Lynne Thompson VS Kendrick Nesbitt: Reparations Protest – Nead Diggers

gbr-sc-n2sb3tt-eGhettoBraggingRights (GBR) editor Julius Perkins is confirming, this morning, that Columbia South Carolina’s Kendrick M. Nesbitt is being considered for the 2009 Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights.

“Had proper Reparations been paid, Lynne would be alive today.” – NEAD DIGGERS

nbfsn-ths-s-nt-1-cr3m2-sc2n2-prm-mstrWhile local police say Nesbitt is accused of approaching Lynne Marie Thompson’s driver’s side window as she was using the ATM and shooting her four times with a semi automatic pistol, the National Black Foot Soldier Network, along with local Columbia Black Foot Soldiers say they recognize Nesbitt’s actions as a legitimate Reparations’ Protest, him as an activist and Thompson as the criminal.





Perkins says Nesbitt has a respectable record. “It appears he may have some Black On Black (BOB) crimes in his past, from when he was younger. We’re hearing he has matured significantly since then. It’s also been confirmed that while previously incarcerated, Nesbitt was disciplined for at least 11 infractions, including gambling and loan sharking, sexual misconduct, possession of contraband and the use of “obscene, vulgar” profanity.”

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