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"We Will Call an End to Black On White Crime When Reparations are Paid" – National Black Foot Soldier Network

(ABOVE) The NBFSN adopts Mandingo Blackwell (below) and recognizes his actions in the early January Durham, North Carolina Rite Aid alleged robbery as a legitimate Nead Diggers’ Reparation’ Protests. “We recognize this as a protest & not a crime,” says … Continue reading

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(Exclusive) Knoxville Police Black Penis Witchhunt: State Seek Death Penalty for Letalvis b/c of XXX Manhood?

Letalvis Cobbins, one of the accused Knox5 currently being held for the late January 2007 alleged carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder of University of Tennessee student Channon Christian and her associate Christopher Newsom, is regarded by many in the GBR … Continue reading

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