          valuable: adjective; having desirable or esteemed non-nigger enabling characteristics or Human qualities of great use or service. …naow, shut thee fook oup, wroite? an geyao geet yer fooking shineboxe. .. yaou sillee lit’ole bleedin’ naygerr arse kiss’ing, wigger baahstid.

  57. ghonorrhea says:

    First, the use of the N word in writing is not good. That word should only be used in traffic altercations and never written. It is ebonics for the lowest class to disrespect each other; their self hatred can be sublime. I got chimped out by a screaming foster mother who went hysterical on my ass and hopefully the ramifications will be slight. The experience has radicalized me, however, and I will never be the same. As for the juxtaposition of melatonin (an endocrine hormone involved in sleep/wake cycles) and melanin I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at the ignorance. To be sure, the cross-eyed mojo uv-ray manuever is about the funniest thing I have ever read. Period. I couldn’t manufacture such ridiculousness if I tried. Is there a comic book superhero yet? The thinking is so obscenely stupid that I think a david duke is behind it somehow. Nevertheless, I am entertained

  58. ghonorrhea says:

    Everyone here is both racist and not. Racism is an old idea that social darwinists embraced with ignorant aplomb. Genetics have proven that we are all one species with origins in Africa. The real question is not race but culture. African-americans are destroying the centers of every major city and mostly hurting themselves. They have developed a culture rotten to the core. They scapegoat all their problems on white opression and wallow in the past: ridiculous reparations. Reparations?! What about the Union soldiers who freed their asses? If we were to have reparations the ancestors of union soldiers should be paid from southern planters ancestors. 80% of that sum should go to ex-slaves ancestors to place them back in their tribal area from which they were wrongly taken. That would be fair.

  59. YoungScottishGuy says:

    “Chimpout” is a vile, disgusting website populated by the most evil, worthless ignorant fools ever known to exist. It makes me ashamed to be human, it really does. It should be shut down immediately.

    It’s pathetic how racist America still is, you would think human beings have evolved to a more intellectual state but sites like these just show how stupid the majority of people are.

    ShatteredDreams, you are an idiot. I know for a fact that I have a much greater intellect than you could ever dream of. Go ahead, call me a barrage of insults. At the end of the day, I am enlightened and you are just very demented and insecure.

    The fact that you use the word “Nigger” in every sentence just goes to show how much of a deluded fool you really are. Wake up! Black people only appear to commit the most crime in America because they are forced to live in Ghettos, red-lining and white flight are two important factors which contribute to this. I could go on in great detail but you are just simply not worth the effort.

    Didn’t you learn anything at school?

    I would love to hear what you have to say in response, let’s see if it is possible to write an intellegent response without profanity or personal attacks. I bet you can’t!

    • ShatteredDreamer says:

      ScottishPenisLover said:
      Black people only appear to commit the most crime in America because they are forced to live in Ghettos.

      Newsflash, you ignorant filth, black people don’t ‘appear’ to commit more crime they DO commit more crime. Black people are forced to live in Ghettos? Where in the world does this happen? And I mean the real world, not the 18th century slave memoir your teacher assigned you to read for English 101.

      ScottishPenisLover said:
      Didn’t you learn anything at school?

      Here’s a shocker that might completely fuck up your point of view: Just because your teacher said somthing DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE.

      ScottishPenisLover said:
      It [] should be shut down immediately.

      So I guess in your fucked up little world, if someone disagrees with you, they lose their freedom of speech.

      ScottishPenisLover said:
      I know for a fact that I have a much greater intellect than you could ever dream of.

      Well, I’m not convinced. You sure sound like a dumbass to me.

      You attack anti-back sites but praise anti-white sites. Maybe you wish you were born black, and if it’s any comfort, I still view you as a nigger and I can only pray that your death comes soon and painfully before you have a chance to spawn little retards who will carry on your legacy of stupidity.

      Fuck off and I don’t give a shit what you think.

      • YoungScottishGuy says:

        “I would love to hear what you have to say in response, let’s see if it is possible to write an intellegent response without profanity or personal attacks. I bet you can’t!”

        I stand corrected.

        “I can only pray that your death comes soon and painfully ”

        You are so pathetic, it’s like arguing with a brick wall although I’m sure a brick wall has more intellegence than you.

        And no, I will not “Fuck Off”. You cannot make me albeit I find it rather amusing that my comments seem to anger you, I personally find your responses to be undoubtably hillarious.

        At the end of the day, you are just a lonely, demented, insecure idiot and I pity the fact that no one loves you.

        On that bombshell, I am finished on this site. As for you, just keep telling yourself that you are right because you know, deep down, that you are worthless.

