Ugly Boston Heights Cop Police Officer Jarod M. Dean Eats Truck

Ohio Black Foot Soldiers are praising the death of Boston Heights police officer Jarod M. Dean who was killed near Boston Mills Road, this morning, while removing debris from a street.

“Until justice is met, let us celebrate anytime they mourn,” of  Dean’s painful death, controversial Cleveland Black Foot Soldier Forest Hill said in a brief statement to the UPJ. “Recognize their ugliness. That white people are not able to see their wickedness for their narcissism is not the problem of the righteous.


ACTIVIST ART MCCOY FRAMED; Cleveland Black Foot Soldiers: “no CITYWIDE FECES SMEAR” Protest  1gbr-43h4-1rt-mcc46-fr1m2d


Hill says local Foot Soldiers are consumed with a number of local and national issues.

“We are investigating the set up of our brother and activist Art McCoy, which, at this time, we believe is a racist police conspiracy against him in part related to his well publicized support of brother Ashford Thompson.

National Black Foot Soldier Network

Join the National Black Foot Soldier Network & Adopt a Black On White Crime

“On the national level, we are dealing with numerous deadly shooting by police against our citizens and preparing for a national protest the likes this country has never seen before.”

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23 Responses to Ugly Boston Heights Cop Police Officer Jarod M. Dean Eats Truck

  1. D_VM says:

    “GhettoBraggingRights” has about as much “news” as the National Enquirer. This and that website would be birdcage liners if it was in paper print.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Respectfully submitted by someone who links to VNN as their Website.


      • ShatteredDreams says:

        This isn’t a website by any means, you think a nigger could actually manage a website? Its a free web account niggers posts whatever’s on perverted mind that day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuck you niggars you are the fucking problem. we dont owe you fucking shit niggars so a niggar cop cant do there job on the streets i hope you niggars kill each other. but you want some one to help you when some one get your fucking niggars moms but you fucking hate white people or fucking crackers so you niggars call you niggars will get what is coming. you where not in slavery so what is your problem oh yeah your a niggar now thats garbeg

  3. Eugene Billups says:

    Hello,my name is Eugene Billups, I was arrested and charged with crimes I didnt commit,These police lied and said I threw some drugs while being tasered.Wow, I have over 40 witness accounts and phone numbers to the altercation,Along with video.As you know,Its three whit people holding me down,You know they are gonna be bias,and i can prove there lying with the police report and taser log.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      What are your resources? Are you in contact with the Black Foot Soldiers in your community? Additionally, I’m passing this info along to Creaux Steele, publisher of Shittycop.

      Hit me back & let me know what’s up.


      • Eugene Billups says:

        Slaughter,I have no resources,I tried too have Mr.Art Mccoy,look into it for me,as you knoe they framed him also,I have the video,and the police report as stated,along with the taser log.I do wish too have help with my situation,I keep filling out complaints,to no avail,and i have all these statements and phone numbers,I sent some of the information to Ed Gallek,19 action news today. these people took my shit,and tried to kill me,and was calling everyone in the crowd n—-gs,and we can prove it.can you have some call me or email me.thanks

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          Thanks for the update. Yeah, we know about them framing brother McCoy. It appears their was and is a long term and elaborate conspiracy against him. I have spoken w/him previously. Additionally, they really went after him after he stepped up for brother Ashford. But, they have always been against his community activism.

          Good to hear from you. Check your inbox.

          • Eugene Billups says:

            slaugter,I don’t know what to do i can prove with the police report that they are lying and it seems the news media knows this also.who can i send my information too,besides artmccoy,i know he can help,he knows im not lying ethir, so if you can talk to him ask him if he remembers brother billups from the rainbow terrace estates,also i didn’t receive a email from you yet,fill me in,and how can i post the police report with someone? thanks

  4. Eugene Billups says:

    to anonymous,the next time you use the word nigga, learn how to spell it first white trashy bitch. Dum fuck.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Hope you spend the rest of your life in Nigger College you dumbass shitskin criminal 🙂

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Wah wah, you MUST be a redneck because you hate shitskin niggers, right?
      Nigger, when the grim reaper comes to snuff out your soulless life force, I will be laughing hysterically.

      • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

        Why is you think the the description of us as having soul is… because we can dance?

        • Polish American innocent says:

          All of you need to stop lying about my family. If you want to demand reparations from southern anglo-saxons, that’s fine. But don’t bring Irish-Americans into it, who came here as slaves mostly. Don’t bring Polish-Americans like me into it, as our family came here to escape slavery as well.

          In fact I’ll bet more freed black men in the 1600’s and 1700’s owned unfreed black men, than my people have owned slaves. Read up on the history of Europe, there is no “white race”.

          And I hate the police too. when I lived in Cleveland corrupt black cops would send black people used to run through the Italian neighborhood to steal tip jars from restaurants, hoping that the Italians would fight back so that the corrupt black cops could arrest the Italians for “assault”.

          My family has been screwed by greedy anglo-saxons as well. Just like if you actually VISITED Africa you would realize that there are 45 distinct nations with VERY separate cultures. I mean, ever notice how black people never have Polish last names? It’s because my people are INNOCENT, and no I DON’T mean “white people”. There is no “white people” Europeans are always at each others throats so don’t group us together.

  5. Eugene Billups says:,excessive force police misconduct,check it out,you can see this man continue to look for something,If i threw it 30feet what the fuck is you looking for,they never seen the video,so now they have been exposed,you found one bag of weed not three like the police report states,thank god for the video.

  6. AFRICAN QUEEN 1 says:

    There that white girl goes again. The one that is supposed to have a Black boyfriend and a Black friend of 25 years. Now I see she is calling us niggers.

    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Fuck off you lazy goodfornothing nigger.
      I never will have a nigger friend and I say kill yourself and go to hell.
      What the fuck are you a Queen of in Africa? The mudhuts? The starvation? The aids? The child molestation? The rape? The crime? The murder?

  7. Anonymous says:

    You guys are sad…I am so happy I will not have to share Heaven with you..On judgement day you will have to account for your actions and the hate in your hearts !
    R.I.P to all the fine officers who had to die to protect YOUR freedom.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      White people’s invisible god and make believe heaven, is that what you’re talking about?

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  8. Anonymous says:

    Loser do some simple math follow along: jails are filled with what percent of Blacks?, Crimes are commited by what percent of blacks? drug dealers slinging dope on the street corner are whar color? how many females are without their babies daddy?…poor you..spend you time cryin about it on your dumb ass web site…LOL…keep up the good work…I would worrie about you if you had a mind !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Slaughter Lightfoot= waste of human space and your welcome ! I pay my taxes to feed you and your welfare kids

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