White Cops & Black Thrillers 2008 (Part I): A Last Racial Profile; (with: Norman Smith, Timothy Abernethy & Mason Samborski)

With the January 6th, dropping of Dallas Police Officer Norman Smith, 2006 is off with a bang,” says GBR editor Julius Perkins.

While white media reports that:

Corporal Smith and several members of the Gang Unit went to a home on Wadsworth Drive in Dallas to service a arrest warrant for aggravated assault. When Corporal Smith knocked on the front door of the home, he was shot and killed;

the National Black Foot Soldier Network notes the Dallas Police Department uphold laws rooted in white supremacy.


Outspoken Texas Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick issued a statement, this morning, condemning the arrest of Mabry Joseph Landor and accusing the Houston Police department of racial profiling.

“We know that any white cop who puts on a badge and dares to give a black man instructions about what’s law vs what’s not is a racist,” rallying in a park near the home of Mabry Joseph Landor III, Limbrick waged. “For, the law of the Pigs is not the law of God.”

Officer Tim Abernethy was shot and killed during a foot pursuit of a suspect who fled following a traffic stop. Officer Abernethy lost sight of the man as he chased him around a building in an apartment complex. Abernethy. 43, was working overtime on Sunday in a part of northwest Houston so dangerous police include it in a “hot spot” program to put more officers on the street.


“We need to all be very concerned that this filthy officer not only was caught operating outside of what he was required to do by his law, but also that so many white people are willing accept the apparent lie that this racist officer was trying to help him,” says controversial Chicago Black Foot Soldier Louis Till.

“Nothing is more characteristic of them. Had this creature they called officer Samborski wanted to give him a break, he wouldn’t have stopped him to begin with.”

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3 Responses to White Cops & Black Thrillers 2008 (Part I): A Last Racial Profile; (with: Norman Smith, Timothy Abernethy & Mason Samborski)

  1. Anonymous says:

    they need to throw them in the cage at the zoo with the monkeys. look like a monkey ,act like monkey and smell like a monkey. must be a monkey

  2. Anonymous says:

    what is WRONG with you? kill yourself and you will find peace from all of this earthly strife. Do it. NOW!

  3. Me says:

    I am so discussed to have found this webpage. It makes me sick to know that people carry this much hate. You are calling people racist when you, yourself are overwhelmed with hate for another color of skin. I can only pray for you.

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