      • Anonymous says:

        absofrickin’lutely Shattered well said.

        • YoungScottishGuy says:

          What’s that Billy-Joe? Did y’all say somethin cause i sure as hell didn’t take no nottice of it. Maybe yous should stick to playin banjos an all cus thats all youz rednex is good at.

          But yeah, on that bombshell, my work here is done.

  60. Anonymous says:

    That filthy murdering babyraping piece of shit mo’urice clemmons is tag on the toe dead!! outfuckingstanding! at least 7 kneegrows should be arrested at today’s end, for adding and abetting of a fugitive. …God bless the Police Officers that lost the’re lives in the line of duty, God bless the’re families and friends.

  61. ShatteredWetDreams says:

    Hi everyone! My name is ShatteredWetDreams and I hate niggers! Niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers. I also happen to be inbred and I still haven’t quite got over all the times I got gangraped at school when I was a kid. Maybe thats why I’m so retarded. Duh.

    I also happen to be a business man in the lucrative Dildo industry. I sell dildos because my penis is just too small. Ugh. I hate my life, thats why I direct all my hate towards an ethnic minority!

    Blah blah blah, I hate niggers.

    • ShatteredWetDreams says:

      Did I mention that I also have a massive fucking jew nose? I use it to poke little boys with. LOL ROFL LMAO

      It’s not my fault that I shit my undies.

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        This is how you respond to being backed into a corner with every one of your pitiful points? I see no refutation, I see no attempt to rebuttal. I see a bunch of mispelled words, more of ‘well YOU’RE an idiot not ME’, and a sock puppet (even after you swore for the tenth time you were done here).
        LULZ, die 😛

        • YoungScottishGuy says:

          I like how you keep telling me to die, thats pretty childish isn’t it Shattered?

          If anything, I am winning this argument, all your doing is ranting like a childish bigot.

          And also, don’t use LULZ you absolute wannabe nerd, you don’t know anything about internet slang.

          Also, I like how you seem to have a dire hatred for me purely because I attacked your ignorance, are you really that racist?

          P.S. White people commit crime too, or are you ignorant of that fact?

        • YoungScottishGuy says:

          Sorry but what words did I mispell exactly?

          Get your facts straight, you jew! =D

  62. Tobias_Wippa says:

    Shattered. You are living in some nice place in Scotland without niggerfuxation. You might have a sprinkling of niggers here and there but you Scots are still the majority.

    Come live in Detroit for awhile you poor and sheltered soul. Hell, I’ll even give you a tour.

    Explain South Africa and Zimbabwe young one. The niggers were left with everything that modern science and the HUMAN race could provide them after the white humans were run off by the niggers.

    What did the niggers do? They started killing off YT, stripping the buildings for copper, started tribal wars amongst each other, ran off most of the white human farmers and then ate the seeds that were meant for planting.

    South Africa is now a shithole once again. It used to be a beautiful tourist destination and Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa. Now what do they have? Nothing and they have their paws out to the rest of the world.

    Niggers have no accountability and it’s little bleeding hearts such as yourself that enable their appalling behavior.

    One day you will learn, I was not born a nigger hater. I used to be a nigger excuser such as yourself. Niggers and their behavior has made me the way that I am.

    Since you love them so much we have a few million we would be willing to import over to Scotland.

    Open your eyes, read the FBI and DOJ crime stats. Think for yourself man.

    Just because you kiss their nigger asses does not mean that you are going to be spared and kept as a pet YT.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Hey don’t bring my name into this, buddy. The faggot above is the scottish nigger worshipper, not me.

    • YoungScottishGuy says:

      Okay man, well can I just say, there are Black people in Edinburgh and the ones I knew are decent intellegent people. I have no idea what Detroit is like but from what I have heard it is a horrible place (no offence), but is the behaviour of ghetto trash blacks really an excuse to blame the entire race?

      I’m just curious man.

      • Rowan says:

        Shut up please! You are embarrassing the Scottish people with your naivety. Go and see the world like I, then come back and tell us how you look at things differently. Be proud to be who your are and don’t sell yourself short.

  63. YoungScottishGuy says:

    So yeah!

    Is everyone looking forward to Christmas? I certainly am. I love Christmas!

  64. G>e>P says:

    I guess you’re bombshell was a dud.. eh? scotty. Gezz, you’re such the wigger.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      As for Tobias Wippa’s comment, I just wanted to clarify for readers who missed the earlier comments so that my name has no association with nigger love.

