White People’s Invisible God, Particularly Vulnerable Flesh, Calcified Pineal Gland w/Traces of Toxic Pheomelanin & the Family of the People of Color’s (FOTPOC) new Evil Whispers

y7a-c3rcl2-4f-2l3j1h-2l3j1h-sh1ph1tA rare vortex is now opened between Divinity and the mind of the black man, according to prophets in The Circle of Elijah, a prophetic order within Master Jesus Nigaros’ Nation of Light.

The Window of God Against The Devil, as it is referred to, is the result of the level of Ultraviolet Light reaching the earth passing the 33rd degree mark.

MUST SEE: HAVE YOU SEEN WHITE PEOPLE’S SKIN LATELY? NOW’S THE TIME. TAKE. IF YOU HAVEN’T, TAKE A NEW LOOK THRU YOUR 3RD EYE. (But be careful not to accidentally Yakub Melanoma particularly vulnerable flesh.)


The mark marks the emergence where the opening of the doorway between the mind of the black man and the mind of The Divine can become one, again.

Who’s Sittin’ On Tha’ Right Hand Side Now, Bytch?

READ: Whose Sittin’ On Tha’ Right Hand Side Now Bytch, by artist Nikel Felon

The vacant seat of God, which is located in the Pineal Gland of the brain of the black man, is capable of containing God again. We are connected to the umbiilical chord of God. The Devil is made from the dirt of the earth and breath of our nostrils. The secret Chamber of God contains the Ultraviolet Light that is in the Pineal Gland of the black & African man. The Pineal Gland of The Devil is calcified. God may only begin to enter His Chamber & take His seat when you look through your 3rd Eye. The 3rd Eye of The Devil is on the back of his money because it is his God.

And according to the order at this, its emergence, Divinity, for a short span of time, is honoring evil whispers blacks utter (aloud but to themselves) against whites.

That disillusioned white man could have saved himself from this, the hour of his enslavement, by accepting love & refraining from reprobate thoughts. Yet he murdered love & championed wickedness.

“I shall give you whatever evil you whisper of him,” speaking in the voice of Divinity, the order’s lead prophet Elijah Shaphat said.

“After you think it, underneath
your breath, whisper it aloud.”

“One might think, for example, for his boss to fall down a plight of stairs; or, for example, one of their hands to slip off their steering wheels and their car spin out of control,” he offered. “After you think it, underneath your breath, whisper it aloud.”

“For, We Will Ultimately Make
Whites & Fake Jews Our Slaves”

y71a-c3rcl2-4f-2l3j1h-m2mb2rs“The Divine wants the black man to know that his evil thoughts matter; and at this, the introduction of the era of bondage for the white man, The Divine has said that there is a righteous evil the black man must know and seek to comprehend in order fulfill his new role as the white man’s master.

“Once Upon a Time God’s Light Fell on the Skin of the Just & Unjust all the Same. Today His Light Melanoma’s the Skin of those He Despises”

Now therefore go into the land and whisper what you will about those of My Reproach, God said. See not if I do not fufill thy whisper.

“Else, how will you be their masters if you cannot think and then whisper evil to befall them? For, in the next mark, what you speak in boldness you will see.”



Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the day cometh, it burneth as a furnace;

Malachi 4:1 Ablaze Armies Arrogant Branch Burn Burneth Burning Burns Furnace Hosts Leave Oven Proud Root Stubble Wickedly Wickedness Work

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72 Responses to White People’s Invisible God, Particularly Vulnerable Flesh, Calcified Pineal Gland w/Traces of Toxic Pheomelanin & the Family of the People of Color’s (FOTPOC) new Evil Whispers

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  3. Bill says:

    I just stumbled upon your website/blogs. I’ve been looking at it for the last couple of days and am frankly amazed. I’m white, I’ve got many dear friends that are all sorts of colors and religions. Do you hate me? Do you deserve to come in my store and kill me and my wife because I tried to stop you from taking my things…just because I’m white?

    I read that “400 years of slavery=400 years of freedom”. I agree that it’ll take many years for blacks and whites to be truly equal in America. So what is the definition of “freedom”. I live in Houston. Can we meet and talk? I really need to try and help you understand that all white people are not the monsters you’ve come to think. It’s important. Can we meet?

