"America is nothing to be proud of and nothing to invest hope in"


Employers announced a total of nearly 40,000 job cuts Friday, almost all of them related to problems in other parts of the economy.

“Be not deceived by their calls for hope and change,” firebrand minister Jacobi Ali, son of Yakub 7 Ali, encouraged from the y7a-th2-4r3g3n1l-y71-pr4m4Yakub Muslim Atlanta compound, today,  in their organization’s second conference and rally with the God Damn (White) America Movement.  “As we witness the quality of white people’s living deteriorate, let us give thanks to God. For this is the manifestation of our offerings being fulfilled. As we watch their industries collapse and them lose their homes, cars and livelihood, give thanks to Allah. For this is the manifestation of our offerings. As the Sun of God’s Ultraviolet Light shames their superior skin and mocks their vain and reprobate ideologies, give thanks to Mother Nature. For Ultraviolet Light is the Fire of the 2nd Rapture of The Sun of God. Let us recognize the prophesy of the Bible is being fulfilled.  White America and the West shall continue to be whipped, shamed and increasingly burned by our prayers, fasting and offerings.”

“This is not a new day for white people. This is their end. We shall witness it. The earth is cured. Give thanks to Allah, God, Mother Nature or whatever you believe in.YAKUB MUSLIM MINISTER YESHUA BAAL Additionally, Baal urged those in attendance to remember to Israel and what he called fake Jews in the daily damnations.

On Friday, the Associted Press reported that Circuit City Stores Inc. said it is liquidating, closing all its U.S. stores and cutting 30,000 jobs after being hobbled, in part, by declining consumer spending. Rental car company Hertz Global Holdings Inc. is eliminating 4,000 jobs worldwide as families and business travelers forgo trips. Insurer WellPoint Inc. is cutting about 1,500 jobs, with rising unemployment leading to fewer people with health insurance.

gda-g4d-d1mn-1m2r3c1-w3nt2r-pr4m4Formerly scourged Yakub Muslim minister Elohim Belial also addressed the audience that was estimated at near 1,100 members from the two organizations combined.

“America is nothing to be proud of and nothing to invest hope in,” he further condemned. The greatest country on the earth has yet to exist yet; and, it shall be ours. That white people have the audacity to refer to Barack Obama’s win as progress after their exclusion of blacks and race based selection of 43 whites is a testimony of the narcissistic disease that consumes their now reprobate minds.”

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