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Christopher Tromly VS Bradley Lamar Holmes: Daring Hampton’s Road ATM Robbery Could be Nead Digger’s Reparations Protest

Virginia Black Foot Soldiers are demanding the immediate release of twenty five year old Bradley Lamar Holmes. Holmes is charged with murder, attempted robbery and two counts of use or display of a firearm in the commission of a felony … Continue reading

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Ghost of Mumia Strikes: Middletown, Pennsylvania Cop Chris Jones Dead

“Let us celebrate his death as though Mumia killed him,” PHILLY BLACK FOOT SOLDIER ZACHARIAH WALKER Middletown Township police officer Chris Jones was killed, today, shortly after Philly Yakub Muslims and members of the city’s Black Foot Soldier Network finished … Continue reading

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Desmond Antonio Hunter VS Jason Statts: "Thank God & Allah Jason Will Never Sing or Play Music Again," Ebenezer Creek

“There’s no physical evidence in this case whatsoever,” defense attorney Richard Darden said. Despite the lack of evidence, however, GBR icon Desmond Hunter today was convicted on all charges in the June robbery and assault on two musicians in Ardsley … Continue reading

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