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Hi, thanks for your sincerity. The demeanor goes a long way and is appreciated. You said:
      I just stumbled upon your website/blogs. I’ve been looking at it for the last couple of days and am frankly amazed. I’m white, I’ve got many dear friends that are all sorts of colors and religions. Do you hate me? Do you deserve to come in my store and kill me and my wife because I tried to stop you from taking my things…just because I’m white?

      One of the tenets that the New Age Black Reparations Movement is built on is that until we receive our due, those *things* you call *yours* don’t belong to you.

      Many are now saying “400 Years of Slavery Equals 800 Years of Freedom.”

      Ironically, I’ll be speaking Black Foot Soldier seminar in Houston in the next two weeks. What your contact information?


  4. Bill says:

    Hello Sir,
    My email address is billtool1@aol.com. After reading some of the articles published in this blog, please understand that I’m more than a bit dubious of providing you my phone number and address.

    Would I be welcome at a Black Foot Soldier seminar? I’m as white as you can get and might be a bit concerned for my safety. Beyond that issue, it’d be my pleasure to visit with you and hear you speak.

    I still don’t get how the murder of innocent people of any color can ever be justified under any circumstances…Regardless of how terribly one’s ancestors were abused and enslaved…how can that help your cause?

    Too, why wish bad things to befall others? Doesn’t that just FEEL bad inside?

    Anyway – drop me a line and hopefully we can chat.


    • Anthony says:

      My cousin was murdered, as you may have read in the christopher jones “article”, and quite frankly the people behind this website are pieces of shit and make fun out of peoples sorrow. Im 14 and he was my bestfriend and these fuckers mock the issue as if it is all a joke.

  5. ZMRH says:

    For sure…

    for it is written:

    Isaiah 14:2 “…and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors. ”

    If that isn’t Divine Justice, I don’t know what is!

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      These dogs had opportunity to embrace love but chose their hatred, perversion and greed.

      Isaiah 14:2 “…and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors. ”

      They deserve it times 7.


  6. Torabisu says:

    FYI – Black people get melanoma too. Check your facts. Walk into any Cancer Clinic in Africa and see just how many of your soldiers are aflicted by this whites-only disease. Your are all fools for believeing this crap. Your religious leaders are nothing more than con men – like all other religions, using fear and bigotry to garner support (and no doubt, cash donations)

    As for the calcification of the Pineal gland, this is caused by consumption of fluoride (in tap water and toothpaste) so we are all affected no matter what color our skin is.

    Anyway, thanks for the few minutes of mild amusement.

  7. Proud white says:

    The only devil here is you.

    You won’t enslave a damn thing, you vile creature.

  8. long lost black sista says:

    i yern for the days when black people were in controll of their natural black powers. if i could i love to learn vodoo

  9. underprivilegedjournalism says:


    VooDoo was/is science.

    You find may find the new (but ancient) Ultraviolet Light sciences intriguing.

    Your new found brotha,

  10. i see through your lies says:

    God damn, niggers are lazy! Hide behind your facade of hate and ignorance all you want (really? you’re quoting a book written by a bunch of bronze age sheep fucking Jews?) your real motives are crystal clear — taking what other people have made and worked for. What happens when there’re no more whites to steal from? Gangster shit holes.

    • Rondeux says:

      The bible wasn’t written by the fake jews. There were no whites living in the holy lands at the time the holy books were written. Whites were cave dwellers , and they took the traditions and wrote themselves into history and tried to write us out, except they couldn’t blast away (all) of the black faces on the statues and art in the tombs of Egypt and other places, that prove we were God’s original people.(smile) Blacks have worked for hundreds of years in this country, and were denied everything we tried to have. They were sold away from their families, lied on, cheated, stolen from, not allowed an education, our women (and some men) were raped, discriminated against, disenfranchised and then after all the factories were moved away (no jobs) and the schools started de-educating us (telling us that whites were God) and then drugs and guns were brought into our communities by the white man for us to use to destroy each other,(sounds just like your God doesn’t it ?) and the churches sucking all of the wealth out of the communities, (yeah that’s him) and I guess you think that was alright. We are left depending on a wicked system to see us through, (the system of in God we trust) and the media put our face on this shit, like we brought all the guns and drugs into this country ourselves. War on drugs was really a war on the black man. A black person can’t get a loan to start a business. What jobs there are, are not paying anything.College is so expensive, that your career is obsolete before you can pay the loan off. The banks did predatory lending practices on blacks and latinos so they can lose their homes, so what the hell are we to do? Your people created all this hate, and it has come back on you, because you put all blacks in the same category. You see one black person doing something and say that (all) blacks do it. You are just an ignorant, prejudiced, racist baffoon, who wouldn’t know intelligence if it was riding your back. You’re going to one day wake up, and be in bondage, and wonder what happened.

      • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

        Bless you brother. Your knowledge is rich and your patience is beautiful. Your words are a blessing. I often wonder what good it does to cast such pearls before these swine, though. For, they are a) ignorant of it; b) reject it; or c) deny it. Yet such truths that you speak, must be said.

        Oh you said that well!

        Slaughter Lightfoot,

      • georgia cracker says:

        The only negros around during biblical times were the “beasts of the field”.

        Read your bible… the bible describes man, the farm animals, the flying birds, the fish and creatures of the sea, the farm animals or beasts of burden the creeping crawling animals and the “beasts of the field”

        Beasts of the field are seperate from farm animals etc… in that they could work closely and communicate with man. They could also communicate with god.

        read your bible.

        Negros were put on this planet in africa sorta like a stockyard. They were put there for “man” to take and use.

        Your, negro, dna is just a tad off from human dna..you can walk and talk and mimic humans well but there are subtle differences to seperate you. That jutting jaw, the fact that you have no soul. The fact that you can read yet not understand gods word.

        When we used to go fishing in georgia we would always take a young negro boy with us..getting stuck out in those swamps sometimes the boat motor would get hung up in some dumbasses trot lines or would shear a pin on a cypress knee…we would use a young negro boy to hop into the snake and alligator infested waters to untangle the mess or to help get the motor up and in a position where the prop could be cleared or the pin replaced.

        On many occasions back in those swamps we would just leave the boy after repairing the motor and on some occasions when we didnt have need of his services any longer we would either put him out on a body of land or simply toss him over the side in the middle of the swamp.

        Never lost one bit of sleep over it because he was there to serve us….just an animal…a beast and a souless one at that….

        A bit like leaving a dog or cat out there…he could either find his way back home or become food for the swamp.

        The cycle of life…..lol

        • Rondeux says:

          Satan has just revealed himself. See how barbaric these people are? He just PROVED that he has no soul from what he just posted. Nothing in the animal kingdom is as low as the white man. (Show me one place in the bible, where it its alright to kill people, and show me where it says BLACK people were beasts of the field.That’s YOUR interpretation) The Bible says that Ethiopia and Egypt were at their FULL MIGHT. And they were not beasts in anyone’s field. Whites were not fit to even be in the field, that;s why they stayed in caves for years.
          They call themselves civilized. They need to look up the word civil, and they would see that they are far from it, and hanging, raping, mamimg and burning is not civilized. There’s a difference between civilizing people and colonizing them. yeah, they did a lot of colonizing, and they’d go to church Sunday morning praising their god, and go nigga hanging that same night. There is no human in them. The bible tells us that there’s a man who is “devoid of soul.” This is why it’s so easy for them to do things like hang and burn people, and still be able to sleep at night. All he’s doing, is confirming what we knew all along. And if we are “beasts of the field”, then no wonder whites are mad, because they have a lot of catching up to do. We have a black president, and there are white trailer trash who do know their heads from a hole in the ground.. They’re white, and they still can’t get over. So much for being superior, to let a” beast” pass you up like that. LOL ! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

        • shbkynn says:

          That is a very good telling discription of having an abnormal pineal gland. You things have no human feelings, you would do the same thing to a white if need be. Just like whites enslaved white, you have no human conscious.

