"Whites Dine at Restaurants Without Having Paid Reparations" National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) Review Protest at Wood Grill Buffett


While  no determinations have been made yet as to whether Roderick McDowell’s alleged robbery of the Wood Grill Buffet will be recognized by the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) as a legitimate Reparations Protest, outspoken and controversial Virginia Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford says white people have no business attempting to “dine out & treat like they have paid reparations.”

nbfsn-ths-s-nt-1-cr3m2-sc2n2-prm-mstr“Justice is a foreign concept to white folks,” Crawford says. “They are the kind who are able to eat, in their injustice and without conscience of what they have done to other people, comfortably and smile and laugh.”

While there has been no decision on the national level about the validity of McDowell’s action, we do know that the narcissism, selfishness, greed and perversion of white people is inexcusable.  We are owed reparations and can not recognize any atrocities committed against them by the descendants of slaves as illegal.”

William Godsey of Schuyler, and his wife, Sandra, were beaten and robbed outside the Wood Grill Buffet on Route 29N. William, 48, died on April 24 to robbery related injuries. The robbery occurred when Sandra Godsey, an employee of the restaurant, was leaving accompanied by her husband, around 1:30am.




McDowell, 25,  has been charged with first degree murder and robbery. If the NBFSN determines his actions legitimate and honorable, they will demand all charges against him be dismissed and that he be immediately released.



“Had We Received Reparations, Chris Tromly Would Still Be Alive Today” – National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN)


“Had we received reparation, Chris would still be alive today” NATIONAL BLACK FOOT SOLDIER NETWORK (NBFSN)

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17 Responses to "Whites Dine at Restaurants Without Having Paid Reparations" National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) Review Protest at Wood Grill Buffett

  1. Mr.White says:

    Your site and thiniking is fucking stupid and you should all be fucking shot and hung by a tree so dogs can eat the shit as it drips from your dead corpse

  2. Mr.White says:

    stupid fucking asshole niggers

  3. incogman says:

    That’s right, Mr. White, all these filthy Niggers need to be shot on sight, or put back into GD slavery forever, this time.

    Got that, Niggers?

  4. Nigger Please says:

    All you already got your reparations. As in the shitload of money spent by the white man on 100 years plus of :

    Post slavery prison costs;

    Federal housing, health care, drug treatment programs, welfare, and food stamps;

    Riot damages, and grafitti removal;

    Deduct all that from your reparations, and you still owe the white man a shit load of money, which you can’t ever repay.

    So STFU, get a job, and become a productive member of this society, or GTFO and go live in some sub Saharan cesspool.

  5. dingle says:

    You need to start raising you children instead of propagating like dogs, roaming from bitch to bitch. You put kids at risk for the sake of getting your rocks off.

  6. Dude, there’s not going to be anything left to get. You think we would even have a black president if things were all great? As far as that other post about the restaurant, if they have to eat there, isn’t that punishment enough? Don’t they have a decent Hofbrau where we can eat well and , you know- ‘reparize n shyt’.
    Really, worry about the illegals and the heeb-middle east crap before you get all up in the grill of white folk.
    I totally know this is a put on. I probably even know who is behind it where’s the videos, yo! ? The problem is,it really isn’t funny, even if it’s fun for YOU.

  7. Evolve, dammit says:

    This site is a joke, right? If not, then negroes really ARE as brainless and simian as everyone says.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Us don’t think the way u think us think, master? So us a joke n brainless.

      Yessuh massa’, yessuh!

  8. jhunter says:

    how can i find more info about becoming a member of the black foot soldiers?

  9. Morgan G. says:

    This site just convinced me to join a white supremacist group. Keep up the good work, monkeys!

  10. watch says:

    The Wood Grill Buffet was extremely upset that all of the banana pudding was stolen by Roderick McDowell.

  11. holy jeez says:

    Victim mentality. Game players. Looking for something for nothing. You do not deserve some of these comments and whites don’t owe you anything. Get up off your lazy azz and get a job…oh no jobs? Go ask mulatto obama for a job, ya know the bastard born of a white womb. He promised he’d have some for you. Where’s the jobs he promised you? Sorry, he lied. By his own admission he sides with the moslems, not the Black American. Punked again? Like the lady above said, worry about the illegals and middle easterners taking your place and punking you all. It’s not whitey’s fault. It’s okee dokie obama’s fault for letting them in the country to take your place. He’s giving your reparations to THEM!. Sorry. I didn’t vote for him. But you did. You have yourself to blame. Go find some moslem jihads to take your life’s frustrations out on. And while you are at it get a vasectomy. Fatherless children are an abomination to all.

    • akanigger says:

      What Obama’s father did for the keys is not new. Generations has plotted against thee. The father of Fard Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam, also used a white womb to make a child who could beguile and fool the devil.

      Obama’s promise is only to us in that it is to God (Allah) first and that is to see the destruction of the devil and begin the new world.

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