Lloyd McClain "Courageous" Wing Zone Reparations Protest Condemned


(L) "Courageous" Lloyd McClain; (R) Wing Zone Rejects "Black Skin Vouchers"

The National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is applauding a “courageous” Reparations Protest that took place at a northwest Harris County Wing Zone, this weekend, but them – along with local Black Foot Soldiers, condemned the killing of Miguel Angel Figueroa, a 42 year old Hispanic man and called 18 year old Lloyd McClain irresponsible.

gbr-tx-h45st4n-w3ng-sh1ck-pr4t2st-e“We have advised all Black Foot Soldiers in Harris county jail that McClain should not receive any protection or acclaim.

“While Wing Zone is an offender in our communities, McClain is now the larger offender,” says controversial Houston Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick.


nbfsn-ths-s-nt-1-cr3m2-sc2n2-prmNATIONAL BLACK FOOT SOLDIER NETWORK


Wing Zone is an Atlanta-based American restaurant chain that specializes in deep-fried food products; especially buffalo wings. There are roughly 100 Wing Zone locations in 25 American states, usually in urban areas.

Miguel Figueroa, 42, was shot just before midnight during a robbery at a Wing Zone restaurant in the 1900 block of FM 1960 West.

Allegedly Figueroa and another employee were collecting cash for the robbers when one of the men, identified as Lloyd McClain, 18, began shooting, Harris County Sheriff’s deputies said.

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8 Responses to Lloyd McClain "Courageous" Wing Zone Reparations Protest Condemned

  1. Dr J says:

    Seems like the Black Foot soldiers are nothing but criminals. Get a Job sir. The money you steal belongs to someone who actually worked for it. We want CHANGE also. Change that criminals like you are prosecuted and sent to their deaths by the criminal justice system.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Dr. J,
      You said:

      seems like the Black Foot Soldiers are nothing but criminals.

      That’s an interesting perspective when compared against the slave masters and those who deny due reparations.


  2. joe says:

    slave masters? are you kidding me? please tell me where a slave master lives and i’ll be the first one out there with you. No such thing exists in america today, especially not at a wing zone. miguel didnt own slaves…. does he get a reparation for his LIFE?

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Thanks for your comment. Please note: the National Black Foot Soldier Network along with the GhettoBraggingRights community CONDEMNED this protest BECAUSE of Miguel.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • Anonymous says:

        Ill have you know, my dad, Miguel Figueroa was my father. He was an amazing hard working person and was killed for no reason. He didn’t deserve to die and leave his family for something he did.

  3. Dr. No says:

    Het Slaughter (obviously not your real name, because if it was, you would of been ID’d and then we would all love to speak to you……in person) but since you are a big pussy that likes to hide behind fake names and who’s “organization” has no socially redeeming value, my advice to you from one Black person to another is simple……..SHUT THE FUCK UP…….it’s people like you that keep the KKK membership dollars rolling in.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Slaughter is my birth name. My last name, Lightfoot, is Native American. Curious, the KKK didn’t need us to get started – just that good old fashioned hate they were born with.

      Hi & thanks,


  4. you are pathetic. fuckin pathetic. i hope you burn the fuck in hell and choke on a hundred fat dicks in prison. you and pussies like you make me and the rest of the American public sick. your cause is a psychologically fucked one. you need some serious mental help, but i’d prefer to see you in a coffin.

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