  11. Metatron says:

    This Afronazi BLack Supremacist perspective is no different from any white racism. Can’t you see its this idea of duality that separating all of us as humans and creating more racism this whole us and them, us the victims and them the evil white man, listen we are all one and the same get over yourselves, yes some white colonists did some bad things hundreds of years ago, the time is now and we are all part of the same consciousness made of pure vibrating energy and to elevate our souls as a planet we need to work together not demonize others blaming them for our problems and not taking responsibility for our own fates.
    I am white and the last time I spoke to the spinning fractal universal consciousness I was made aware that we are all in this together and that my pineal gland is working just fine. It seems like the intentions of this site are to spread hatred and propaganda against white folk witch shows that evil is prevalent in all races and demographics and we only look different because over millions of years of having different diets and conditions based on our habitat we evolved different traits and characteristics, cultures and dogmas
    My African and Non White brothers see in your hearts that we are all in the same and that we must work together with love as our intention and not get caught up in all this bs (belief systems) if your soul does not show you the way then maybe a triptamine or 2 will point you in the right direction.

  12. solarwindspirit says:

    I’m afraid man thinks he has two pineal glands. . .unfortunately he thinks with
    the lower attributes of his soul

  13. Anonymous says:

    In realising we are your dark side, when will you be prepared to let go of it and bask in the light?

  14. Filthy fucking nigger apes! Why don’t you all get together and do a mass suicide. Drink some poisoned grape kool-aid.

    You nigger apes are an abomination. God will send you all back to hell where you baby rapists, murderers, and armed robbers came from!

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Hopefully that day will come sooner or later. Once the white nigger loving sympathizer are out of the way, the niggers are toast.
      Funny how these niggers hate white people so much but they’re the only ones keeping them alive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Job 30:30
      My skin is black upon me.

  15. Rondeux says:

    To the one who made the comment about whites keeping us alive.
    I’m wondering how whites are Keeping us alive?
    For years, whites have plundered africa and
    took the diamonds, gold, oil, cola, coacoa, coffee, not to mention selling millions of us into slavery. They get millions of dollars under the guise of care, we are the world and other programs, and use the money to further the destruction of africa, by
    poisoning the ground and turning non the oil producing countries into desert land, thereby starving the people who want to plant their own food and be self sufficient. They’re the ones implementing the stavation! They gave aids to over 50 million africans there through their “vaccines”
    and got these ignorant whites over here thinking that they’re helping us. I want someone to show one instance where they’re keeping us alive. Not only that, they got the blacks bowing down to a fake white god, that leaves them completely powerless to be able to wake up, smell the coffee and think on their own, and not look to the white man for the answers and the key of life that they don’t really have, and I’d like to meet some “nigger loving sympathizers” Where were they when blacks were getting hanged, burned and shot for their sexuallity . They’re just jealous because their women want us, and to think that the people who did all these things to us are representing Christ!
    I’d rather be in hell when their “Christ” comes back! My God!

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      How easy a comment to refute!
      Once instance of how we keep you disgusting nigger beasts alive? 13% of American population is on 40% of the wellfare. White donations to Africa, whites giving you every ample oppertunity to move forward, every unfair advantage.
      You said white people took niggers into slavery? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Niggers sold niggers as slaves, you ignorant idiot, learn some history.
      We were in caves while you were prospering? Once again, read some fucking history. You were raping babies to cure aids and living in mudhuts while the white man was building beautiful civilizations.

      • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

        1) Why did the niggers sell each other as slaves?

        Slavery existed before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. But, in our recorded history, never had the abusive form of Chattel Slavery whites inflicted on blacks been recorded. IOW, nowhere (in recorded history) had slaves been stripped of their humanity. Because of the unique kind of savagery whites inflicted, historians began to refer to it (the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade) as The Peculiar Institution i.e. “peculiar from the forms of slavery previously known to man”.

        Thank you for your comments.
        Slaughter Lightfoot

        • ShatteredDreams says:

          The most dangerous thing to a black these days is another black.
          You can say all you want about lynchings or whatever but:
          There are more black on black deaths every year than blacks killed by whites through out all 100 years post-slavery.
          What do you have to say about this?

          • Rondeux says:

            I have to say this. They didn’t take the chains off our bodies until the mental chains were on tight. We were labeled a sin and taught self hatred for 400 years, and white supremacy reigned supreme. It became a way of life for black people to hate each other. The best kind of slave to have is one who thinks he’s free. If you don’t treat a person as human, they wont respond as human. If you don’t believe it, treat some WHITE kids like that for ONE DAY, and you will have some mass murderers on your hands.