      • G>e>P says:

        wroite tea’oh.. mate, an I agray wit comb’pletely.. it’s jost, TOBias ‘hap’pins tweo bay a friend ‘ove ours, eh?.. if yeao know wot ah mean, wroite? eh, gov’nah? .. nudge, nudge.. wink wink.. say no more.. aweo.. jolly good.. tally ho.

      • Tobias_Wippa says:

        Same team, same team. Gnomesayin’?

  65. NanceGreggs says:

    Chimpout and Niggermania are not white supremacist sites. They are sites where humans go to bash the vile and feral nigger beast. All niggers are vile and feral. It is in the nigger’s nature and DNA to be vile and feral. Most niggers go to prison at one point or another. Not because they are niggers but because their nigger behavior is criminal in nature.

    Chimpout and Niggermania are just the tip of the iceberg. There is real animosity toward the jungle beast and niggers will be driven back to Apefrica where they belong.

  66. Amethyst says:

    There’s hateful racism (I’m gonna beat the crap out of him just because he’s a different race), then there’s non-hateful racism, aka race realism.

    I fall in the latter category. I don’t hate blacks, but I sure don’t trust them. I used to live in Detroit.

    Racism in itself is not hateful or wrong. It’s how you treat others. I will treat a black person with civility the same as I would anyone of any other race. However–I do recognize that blacks, being 13% of the population, are responsible for a huge percentage of crimes here in America, so I have as little to do with them as possible. I know of a very few decent blacks–all Christians. About 75-80% are savages. So it’s a bit hard not to “pre-judge” when there’s a 4 out of 5 chance that they conform to the stereotype. Funny thing is, MLK went on about the “content of character,” yet the skin color is a warning about the character!

    And race goes way beyond skin color. There are other characteristics that blacks have that make them act up–the inability to delay gratification, always having their hand out for freebies, their fondness for shiny objects such as spinning rims, etc.

    Oh and I might add that I’m not the Stormfront type. They probably wouldn’t like me because I have a bit of Amerind, and I am totally against Jew-bashing. I don’t hate anyone, but I am not ignorant concerning the differences between the races.

    As far as the “inbred trailer park redneck” thing–How do we know that blacks aren’t inadvertently screwing their own half-siblings? You ever see Maury, with these black women trying to find out “who be the babydaddy”? Think about that!

    Funny how the Appalachian region (like West Virginia) has less crime than, say, Detroit!

    • Shatterman says:

      so much win in that paragraph.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      You’re a near sighted marvel.

      You said: Funny thing is, MLK went on about the “content of character,” yet the skin color is a warning about the character!

      While perhaps the most ironic thing is that you mention a man (MLK) whom those you seem to categorize as morally decent, civilized and intelligent murdered, below are two of my favorite quotes about Caucasians.

      Characteristics of the Caucasian race:

      “Western (white) society is a bloody, murderous, unjust, avaricious, duplicitous, hypocritical, blasphemous atrocity founded in genocide & tyranny. – ThrowupBrat (Link)


      “Let us remember that white people wouldn’t do right by blacks out of natural love, but only modified their treatment of us because of how their hatred made them look before the rest of the world,” asserts Black Hebrew Pagan, Yeshua Muhammad. In fact, white people were welcomed everywhere on the planet they traveled. The Indians welcomed them. The Africans welcomed them. Yet they returned the kindness with deceit, slaughter, betrayal and hate. ((Link)

      You said: Oh and I might add that I’m not the Stormfront type. They probably wouldn’t like me because I have a bit of Amerind, and I am totally against Jew-bashing. I don’t hate anyone, but I am not ignorant concerning the differences between the races.

      Concerning your thoughts on the Jews, see: Real Jews VS Fake Jews: The Original Biblical Jews Were a Black African People.

      Though you demonstrate the historical ignorance and disregard for your kind’s lack of humanity, thank you for your contribution.

      Thinking about it, I guess mankind isn’t suppose to have humanity.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  67. d says:

    yes, god hates white people. the cultural capital of white skin makes up for UV stuff. plus there are other attributes besides sensitivity to light.

    the article continuously refers to white as stupid, ignorant, etc. that is a really bold statement considering the state of African countries vs. European, American

    western society is tyrannical? look at the rest of the world. go live in Sudan, Congo during their civil wars.
    slaughter of albinos for witch doctors in AFrica?
    slaughter of pygmy people in Congo? they were hunted and believed to be “supernatural creatures” -their body parts would bring good luck – like a rabbits foot=not white/european brand of racisim
    not all racists are white people
    check the BBC – African student organization outside of Africa began to demand apologies from AFrican tribal leaders (who want to play some representational political role today) for their political family’s part in selling slaves to europeans
    also do you know what African tribes would do with POWs if not sell them as slaves to ARABS, Persians and finally later to whites?
    they would kill them.
    violence, racism, war, murder, hate, is in every society/culture but id rather live in a european/north american country than AFrican.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      D, you simple minded devil, the condition of and violence in Africa are not the result of Western Imperialism?

