"Once upon a time in Knxoxville, Channon Christian got Raped" – Rapper CriminallyInsane: Black On White Crime Activists America’s Suicide Bombers

According to critics who have heard it, rap artist CriminallyInsane’s upcoming release Black On White Crime II is more controversial than his previous two releases and, like them, will probably be banned again from mainstream air play.

“Once upon a time in Knoxville Channon Christian & Little Boy Blue got raped. Not. What white girls do? Muh dick. Like What white boys like? Muh dick. Right.”

“It’s hard to listen to if you aren’t familiar with his work,” says celebrity snitch Clarence Starr. “It’s definitely his most controversial work. That’s saying a lot.” Insane, who recently made headlines in for deriding Eminem as a hip hop artist who only gained access to the black community through co-signing of Dr. Dre, blasts those who refer to the Knoxville case involving the deaths of University of Tennesse student Channon Christian and her associate Christopher Newsom as a carjacking rather than staged rape gone bad and declares his support for the National Black Foot Soldier Network’s “No Reparations, No Peace” campaign. “Insane’s thought to be the first rap artist to speak on the Knoxville case,” Starr says. “But, according to sources, he’s actually been in touch with key Knoxville players and is said to have even exchanged with Lemaricus and Letalvis personally.”


“Orville Redenbacher pops harder than Emimen”
– CriminallyInsane


A self described loser with a felony record that includes armed robbery, Insane’s fore coming release identifies “niggas who commit crimes against whites or who are convicted for having committed black on white crime as activists and declares arrest & conviction of activists illegal.

“Criminally, we grew up schooled that the only sin was black on black crime. The Black Foot Soldiers is bringing this back,” Insane reportedly told True Thug magazine in January.

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4 Responses to "Once upon a time in Knxoxville, Channon Christian got Raped" – Rapper CriminallyInsane: Black On White Crime Activists America’s Suicide Bombers

  1. Anonymous says:

    WTF? This guy must have an IQ of about 65. Very impressive, keep giving the racists ammo buddy.

  2. Juke says:

    This CLEARLY wasn’t a rape. Ever seen: To Kill A Mockingbird?White people ain’t what they front themselves as being: decent, honest and filled with integrity. Oh, you are JUST the opposite of each of those concepts. So let’s just freeze on this nasty ass white girl being your Snow White concept.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the best times in college i ever had was stickin my little white dick up a black girls tight asshole..then pullin it out and face fucking her till i came in her mouth…then, because i had a job(i am white you know) we’d go out for a beer, go back to my dorm, and repeat above statement..those were the days

  4. sly57 says:

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