      • Rondeux says:

        Most of the blacks that are on welfare are teen motheres who were de-educated by your wicked school system, where all they focus on is white fake history and condom use.And I guess blacks don’t pay taxes. The money that is donated to africa gets used to poison the ground and turn it into desert land, so blacks won’t be able to plant and help themselves, like I said before. I guess whites didn’t have anything to do with the slaves getting over here, whether they were sold to your people or not, They knew it was wrong.
        You don’t have to buy something just because someone is selling it. Any “History” you’re reading was written back in the Jim Crow days, when they were dehumanizing black people, so you already know there would be nothing in our favor written in those “LieBury” books. Black people were living in mud huts because they were nomads, who were trying to escape the white man’s evil rath. They would put scars on their daughters faces to make them undesirable to the white man (and his barbaric lust for black flesh), so they wouldn’t get kidnapped and raped.
        They knew if they tried to build a city and stay in one place, they would be killed. They white man’s disease was spreading rapidy all over Africa, (that’s in the white man’s history books!!) and they stole everything we had and called it theirs, and turned around and labeled US a sin. During this time they were building beautiful cities (Not civilizations, there was nothing civil about it) and they COLLAPSED because they killed off all the Black people with the knowledge,(smile) and their minds weren’t equipped.

      • Anonymous says:

        Song of Solomon 1:5
        I am black, but comely.

    • Grasshopper says:

      Rondeux,agreed with your comment,WHO also introduced hiv to the gay community in sanfrancisco. Wonder what the swine flu vac has in mind? I am white female,and I do adore my chocolate god,I also hope cobbins and davidson rot in hell as I am a resident of knoxville. I dont give a damn if these humans were homeless crackheads,torture and murder of humans is the issue.

  16. Vincent Felon says:

    Damn! Let these despicable, delusional, psychotic cavemen have it Rondeux.

  17. curious says:

    33rd degree? Mason

  18. curious says:

    Blacks enslave Blacks in Africa, Muslims started the slave trade in Africa. Whites enslave whites and society has evolved to the point where this practice is only seen among tribes in underdeveloped nations. The colonists tried to enslave whites such as the Irish but they could easily escape and blend into the population. Africans could easily be identified and it was harder for them to get together and plan escapes because most of them came from different tribes which meant they had different languages so they couldn’t communicate. They only reason slavery existed was economical not to be supreme among another race. The racism began only when the colonist tried to justify slavery so they wouldn’t lose their workers. But the very nature of slavery in any form is evil so any justification was empty rhetoric intended to distract from the truth.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      1) Why did the niggers sell each other as slaves?

      Slavery existed before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. But, in our recorded history, never had the abusive form of Chattel Slavery whites inflicted on blacks been recorded. IOW, nowhere (in recorded history) had slaves been stripped of their humanity. Because of the unique kind of savagery whites inflicted, historians began to refer to it (the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade) as The Peculiar Institution i.e. “peculiar from the forms of slavery previously known to man”.

      Thank you for your comments.
      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        The most dangerous thing to a black these days is another black .
        You can say all you want about lynchings or whatever but:
        There are more black on black deaths every year than blacks killed by whites through out all 100 years post-slavery.
        What do you have to say about this?

      • curious says:

        their were some 3800 black men who owned slaves in America, and their was actually a woman who legally owned her husband, lol, fill in your own joke for that one.

  19. georgia cracker says:

    Yes, even during slavery the majority of black slaves killed were by other slaves usually over a woman or some petty disagreement.

    The stories you here of white slavemasters treating their slaves in some sort of inhumane manner is just preposturous.

    Slaves were property that were bought and pain for. They cost money to upkeep and maintain.

    They were basically the farm machinery of the day and no farmer is going to just destroy or harm a tractor or piece of equipment for no reason because it would be like costing himself good money.

    There had been a lot of revisionist history written since slavery times. Lot of just downright lies written in order to make it look like the slaves were unduly treated.

    Yes, slavery was wrong but those slaves were very well taken care of. Well fed, housed, clothed and given good medical treatment.