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  68. Chumley says:

    And guess what, “black supremacists” (ROFLMAO)…
    A nice coat of fur would protect against sun
    damage even better than black skin. Ask
    any orangutan or chimpanzee.
    Humans don’t advance by changing physically;
    any animal can do that (it’s called evolution.)
    HUMANS come up with CULTURAL solutions, they INVENT THINGS.
    -read: protective clothing, hats, sunscreen ect. Sort of like how you blacks invented airplanes, space travel (let me guess, right after you invented mud huts?) modern medicine yadda yadda and then whitey stole it all away from you…

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      You uneducated savage, Chimpanzees contain Eumelanin. Neither “protective clothing or hats, sunscreen” will protect you from Ultraviolet Light. It’s not like regular sunlight. It is both pervasive and omnipresent.

      Your search for protection from your damnation was prophesied:

      King James BibleJeremiah 46:11
      Go up into Gilead, and take balm, O virgin, the daughter of Egypt: in vain shalt thou use many medicines; for thou shalt not be cured.

      See Jeremiah 30:13

      King James Bible
      There is none to plead thy cause, that thou mayest be bound up: thou hast no healing medicines.

      SPF 6000 much?

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      You might try wrapping yourself in that foil paper…

  69. Anonymous says:

    no, it’s the direct result niggers murdering niggers for profit.

  70. janet ullman says:

    Greetings, first the sun is a star converting hyrodgen into helium at 30 million degrees kelvin Niggers are too stupid to know that except the white man taught the apes.

    Second a star is incapible of differentiating between Humans and Subhumans, much less discriminate. Whites are more sensitive to the sun and must use caution. God discriminated against humanity by his creation of human apes they look like apes, stink and created nothing Jesus put them back up your ass where they belong.

    All the 4th generation welfare apes that cost more than all Hispanics, Asians and Whites on welfare.

    How can anyone woship a god that created niggers?

  71. NigBeGone says:

    Sounds like more bitter niggers jealous of the White man’s skin.

    Sorry, chimps, you’re stuck with your shit-colored, greasy pelts.

    • Clay says:

      Im sorry you’re stuck smelling like wet dog and balonie meat. whats the color of old dried shit that even flies and dung beetles have no use for? Oh yea WHITE

  72. One Angry White Human says:

    Boy what jealously does sometimes; niggers are in fact the most filthy disgusting, degenerate, stinky, shit coloured, murdering, raping, stealing, destroying, black eyed, wide nosed, peat moss haired, boot lipped pieces of garbage that has ever walked the face of the earth; now they have talked themselves into insanity in trying to make everyone believe they are actually worth something; the time has come for these beasts to be exterminated off the face of the earth for good never to return again; their DNA will be wiped out of exsitance so we will never have to look at another porch monkey again or hear their pathetic attempt at being human beings; I am SO GLAD Somalia is starving and Haiti had that earthquake; about 2,000,000 less niggers in the world before it’s all over. Niggers will be history before long as nature even hates these vile freak cretures. My guess is they are an alien experiment go terribly wrong.

  73. Swift says:

    If I could find that fucking coward’s name who is called KFCISFORNIGGERS. He is undoubtedly posting here in this discussion under various monikers with his three shit-souled fuck-fiends, Turdman, Latrine Popsicle and Nigger-Fear. These chummy, satanic hemorrhoids love to hemorrhage their closeted, rancid blood-fluid all over the web. Like schizophrenics on adderall, they are mentally broken. Their brains convert all their own problems, pain and self-perceptions into incendiary hatred of African-Americans. Somebody should start a hate site devoted to all of their parents.

  74. Victoria says:

    Melanoma? Really that is the best you can come up with! Lmfao you fail like the shit you are! Black people are the most jelouse racist piece of shits alive! They have traded their white masters for those like Jessie Jackson and al sharpton! Niggers can’t think for themselves! Niggers believe whatever they are told to believe. Niggers will never be free. You are a slave to you own mind! Stop blaming whites for your problems!

  75. Fuck you Monkeys says:

    You monkeys are so smart you never even figured out what a wheel was before the white man conquered you stupid race! When we get rid of the Jews you are next!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello fuck you monkey,
      U are the one that is closest to a monkey, you inbred, illiterate, shit-eating, disease spreading, dog shit eating, serial killer’s spawn that u are. One of these days, you will end up on the sand minus your head, in an Isis video.

