Black On White Crime & The Age of African American Suicide Bombers: Miguel DeJesus & Diego Ortiz VS Joe Horn

Now the nights & days when the Gentiles and birthright thieves were to give their possessions to God’s spouses dawned & set. And yet, as they did before, the Gentiles and birthright thieves rejected God’s word. And God did test to see whether those abandoned would obey the commandment given to them by Saint Liar that their possessions were to be turned over to the spouses. And hearing the word of God from Saint Liar, Miguel DeJesus and Diego Ortiz Joe Horn Joe Horn.
And yea, the Lord sent the spirits Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego with Miguel and Diego into the Land of Pasadena, Texas to confort them in their journey while they collected the possessions of His reproach’s that they had chosen.

Now Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego were chained and thrown into the furnace. The fire was so hot that it consumed the guards, who cast them into the furnace. And they knew of hatred God’s reproach held for the ones He loved. And they conforted the boys as they journeyied for God.

“Brothers should have no fear of going to prison or of death when there for righteousness’ sake and honorable causes,”- New Orleans Black Foot Soldier Katrina Ahmadinejad. “For death is but a moment and greater than life; and ,The Day of The Great Earthquake, when Allah will open all the doors of their prisons, is nigh. Clothed in glory and recognized for your works, you will be returned to your families and loved ones then. Yes, holy Thugs of God, Allah hath promised our generation a Get Out Tha’ Pen Free Card.”

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