    Im sure there were some slave owners who might not have looked after their slaves as well as one should but there are people today who dont maintain their vehicles and equipment as well as the majority of people do.

    Slaves were much better off than a lot of poor white folks who by the way were unable to find good farm work because of the slaves.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Slaves weren’t freed either, they were fired. The incompetent niggers could not do the job.
      They are now property of the United States government.

      LOL at the Rawanda niggers using children for human sacrifice. Disgusting nigger beasts.

      Last year there was an average of 103 rapes a day, nigger on white. Guess how many white on nigger there were? Not one.

  20. georgia cracker says:

    If you talk to many of the older negros out there you will find that none of them remember any lynchings.

    Out of 100 years there might have been a dozen or so actual lynchings of blacks. Black revisionist historians and white apologists have made the number seem much higher.

    Even after the civil war the crimes committed against negros were rare. Most of the deaths of negros have been by negros themselves.

    Rosewood,Greenwood,Watts… these were riots caused by negros and the situations were aggravated by negro behavior….with the negro neighborhoods being burned down by the very negros who lived there.

    First thing a negro does when in an agitated state is he starts destroying all he has built.. he will burn his own homes and businesses down to the ground and then blame it all on the white man.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      More niggers kill niggers a year than whites killed niggers all 100 years post slavery.
      Hey, GC, I wanna hear more coontact stories, they’re making me laugh my ass off. I like the fishing one almost as much as the metal pipe story 😛

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Georgia Cracker,
      When compared against the slave empire and legacy of hate and superiority your reprobate forefathers left you, that all you have is silly, little nonsensical naratives is comical.

      Where’s your whip? What happened to master? Where’s your “whites only?”

      What happened? Is that all you got? Your forefathers are rolling in their graves.

      Tell us all more stories!


      • ShatteredDreams says:

        Georgia Cracker uses factual information between his stories.
        You do not, you have yet to refute one of his excellent points, you subhuman virus.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          You fake scoundrel! What’s going on? This isn’t about your fake history. It’s about your calcified Pineal Gland and the end of your world.

          • ShatteredDreams says:

            Were you trying to make a point with that Mel Gibson movie trailer? 🙂

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              While I don’t think I was trying to make the point you’re referencing, I suppose it might apply as well.

              • ShatteredDreams says:

                That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. I have no idea what you’re trying to say, but I bet you love me because I’m the only person who gives you any attention.
                I do so because you’re way too much fun. You and the neonazis are priceless, only the neonazis are a bit smarter than you are – and that’s NOT a compliment.

      • GeP says:

        you know, you really are quite emotional aren’t you.. pity. .. uppity kneegrow. silly jiggaboo.. I bet you really slaughter yo’homies on the downlow, or is more like “slather” on the downlow. mmm? buttercakes?

  21. watch says:

    If I become a slave to these monkeys I will spend my days in the banana fields picking yellow gold .

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      Respectfully, your skin and faculties are too week to endure the hardships of toil underneath the sun.


      IOWs, plans for what you will spend your time doing have already been made.


      • curious says:

        Muslims started the slave trade in Africa, not the white man. So does that make Muslims less than slaves?

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          The first Africans who went into slavery were kidnapped, not traded. While slavery existed in Africa, the form of slavery Caucasians inflicted upon our ancestors (Chattel slavery) hadn’t been previously recorded in history. IOWs, in no other instances where men were slaves had then been stripped of their identity, religion and humanity.

          Slaughter Lightfoot

          • curious says:

            You’re right, in any where else in the world a slave could “earn,” their freedom.
            And they weren’t treated like commodities.

          • Rationality says:

