Jason Statts Shooting Lie & Cover Up: White Satanism, Racism & Conspiracy

Testimony continued today in the high profile trial of Ghetto Bragging Rights (GBR) icon Desmond Antonio Hunter.


“It scared me. I jumped,” Johnson, 20, told a Chatham County Superior Court jury of nine women and three men. “I just asked him: Why did he shoot them? I didn’t expect him to shoot them.”

While the State has charged Hunter, 23, with armed robbery, aggravated assault with intent to rob and other offenses in an alleged attack on Davis Williams, 31, and his longtime friend Jason Statts, 34, that occurred on June 28, an ongoing GBR investigation has found evidence that Williams and Statts may be part of an a racist occult that targets black males for prosecution and conviction. “At this time, we believe Desmond and alleged co defendant Ashamir Donshaye Johnson were, under the pretentiousness of a drug sell – requested by members in Statts’ circle, called out to Ardsley Park by whites involved in this occult to be framed for the attempted robbery and killing of Statts and Williams,” GBR publisher Kirkland Perkins says. Johnson told detectives both he and Hunter were dressed in black and “out seeking to commit a robbery,” at a preliminary hearing in July, Savannah-Chatham police Detective Hiram Rivera Jr. testified. According to reports, the alleged attack occurred in the 600 block of East 48th Street just hours after both victims appeared in their band’s first gig at the club LiveWire on River Street. Statts was shot in the left side of the head. The bullet traveled through his neck and wounded Williams. The wound paralyzed Statts from the chest down. Williams suffered a paralyzed right vocal chord. Hunter’s co-defendant, Ashamir Donshaye Johnson, 20, pleaded guilty Jan. 8 in return for a sentence of 30 years in prison with 11 to serve. “We now believe Statts & Williams were shot by members of this Satanic Occult and Desmond & Ashmir were set up to take the fall,” Perkins says. “We have reported on this type of racist and Satanic conspiracy before concerning other cases. A special condition under the plea negotiations with Assistant District Attorney Ann Elmore was that Johnson testify “truthfully” against Hunter. “Under duress, we believe Johnson’s statements were coersed. Our national network is behind Desmond. We’re happy he’s holding to the truth despite the pressure the state is threatening him with,” Perkins says. “To show how weak the State’s case against these two young men is, immediately after the shooting, officer Rivera contacted us looking for leads.” Hunter, represented by attorney Richard Darden, has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Darden filed a speedy-trial demand, requiring the state to expedite trial. Perkins notes author and journalist Waldorf Caruthers may be on hand for the trial.


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3 Responses to Jason Statts Shooting Lie & Cover Up: White Satanism, Racism & Conspiracy

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think this may be one of the most ridiculous thing i have ever read

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.I grew up with those guys.they both are two of the most tender hearted god loving people you could ever know.you are fucking stupid for publishing something this idiotic.

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