Michael Briggs VS Michael Addisson: 2008 Sexiest & Hardest Cop Thrillers of The Year Unplugged (Part II)

Though his (alleged) admitted slaying of “racist” Manchester police officer Michael Briggs was in 2006, the Manchester Ghetto Bragging Rights community is continuing to rally around the GBR fave and, this year, has afforded enough votes to qualify for GBR’s Sexiest & Hardest Hardest Cop Thriller title.

Manchester Black Foot Soldiers, along with the National Black Foot Soldier Network are lavishing 28 year old Michael Addison with praise, today, with many calling for him to be recognized as The Cop Thriller of The Year.

The praise comes on the heels of a New Hampshire jury issuing Addison a death penalty sentence in his Capital Murder case against “racist” police officer Michael Briggs. “There is nothing greater than a brother receiving a death sentence against fighting The Devil,” NY Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant exalted. “And Michael Briggs was nothing but a devil.” Addison received the first death sentence in a half century issued in New Hampshire.

“He always used to carry the flag and I would look down and he always used to have the biggest smile on his face,” Leland Briggs.

Creatures like officer Briggs are the problem upon the earth today,” Stuyvesant tore. “They are those who, behind their illegal badges, declare themselves as the law. But I’ve got news for you girls today: you hypocrites aren’t the law. God despises you. The earth despise you. And we despise you.”

Briggs, whose father worked as a police officer, aspired, it is reported, to be a police officer like his father. The corrupt ambition caused many in the GBR and Black Foot Soldier national communities to say he deserved his fate.

“This man wanted to grow up and be like his disease minded father a dirty white cop,” Ohio Black Foot Soldier, Forest Hill damned. “His daddy didn’t have the morality to dissuade him; and, he couldn’t see the error of his ways through his own eyes. Every black man should want to say: I killed officer Michael Briggs too.”

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