            Where does it say that the colonialists from England(not “Caucasians”, but one specific group of white people; I happen to be white and my ancestors were Russian, Irish and Native American and had nothing to do with the Atlantic slave trade) were the only ones to enforce Chattel slavery? The Arabics enslaved a far larger number of Africans and their slave trade lasted far longer(as the Atlantic slave trade was just an offshoot of the Arabic slave trade). Not only that, but the slavery of Africans by Arabics continues in modern northern Africa dispite slavery having been banned there 1981 and criminalized in 2007(as opposed to 1865). Does that make any difference at all? You hate the white man from taking you away from your culture while simultaneously adopting the religion(or a mutation of it) of the Arabs who started the system that brought it on in the first place AND (some)continue to do it. How ironic is it that those radical black muslims talk about the Stockholm Syndrome when referring to “house niggers”? Ha, maybe if you refuse to see the whole picture. No wonder there’s still an obssession with slavery by African Americans, it’s engrained in your culture. Slavery between Africans was prevelant for years before the Arabs and Europeans ever set foot in Africa, and it is present to this day. Kidnapped my ass. A human is as corruptable as any other. And from someone who had seen the products of the Arabic slave trade: “…We passed a slave woman shot or stabbed through the body and lying on the path. [Onlookers] said an Arab who passed early that morning had done it in anger at losing the price he had given for her, because she was unable to walk any longer. We passed a woman tied by the neck to a tree and dead…”, yeah, that doesn’t sound like Chattel slavery at all. That doesn’t sound as if they were treated like commodities, does it? Even if, as you said, the European colonialists were the first to use Chattel slavery, do the actions of that one specific group in history condone absolute condemnation over the entire race which that group was a member of? I suppose that’s were religious justification comes in, doesn’t it? The fact that the slaves were stripped of their humanity is commentary on the nature of slavery in the country itself. It was/is a capitalistic society that used slavery as a means of economic stability; in the beginning(the important point) it had nothing to do with notions of racial supremacy. There were actually small numbers of enslaved whites(and I’m not talking about endentured servatude). Emotional and psychological justification of the institution of slavery as a means of economic upwelling came in the form of reducing those enslaved to a form of life only fit for slavery, sort of like how the fanatically religious black supremacist justifies his hateful and bigoted views brought on as a backlash against racism by placing the fault of all negativity in the life of a black man on the white man and using heavily distorted scientific fact as a means to support those views and sleep at night. All I’ve got to say is that the advantage-taking Wallace Fard(who wasn’t even black) played a very nasty, anti-progressive, fucked up trick on all of you.

            • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

              The concept of white supremacy benefitted whites world wide.

              • Rationality says:

                The idea of white supremacy theoretically benefits whites world-wide, but how many white cultures do you see actively accepting that as an objective system? You cannot hate all whites for the formation of a single social policy regarding the justification of the horrid acts of slavery under the guise of it being a form of economic output by a single specific group of white people simply because it refers to all white people. The concept of black supremacy benefits all blacks, yet I know there are quite a few black people who violently rebuke those teachings and hold themselves completely outside of it. White people at large certainly aren’t attempting to actively destroy African culture. The “white” history book teaches the history of the United States with all it’s faults and failings and brutality as well as it’s triumphs. Personally, I’m fascinated by most cultural traditions, including African, which hold influence on my own life. There’s no grounds on eliminating the cultural heritage of any “race” in the progression of a nation, especially the U.S. To look at the United States as a faction of white supremacy is to leave many, many factors unaccounted for. You already understand her history of turmoil and struggle. Apply this to modern times. The assimilation of black people from a psychological level of what they were reduced to by the early southern colonialists who took economic advantage of slavery is a path of eggshells. It’s not an immediate process of complete overnight transformation. Like any psychological creation of destructive fashion, the idea of racial supremacy is like a virus that must be contained and delicately handled in order to hinder it’s influence, as itself may never be completely destroyed once cast upon the earth. The black community appears to be in limbo or a purgatorial state as the glorification of ghetto violence induced by the lower-class, poverty stricken standards has been thrust into pop-culture. I agree with the black supremacists insofar as the view that the urban black youths need to be impowered and positively influenced so as not to submit to the temptation of the easy way out of their situation(or the situation imposed on them by the white devil, as you would see it, which, I suppose, is partially true, at least without the “devil” part) and to have a positive influence upon the impowering of their own community. Also, take a look at the population ratio between white people and black people in this country when you decide to ridicule it’s “white” infastructure. 75% of the population of the United States is white while 14% is made up of blacks. I use this statistic to show the representation of the country in it’s own governmental system. Of course there will be a majority of white people within it. And all this to be said while a half-black half-white president resides in office! Now, the pineal gland calcification theory perpetuated by black supremacists is only partially correct, if actually valid at all. The calcification of the pineal gland is a reversable process that occurs over a period of time; white people aren’t born with calcified pineal glands. And calcification obviously doesn’t completely inhibit the pineal gland from functioning, for if the pineal gland itself were somehow “dead” then the human in question would not be able to function whatsoever. Calcification, on a large scale, reduces, not eliminates, the flow of melatonin. Pineal gland calcification is an extremely general occurence and only highly calcified pineal glands result in actual deficiencies. Now, white people may very well be more succeptable to pineal gland calcification than black people, although I will take that specific part of the theory with a grain of salt as I have only seen this advocated by black supremacists. And really, the classification of homo sapiens by the category of race is absolutely biologically absurd. Technically, there is no such thing as a biological seperate set of races of homo sapien, it’s a strictly cultural division. Your beliefs are only justified through a religion, which pontentially anything could be justified from. A religion of the persecution and hatred from which it spawned. If humans survive on this earth long enough to intellectually evolve they will look upon the entire institution of race and religion with sorrow and remorse.