  76. Tariq bin Sataak says:

    Totally. Their civilisation (or what passed for one) did not even come up with the wheel on its own. They try to claim Egypt as an example of black civilisation (the only black Egyptians I know are immigrants from down south and they are viewed as scum), but North Africans from Egypt to Morocco, especially the ones that were isolated from the Europeans when they colonised the continent, are in fact whiter than many Europeans. King Tut was found to have 96% of the genotype that is found in Celts, meaning the ancient Egyptians were closer to Irish people than sub-Saharan Africans. Most Africans didn’t even have written language until White people gave them one. Yet the best this clown can come up with is that black people have better skin than white people?
    Google “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” to find out about Africans’ superior mental capabilities.

  77. Leftists love sucking cock says:

    Black Africans have a mean IQ of approximately 70. In other words, borderline retardation is the norm, not the exception in black Africa. That marginal literates like ‘Slaughter Lightfoot’ can attempt to use written language is solely due to their exposure to non-African cultures that developed written language and to the admixture of peasant European genes that raised Africans to a slightly higher level where written language became comprehensible to these otherwise stone age primitives. ‘Slaughter Lightfoot’ is incapable of thought, however, and is quite clearly a cut and paste ‘philosopher’ that is unaware that cannibalism, child rape, slavery, povery, and barbarism defined African ‘culture’ long before Europeans or anyone else had the misfortune of encountering these grotesque stone age monsters. Fortunately only the dumbest of European peasant women interbreed with these primitives and their descendants will be welfare dependant criminals following the footsteps of their ‘babydadies’. I say good riddence to those peasant genes.

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    And i’m happy reading your article. But should commentary on some common issues, The site taste is perfect, the articles is in point of fact excellent : D. Good task, cheers

  80. nigger hunter says:

    Some common skin disorders that affect African Americans are Vitiligo, Ashydermatitis, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, Pseudofolliculitis barbea, Melasma, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Ecsema, Seborrheic Dematitis, Tinea Capitis, Alopecia and Keloids.
    So what about my skin nigger?
    Really?Skin?That’s all your tired syphilitic mind can think of?You niggers have skin diseases MORE COMMON IN YOUR SUBHAMAN RACE?So animals with darker skin must be superior and more human too then right?This was never about skin color for me.It’s behavior that causes my great distaste for niggers.I guess i’ll be hearing blah blah trailer park blah blah white devil ook eek blacks invented everything bix nood nigger babble blue gum blubber lip bullshit (insert another cop out or common moronic pea brain nigger lie here).I’m out.I don’t want to waste my time on a racist site that bitches about racism of others because it’s ok for nigs to be racist but blasphemy when any other race insults your idiotic shit skinned species.

  81. nigger hunter says:

    By the way i’d rather smell like wet dog rather than hot diapers in a dumpster on a 90 degree day,6 month old cocoa butter,dirty ass,and fishy pussy as you in fact do.Get back to humping your “baby mama” whose also your aunt mother or sister.

  82. Mansa Musa says:

    Black people make whites feel inferior. Look at all the comments from these miserable white folks. They are obsessed with Black people. That’s why they take so much time to debate and concentrate on them. Chimpout is obviously comedy and not taken seriously, and their remarks never amount to action in the real world. Hell, Stormfront can’t even get their shit together. White people have an inferiority complex. Nobody knows someone like themselves. They knew from the beginning their days were numbered. White people subconsciously are Blacks biggest fans. There is a thin line between love and hate and they are obsessed.

  83. White people didn’t give us written language, it was the Indus and Sanskrit. Aside from that, even Indians hate niggers. On expired student visas, muhdicking and stealing everything in our country. See here:

  84. Anonymous says:

    all of those races website such as gym pound niggermania excetera really really seems to me that can you wait for the winter incredibly inferior. All you do is think of how many ways to insult people tell if you have nothing better to do than to create a website about black people in 1894 8 i think you want to be blood deep down all of you website i hate mongering want to be black and all you do is spend nothing right negative things about black people i think deep down you want to be back in that you can’t be black n yellow your white trash you probably an ass porn from sun serial rapist or some cereal killer and and you probably haven’t done it up the ass enough time so you have nothing better to do than to create been incredibly horrific website for black black about black people i think you are 12 the black ladd so that it really do

  85. Anonymous says:

    You whites are incredible!!!!! All you do is think about ways to insult black people. Awh…. so you all have nothing better to do than to spend hours dedicate hours creating websites about black people, eh???
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  86. NiggersRSlaves says:

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