Dirty Cop Tom Rettig Popped


The National Black Foot Soldier Network,  along with the local Michigan chapter are praising the shooting of 29 year veteran Windsor constable  Tom Rettig.

Rettig, who was demoted from the rank of detective in 2005 after admitting to charges of corruption, was shot wile sitting in his  through a closed glass window.


Mason Sambroski VS Jonathon Belton: Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

Black Foot Soldiers across the nation are expressing outrage over the arrest of the 16 year old, Oak Park political prisoner Jonathon Belton and praising his courage.


Outspoken Michigan Black Foot Soldier William Sullivan said the organization claims no responsibility for the act but will always applaud when evil is rebuked.

An off-duty Windsor cop was recovering in hospital Monday night after a masked man shot him in the chest in a seemingly random attack while he was shopping in Detroit.

“White police officers base their authority on their skin color,” Sullivan said. “They are all corrupt. Let us offer no prayers for Rettig’s recovery.”

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5 Responses to Dirty Cop Tom Rettig Popped

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid Niggers

  2. anonymously anonymous says:

    evil crackers

  3. just shows says:

    it just shows you how dumb niggars are. a human being with a wife and 2 children almost lost his life. there are plenty of great and respectable black people out there but for crooked people such as your selves are the ones that make this wolrld worse when 80 percent of all major crimes in the u.s. are done by black males between the ages of 16 and 35. so that means that all other crimes are done by black males outside of that age range and every other race male and female. know your statistics before you insult anyone else

    not a dumb niggar

  4. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Just Shows,

    Black on white crime (BOW Crime) is not a problem, sin or against the law, according the the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN). BOW Crime is a social protest.

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  5. just shows says:

    so slaughter lightfoot, so your saying black on white crime is o.k. as long as a black man is not hurt. what about white on black crime. neither is o.k. the black race makes it look fantastic to rape and murder women and innocent children. it is portrayed in black movies, songs and videos. your iggnorance is just proving why the white race will always be more powerful than the black race. now because the u.s. has a black president blacks think they rule the world even more. the funny thing is he’s also white and if you know anything about politics or government you would know that the jews run everything with their money. articles like these are should be banned from being printed so that we do not make the world or our great countries of u.s. and canada a dumber place. go any where else in the world and blacks and whites get along and there is no difference in color of skin. it’s just not a issue. here’s a quiestion for you had officer rettig been black would you still not pray for him or his recovery.

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