  22. Pingback: Racist Cop Dan Leach Bites Dust: Vegas Black Foot Soldiers Said 2B Responsible «

  23. Wyatt says:

    I believe what you posted was actually very logical.
    However, what about this? suppose you added a little content?

    I mean, I don’t wish to tell you how to run your blog, but suppose you added a title to possibly get folk’s attention?
    I mean White People’s Invisible God: The Pineal Gland of The Devil Is Calcififed | collectiveunderground is a little vanilla. You ought to look at Yahoo’s front page and
    see how they write article titles to grab people interested.
    You might add a related video or a related picture or two to grab readers interested
    about what you’ve written. Just my opinion, it could make your website a little bit more interesting.

    • BLACK says:

      Why are u attempting to be smart for?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The information is evident.

      Whites, Arabic and all other races will suffer for their contribution in mistreating the black race………

      I came to learn about the pineal gland but jealous white people had to destroy the topic with their 2 pence added.

      Brain Melanin+Pineal Gland=MIND POWER equation to destroy the white race……..there is also GLOBAL WARMING

  24. clint eastwood says:

    You make me sick. Completely beligerant and educated, as all racists are. Do you even care to research the history of slavery. Or how many free blacks owned slaves In america? How many white devils gave their lives fighting for your freedom against their own families..when white slaves were owned by blacks they didn’t get freed, they got murdered. White guilt is over. Keep blaming the white devil for your ignorance. I guess it’s easier than accepting that you’re a failure all on your own…only the stupidest..and hateful of every race are racist.


    As an African America, or more so a “HUMAN” I find it hilarious how Black Supremacist groups are toxifying our youth with scientific illiteracy, psuedoscience backed by very uncredible sources, and using fear and bigotry as a way of keeping each other back; the crab in a bucket mentality.

    All this hate is doing is lining the pockets of the puppet masters behind you, like Farakkhan.
    A Jew of all people took FAITH in me and paid the rest of my college tuition, when every other
    African American I knew around me called me a “sellout” an “oreo” and “whitewashed” because of
    my focus on career, education, and self-progress.

    As someone with a multicultural background, and an African American man not subject
    to the stereotypes our own people LIVE OUT AND BLAME THE WHITE MAN FOR;
    I am truly disgusted with how we’re taking religion, race, and fear and using it against each other.

    You’re more likely to go harm your own brother, than someone of another race, because when you hear the words “WHITE SUPREMACY” you truly feel inferior.


    It’s about intellectual superiority, not race; and I’m happy that there are systems being set
    in place to PUNISH those who feel education and knowledge is “not cool:

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m a young Multi-racial women. I am mixed with black. Is the “P Gland” in interacial people strong or…?

    • Sweet Honesty says:

      Wow. . .see what slavery has done? The information on this site could have been really informative but because there is so much hatred it’s not as helpful as it probably could have been. Different races especially blacks and whites are lost; and trying to find there way, spiritually because of what they have either read, been taught, or expeienced. In slavery whites utilized the bible to manipulate and literally put the fear of God in them. And til this day, God is not actually believed in but feared by a lot of people. Now people are running around trying to find something or someone to believe in. Slavery and ignorance and ignorance was also used to turn us against each other. And just about everything still remains

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