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"Rejoice" the Officer Roger E. Butcher Jr Melanoma Execution: It Is Finished

(UPDATE: National Curfew For Whites REISSUED: VIOLATERS RECEIVE MELANOMAS Black Sun Worshipers Publish New Hours Whites Allowed Outdoors; Admonish Whites Not to Violate Restrictions) A new study released by the Glax Haas Institute reports that when ultraviolet light surges in … Continue reading

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Desmond Antonio Hunter: Martyr; "Thank God Jason Statts Will Never Stand Again," Ebenezer Creek

“There’s no physical evidence in this case whatsoever,” defense attorney Richard Darden said. Despite the lack of evidence, however, GBR icon Desmond Hunter today was convicted on all charges in the June robbery and assault on two musicians in Ardsley … Continue reading

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Incontrovertible Proof: Whites Can't Dance – Cathryn de Prume & Prilosec

FEATURE: Etihw: Spelling White Backwards “Phonetically, white and hate are the same. “More correctly, we may now begin calling them: etihw. “Etihw is the spelling of white backwards. “We do this not only because they are a backward creature; but too, … Continue reading

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Grand Haven, Michigan: Bob Karell VS Darick O’Brien Anderson: The Courageous Reparations Protest at R.K. Jewelers

According to GBR editor Julius Perkins, Darick O’Brien Anderson has received enough votes from the local community for the 2009 Sexiest & Hardest Ghetoo Black Male Felon Bragging Rights recognition. His alleged protest at R.K. Jewelers, in which the owner, … Continue reading

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