Desmond Antonio Hunter: Martyr; "Thank God Jason Statts Will Never Stand Again," Ebenezer Creek

“There’s no physical evidence in this case whatsoever,” defense attorney Richard Darden said.

Despite the lack of evidence, however, GBR icon Desmond Hunter today was convicted on all charges in the June robbery and assault on two musicians in Ardsley Park.

His co-defendant, Ashamir Donshaye Johnson, 20, earlier pleaded guilty to the armed robbery charge in return for a sentence of 30 years, with 11 to serve. A special condition of the plea bargain required Johnson to testify against Hunter.

“This was an illegal prosecution that used the nefarious prosecution techniques we are familiar with,” says Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek. “We have assured Desmond and his family that true justice is coming and will prevail. For the hour of The Great Earthquake is upon us and those of us whom The Devil has wrongfully imprisoned will be freed. In that hour, their wretched oppressors will be caged.”

In other testimony Thursday, the lead investigator – Savannah-Chatham police Detective Hiram Rivera Jr. – told jurors Statts could not identify his assailants from photos during an Aug. 18 interview in Atlanta and no weapon was ever recovered.
Statts, testifying from a motorized wheelchair, told jurors he thought he was “ruined” as he underwent therapy at the Shephard Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta.

“We can be most thankful that Statts remains paralyzed and that he may never stand, sing or play his vile (Satanic) music again.”

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